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Kink Week
by Elyndys
Part 3


I was just sitting in our room watching TV when I was surprised to hear him come in. I twisted round to face him. "Heero! You're back early."

"Yeah." He shrugged off his jacket and sat down next to me, his tone and expression suggesting he didn't want to talk about it.

Ah well, I'd find out sooner or later; I'd work on him. For now I was content to sit quietly with him, glad I'd sat that bit further away from the TV so I could sneak glances at him without him noticing. It was something I'd become proficient in, Heero-watching. Or, to be more specific, secret Heero-watching; I could never let him find out. I wasn't going to risk our friendship over this; I would be content with it, if it meant I could stay with him. I could live with not touching, as long as I could look. And god, was he something to look at! He was the most sought-after guy in college; but, in some small way at least, he was mine. My roommate, best friend… and the unsuspecting object of my affections. More than that; I was head over heels for him. It had started out as a crush, simple lust – after all, the guy was the sexiest thing I'd ever seen. But then, sharing a room with him, I'd got to know him, and I'd fallen, big time.

And, the real kicker; just as my luck would have it, he was straight. He wasn't the type to brag, no, but I knew he had girls swooning over him and chasing after him all the time; he went out with most of them. I didn't remember there being a weekend, in the two years we'd roomed together, that Heero hadn't had a date. It always seemed to be a different girl, though; he never saw them more than a few times. And I didn't think he was a player either, he didn't show off about his conquests or any of that shit. I thought he was genuinely trying to find someone he liked a lot. I'd say I was too, and that explained my own dating habits; but the ironic thing was, I already had, and I couldn't have him. Anyone else was just to take my mind off my situation, and have some… fun with. Heh. Heero knew I was gay – I think quite a lot of the college population did – but I was thankful it didn't bother him, and I was free to be as close to him as I could get, given the circumstances. I watched him go out with his girls and tried not to let it get to me: after all, he'd not found the right one yet…

Which reminded me, it was a date he'd been on earlier; I wondered again why he was back so early. I decided to gently try again.

"So… wasn't she good enough for ya?"

Heero snorted. "I guess not."

I "Tch"ed sympathetically, though inside I was feeling the pathetic hope of those who know their situation is hopeless. I summoned all my jovial cheer, trying to be friendly and nonchalant. I nudged him with my elbow and winked. "What was it this time? Wasn't she putting out?" An inner me wanted to hit myself for my morbid curiosity.

Heero snorted again. "Oh, no. That was the problem. She was." He sighed; I got ready to ask further, but for once he didn't need prompting. "That's all they want from me – sex. They don't want *me* - they want to go with Heero Yuy, the captain of the basketball team, the guy all the girls want."

I was shocked. Heero was having to fight them off! "And…" I tried tentatively "You don't want to, y'know, take advantage of that once in a while…?"

"No! I want someone who wants me for *me*, someone who actually wants to get to know me before they get into my pants."

Oh Heero, if only you knew.

"They're all just so shallow." He shook his head, a sour expression on his face.

I was still digesting this development; I was still a little incredulous. "So… you reject all these girls… Does that mean you've… never actually slept with one?"

He looked at me sharply, as if to see if I was mocking him; but I was only curious. To save myself the misery of an answer I didn't want to hear, I'd never actually asked him about his exploits before. I'd just… assumed.

"Yeah." He was apparently satisfied my interest was genuine.

I nudged him playfully. "Well, I'm even with you on that score at least."

He gave me a half-glare. "That's not the same." He paused a moment, and I waited for him to speak again. "You ever slept with a guy, though?"

I was slightly surprised. "Well… yeah."

"More than one?"

"Umm… yeah…" Where was this going?

"…What's it like?"

I wasn't expecting that, either. Usually straight guys were less than interested in hearing about the, er, ins and outs of gay sex. Still, I guessed Heero was just showing an interest, as a friend.

As such, I couldn't resist answering with a leer. "Great!" I waited a moment to see his reaction; he was still wearing the expression of mild curiosity, so I pressed on, an idea forming in my wicked mind… "I mean, I went out with this guy who gave the *best* blow jobs. The things he could do with his tongue… He could get you real close, real fast… then keep you there for hours. Or at least, that was what it felt like at the time…" I smirked in remembrance; just because my heart pined for Heero didn't mean I was never sexually attracted to another guy. I had needs just like anyone else; and I was counting on playing on Heero's.

I cast a surreptitious glance across at him, just to see if my plan was working; and sure enough, he shifted, very subtly. I mean, I was getting a little warmer myself; but knowing Heero was feeling the same was a very exciting thought. I mean, I could pretend it was me that was for; that it wasn't just because I was talking about the s-word to an s-word starved virgin.

Still – I was fully prepared to take advantage of any opportunities I could. I laughed in a carefree way. "I mean, none of them's been that Special someone yet… but it's fun while it lasts." What was I saying?!! I might be giving him stupid ideas. "If fun's what you want. I mean…" I smiled, looking at him curiously. "If you never take up any of those girls on their offers, don't you ever get" I leered "*lonely*?" I congratulated myself on my choice of euphemism: I was a pro.

Heero knew just what I meant. "I…guess so but…" He was looking even more uncomfortable now, in more ways than one.

I pressed on mercilessly. "…But you… take care of it yourself, yeah?" Hell, I knew I did, when I didn't have a current partner. I couldn't live in the same immediate area as hero, who had a habit of walking round wearing tank tops or – I mentally whimpered – sometimes *no shirt at all*, without spending some serious time alone, lost in thought, as it were. Usually with the door locked and a box of tissues handy.

He looked at me out of the corner of his eye; I could tell he was still unsure as to my motives, but he nodded once. The mental images were doing nothing to alleviate my own situation; I found myself suddenly assaulted with the image of Heero, overcome with need, reaching down to unfasten his too-tight jeans… I suddenly felt the urge to cross my legs, and wisely followed it.

I was fascinated now. I slid a fraction closer to him on the sofa. "Don't worry, Heero, we all do it. We all get the same urges, only…" I waited till he turned to look at me. "It's just, that's not the same thing as doing it with someone else."

He was eyeing me curiously.

"The thing is" I edged even closer, reaching for the remote with my free hand and switching off the TV "when you *do* find the girl you want to go all the way with, you want to be able to… satisfy her, don't you?"

Heero looked at me, still with the same expression of slight perplexity.

"See, the thing is, if you don't get into the right… habits, you won't be able to last the distance. I know from experience."

"…'Right habits'?" Ah, he'd caught on quickly!

"Well yes. I mean, if you take it too fast, when you're alone, that's all you'll be able to manage when it, er, comes to it with someone else." I'd turned my body towards him now, so I was facing him with my arm on the sofa back. He was thinking, I could tell.

"…I see; so?"

Bingo… "*So*," I went on expansively, "you need the right sort of… practice. Training."

"Training?" He sounded a little incredulous.

I grinned. "Yeah, you know, for… stamina. Just like in sports."

"…And how exactly would I go about doing that?"

I grinned wider. "Well, you know, I'd be willing to help you out, if you wanted…"

His eyes widened. "Duo, you know, you're my best friend and all, but, you know I'm not gay…"

I rolled my eyes. "C'mon, it doesn't make you gay just cos we fool around together a little! Loads of straight guys do it. It's just a way of… y'know, relieving some tension!" I gave him a look which I hoped conveyed my intention of `And I'm pretty sure you have plenty of that'.

"And this will make it easier for me to" he blushed, just the tiniest bit, but it was more than I'd ever seen him do before "last longer when I'm with a girl?"

"Yeah… if you do it enough." Man, I was good.

He was considering it, I could see. I knew from a swift glance at his lap what conclusion he'd come to in the end, though. I congratulated myself on my skilful plan!

Sure enough, he turned to face me. "What do I have to do?"

Oh, yes! I practically rubbed my hands together with glee. But I kept my cool, leaning in towards him with the most seductive expression I could manage. "Well…" I slid a hand onto his thigh, not too far at first but enough that I could get a good feel of his muscles "first things first, mm?" I pretended not to know he was already aroused – I know Heero had his pride. I knew he wouldn't have wanted me to think of him as a pent-up bundle of hormones that needed release; even though it was that very fact that my plan was counting on. I stroked his leg sensually, speaking softly right by his ear. "Just relax, Heero." This was the difficult part, timing it just right. I eased myself still closer to him, trying my best to ignore the heat that had gathered itself between my own thighs and was getting more and more intense. He was breathing just a little harder now, and it was making me feel even hotter. Slowly, slowly… I edged my hand up, letting the warmth from my closeness, and the anticipation of what was to come, do their work on Heero.

He didn't say a word… he didn't look at me… but I thought it was about time I moved this on. I could see he was hard – well, I'd known that for several minutes, even though I'd pretended not to – and I took a moment just to… look, before I slid my hand into his lap to cover his erection.

He hissed in a breath quietly, and I almost moaned aloud. A strong tremor of desire struck through me, just at the feel of him under my hand; it certainly seemed like he had nothing to be ashamed of in the size department. I squeezed slightly, giddy with pride at his moan. I loved being the first to touch him, the first one to make him feel this way. I rubbed slowly, varying the pressure of my hand; I was amazed how much it was exciting *me*, just touching him! I was practically vibrating from the tension. It was almost voyeuristic; I was just an onlooker, getting off on watching his pleasure. His face was so expressive; I was enthralled, watching his expression reflect all the new sensations I was giving him. I'd always found it enjoyable, stroking a guy through his clothes: there was that naughtiness, that tease, that not-quite-obviousness… and this was just perfect.

But I was greedy. I wanted to give him more, if only for my own wicked desires. I knew, by this time, that he wouldn't object if I undid his fly like *so* and slipped my hand in like *this*, under the waistband of his boxers…


Oh, god… his little cry as I touched him sent shivers up my spine. His cock was big, and hot in my hand; I noted with excited satisfaction the wet spot on his underwear as I pulled it aside, exposing him, under my palm, to my lust-filled leer. I couldn't help staring, I was so hard I was ready to come in my pants just from touching and looking at him.

I stroked him slowly at first, but firmly, wanting to draw it out, and wanting to find out what he liked best, so I could give it to him. I felt like I was burning up from all the need that was building and building inside me; but I would resist my own desire: I wasn't sure how Heero would react to that yet. If necessary I'd just have to take care of it later… from the way I was feeling, I knew just this was going to fuel my fantasies for months.

Heero moaned louder, and I increased my pace a little, switching hands so I could explore further: I gently rubbed his balls, cupping them in my palm through his boxers. He was still wearing his trousers, so it was a bit restricting; but I was determined to change that quite soon.

I was feeling quite restricted myself; god, I was going to have to do something soon! No amount of thinking unsexy thoughts could ever will *this* away. I had used to try and control myself, when I first had these feelings for Heero… but then I realised it was much more fun not to. My imagination could come up with many highly entertaining scenarios; but this was better than any of them. I was already feeling so whimperingly turned on that I knew however this turned out, whether with Heero or by myself after we were done, the ensuing experience would be… intense.

I could tell Heero was getting close now; he was moaning softly, more often than before. I felt a rush of pride and arousal at my achievement – it hadn't taken very long for me to get him to this point. Still, I had to keep this in perspective – this was his first experience with anything except his own hand. It was bound to be disproportionately exciting. I felt his cock swell further in my hand – god, that feeling… I looked at him, his head thrown back, eyes closed, mouth open just a little… He was so gorgeous, poised on the edge of orgasm like this: I wanted to see him like this over and over again, if only because it made me hotter than hell!

Luckily, that fitted the game plan very well.

I stopped.

"Nnn… Duo!" His eyes snapped open and he glared at me.

I smiled smoothly, though all I could think about was how sexy his glare was. "Hey, I told you, this is training." I smiled at him disarmingly and leaned in to speak in his ear again. "And for the next step, it would be much easier if we could get rid of these…" By way of inducement, I gently began to stroke his cock again, tugging at his jeans with my other hand to make sure he knew just what I meant. "Is that OK with you?"

His eyes were closed again. "Ohh… yes!" I wasn't sure if that was a reply to my question, or just a response to me ministrations; but I chose to interpret it as the former.

I grinned, whipping his jeans and boxers off in a flash. Of course, that meant I had to relinquish my grasp on him again, but he needed a little time to cool off for the effect to have full force. It was all I could do not to drool as I looked at him, revealed before me. He was gorgeous, this much I knew already, but like this he was enough to make my brain stand still. He looked… wanton, sitting there on our sofa, panting, still wearing his shirt, with his legs spread slightly, and his cock hard and wet… and for me! I was delirious with arousal.

I spent so long just sitting, taking in the breathtaking sight before me, that by the time I gathered my wits I reckoned Heero would be ready for more by now. I didn't care about pushing my luck now – I'd gained enough confidence to try for more. So, I thought, here's another ambition fulfilled.

Slowly, as if a sudden movement might scare him, I slid off the sofa and moved between his legs, noting with a shiver of lust the easy way he spread them further apart to accommodate me… I paused, on my knees in front of him, and looked up to note his expression as he realised what I was going to do now.

His eyes widened. "Duo… I don't-"

I fought back a moment of doubt, and kept my cool; I locked gazes with him, moving closer, closer… so I was sure he could feel my breath on his arousal as I spoke… "C'mon, Heero… You *need* this now, don't you?" I gently gripped the base of his cock, rubbing my thumb over the skin. He whimpered, just quietly… I hid my grin. "It doesn't mean anything about you. I'm just a friend, helping you out…" I moved my mouth over him, not touching, but building the tension, letting him have an idea of what I could offer… After a few long minutes that were torture for me just as much as for Heero, he made a small movement of his hips, and a tiny, needy sound… and I couldn't hold back any more. I leaned in, one hand on each of his thighs, keeping them apart, and ran my tongue over the tip of his cock.

The sound of surprised excitement he made was so affecting that I heard myself echoing it quietly. His taste was addictive; I couldn't remember being quite so eager to suck a guy's dick before, ever. I savoured the shudders that ran through him as I gave the head of his cock a few more licks, then finally took the tip into my mouth. He cried out again, and I felt another surge of arousal pass through me: I didn't think I'd ever been so turned on! He felt so good on my tongue, smooth, hot… I loved especially the moisture at the tip – he was dripping wet, and I once again felt that proud lust that it was me who was making him feel this way.

I started to explore again with my other hand, now I had better access; his balls felt full in my palm as I massaged them, and I knew how pent-up and needy he must be feeling, because I had experienced the same feeling myself many times through living with Heero. I let my fingers creep back to tease the sensitive flesh behind his balls, but stopped myself there – for now... Heero seemed to be enjoying it immensely, making helpless little motions of his hips, and the little erotic moans he made were doing dangerous things to my self control… Every so often it would hit me again how I was fulfilling one of my longest-standing and most desired fantasies; and when it did, I couldn't help the shock of pure excitement that shuddered through me. It was no good, I couldn't hold myself back any longer, and I moved my hand from where it was enjoying the feeling of Heero's hot skin, and placed it in my own lap.

The long-awaited pressure made me moan around Heero's cock; my balls were starting to ache from being so highly aroused for so long without doing anything about it, and it was bliss to finally get some relief. For now I just pressed the flat of my hand to the length of my stiff cock, squeezing a little occasionally, drawing it out for myself as I was doing for Heero.

I felt one of his hands come to rest in my hair, stroking me and keeping me in place; not that I was going anywhere! The feeling of his hand holding me there reassured me how much he wanted this; although it gave me a naughtily exciting impression that I was being subservient, I knew in reality it was him submitting to me. I smiled secretly around him, taking him a little deeper, feeling my jaw begin to ache a little but not caring at all, because of what it was I was doing.

I didn't think I'd ever been with anyone quite so… responsive… There is something… pansexual about initiating a virgin… and here he was, sexy, inexperienced, and, if not in my bed, at least he was on my couch, legs spread, for me, panting and moaning for more. God, I desperately needed to come, I'd been hard for so long, and had wanted him for so long before that! But a situation I would hardly have dared hope for was just the idea that maybe, now, Heero would let me go even further than I already had… so I tried to be patient.

It was difficult – this was too much for any normal human to resist! So although I knew I had to be careful and keep myself in check, I found myself undoing my fly one-handed, and extricating myself from my far too-constricting underwear.

Ohhh, it felt so very, very good to finally be free, and to finally be able to put my hot hand on even hotter flesh; the tip of my cock was as wet as Heero's had been, and I moaned at the sensation as I slid my fingertips through that moisture, spreading it over the head of my cock so my fingers slipped easily across it.

Heero moaned too; I don't think he could see what I was doing – his eyes were almost fully closed, and I was in the way – but he could certainly guess from my own sounds of pleasure. It hadn't been as long this time, but I could feel him starting to tense again, his cock firming where I held him…

"Nnn… Duo… I'm…"

This time I let him get even closer: he was so breathtaking, flushed with arousal, one hand clutching at my hair, the other helplessly gripping the edge of the settee, willing me to let him finish…

No way!

I waited till the last possible moment… then pulled away, tightening my grip around the base of his erection for emphasis.

His eyes flew open. "Duo!" He was panting, and the way he said my name, so absolutely full of need, almost made me reconsider… After all, I'd love to taste him properly… but no, not this time. I shook my head deliberately, grinning slyly at him and sitting back on my heels.

"Not yet." I kept my voice low. "You still need… more." I left the last word hanging. He looked at me, still out of breath and warm and radiating arousal; and far and away the sexiest thing I could ever have imagined, sitting there, fully and deliciously aroused, just waiting for someone to have their way with him…

And that someone was me. I realised my own hand was still moving in my lap; I couldn't help it, I'd been jerking off over my imaginings of the guy for months, and now I finally had the real thing… I groaned quietly in pleasure, just enjoying looking at him.

Heero was looking back at me, seemingly fascinated, watching my hand move… "You do it differently to how I do it."

*That* got my full attention. I looked down at myself: I'd always tended to masturbate holding myself between my thumb and the flats of my forefingers, and that's what I was doing. Knowing full well what I was asking, and unable to stop the flood of heat the knowledge sent washing over me, I looked back at Heero. "Why… How do *you* do it?"

I got the answer I wanted and expected. He, with just a slight hesitation, reached down, my eyes glued to his hand.

I moaned softly as he found his destination, wrapping his hand round his erection and stroking slowly. His eyes slid shut again; he looked like the picture of decadence, slouched back on the sofa like that, touching himself… Every one of my nerves was hypersensitive, I felt like I was going to pass out! Every stroke my hand made over my superheated flesh took me higher, brought me closer…

Oh god, I suddenly realised, if I keep on I'm gonna come before Heero does… I slowed my hand down, not wanting to stop completely but needing to slow the pace a little. I kept watching him, relishing the pleasure on his face, hoping this was as enjoyable for him as it was for me. I realised his own hand was speeding up: at first, I thought to stop him, knowing how close he'd been just a few minutes earlier – after I'd come this far (bad puns aside) I didn't want to waste it all now… But then I realised it did fit my plan after all. And in any case, it wasn't like it was a chore to watch him… far from it… So I sat back, a spectator, feeling dirty through just watching him – I'd worked him up so far he was obviously desperate for release, even more so than I was. It felt so naughty, being so turned on watching him, but he was so sensual, so focussed on his one goal at the moment…

And getting closer to it all the time. I let him, wanting him to be so close he would do anything to be allowed to come… I only just barely held myself in check, but luckily it took him even less time this time around. I watched the now-familiar – I shivered at the thought – way in which his body trembled and tightened… I felt myself tingle in response, even as I reached out my free hand and stilled his own.

"Duo!" His voice was tinged with desperation; he looked at me pleadingly. My own hand was still at work in my lap, a fact that certainly did not escape him; but, it gratified me to see, he still watched, a tortured expression on his face. "Please…"

I nearly moaned. "Please… what?"

"Please… make me come!"

Oh, god… At that point I had to force my hand away from my own cock; I was too close, and my control was shredded. I gave him a smile. "…OK," was all I could manage to say. Now it was happening, I was struck with nerves – I mean, I'd had it all thought out carefully, culminating in actually taking Heero… but now, could I do it? Would it be taking advantage, even after all we'd already done? I mean, he'd been perfectly willing all along, but was this pushing just a little bit too far?

I looked at him again, sitting there, legs spread, hand on his cock, all but begging me… and that made up my mind. Pretty quickly too. I took my hand from where it was holding his still, and moved it down, gently… "You're sure?"

"Yes!" He was trembling with need.

I moaned; so was I. I feathered my touch over his skin, getting closer, closer… then realised something. "Lube!"

Heero panted. "What?"

"Need lube. Agh!" I got to my feet, unsteadily and unwillingly, putting my hands up in a placating gesture. "I'll just be a sec. Wait there!" I ran to my room in record time, grabbing the tube out of my bedside drawer and racing back to where I'd left Heero.

I found him, to my relief, in the same position I'd left him – some part of me had been worried he would have come to his senses in the seconds I was gone and taken the opportunity to run from the room; but no, he was still there, still looking gorgeous and – I gasped a little – stroking himself again, very slowly. "I see you've got the hang of this," I managed to whisper. He met my gaze, and I saw just the hint of a smirk on his face.

Shaking with the effort of holding back for so long, I retook my place between his thighs; it was almost reverently that I touched him now, stroking my fingertips softly over his thigh, feeling him jerk at the contact. I still couldn't believe this, even as I slid a slick finger inside him; I only hoped I could make it last long enough for Heero to enjoy it as much as I knew I was going to. I groaned softly in anticipation, watching myself prepare him.

"Does… that feel OK?" My voice was hoarse; I wanted to be absolutely sure he was happy with this.

"Yeah… it feels… good." He was as out of breath as me.

I smiled. I was suddenly struck by the urge to kiss him; but something stopped me. I mean, I could reason it out if we kept it to "just sex" – but would a kiss be too… intimate? Too tender? I didn't want to risk it right now.

So I took a deep breath to steady my nerves, moaning at my own touch as I lubed myself. I urged Heero forward so he saw right on the edge of the settee; I could feel his body warmth and I bit back a whimper. I couldn't wait any longer; I put one hand on his hip, using the other to position myself, and slowly, slowly pushed inside him.

"God, Heero… you're so tight…" I tried to find words that made sense but my mind was flooded with pleasure and I couldn't think straight anymore. I made myself hold still, for my benefit as well as his; my control was at best tenuous right now. So I took some deep breaths, resting my head on his shoulder and calming myself just a little.

"You OK?"

*He* was asking *me*! I laughed breathlessly. "More than OK…" I didn't tell him just how much more than OK… "What about you? I'm not hurting you, am I?"

"No!" His answer was quick. "I'm fine."

Relief washed over me. By now I hoped I was strong enough to continue, and I guessed from Heero's words that he was ready… so, tentatively, I thrust my hips a little, hoping he enjoyed the friction as much as I did. I couldn't stop the appreciative moan that I made, loving being inside his body; I moved again, feeling his heart race increase as I picked up pace a little. I couldn't resist fumbling at his shirt now, undoing the buttons so I could lick at his skin, tasting the gloss of sweat on his chest; I reached a nipple with my tongue, toying gently with it… and almost melted when I heard him whimper. I kept going, desperate to make him lose control, getting closer with every little sound I heard him make. He tasted so good; I explored every inch of his skin that I could reach, feathering my tongue over his chest and neck, spurred on by his increasing vocality. I thought I was going to die of happiness when he put his arms round my back, holding me to him. He was hot, inside and out, and I moved inevitably faster; what did it for me was when he gave a particularly impassioned cry, and I knew I'd touched the right place inside him.

"Unnn… Heero… I think I'm gonna come…"

"Me too… I thought… that was the idea…"

I gave a sharp thrust in response to his smart comment, gratified by the delicious little "Ohh!" he made. I was so close, every muscle thrummed with the adrenalin flowing through me… I managed to clumsily reach between us and touch him, and the final groan of pleasure he gave was all it took. My orgasm hit like taking that last step off the edge of a cliff, and I squeezed my eyes shut tightly. I wished I could have kept them open enough to watch Heero as he climaxed too; but I had to be content with feeling him spill copiously over my hand as I just barely managed to keep enough physical coordination to bring him off. The sound of his pleasure, and the feeling of him pulsing over and over again in my grip, coupled with the sheer intensity of the feelings shocking my own body were too much for me, and I lost what remained of my control… and I wasn't even aware, till too late, that I was saying things I probably shouldn't have been.

"Oh, god, Heero! Love you… I love you…"

It was only as I slowly came back to earth that I realised the look on Heero's face.

Oh. Fuck.

I waited to hear what he'd say.

He kept me waiting, too.



He smirked. "I should think so too, after all this time. And especially after sex like that."

It took a while for my overloaded brain to understand him. When I did, I grinned, kissing him enthusiastically. "Sorry, I hate to get all mushy on you right at the end."

He gave me another kiss. "I'm used to it by now." He reclined back on the sofa, and I went with him; we lay together, panting, recovering, warm with glorious afterglow.

"Mmm… Heero… I don't think I can move."

He snorted. "I bet. How was that, then?"

I grinned hugely, resting my head on his shoulder and closing my eyes. "Fan-tas-tic. After all… it's not every day you get to fulfil your wildest fantasy, of doing your best friend who you thought for years was unattainable…" I licked my lips in memory.

I felt Heero shake his head, chuckling. "I think you're just sleazy, wanting to corrupt poor innocent virgin college boys…"

I batted him lightly with a hand. "No! It wasn't even that!" I looked up at him, still grinning. "Really. I just wanted to seduce a straight guy."

He raised an eyebrow. "Prove your powers work on anyone?"

I tried to look as smug a I could manage. "You know it."

He rolled his eyes at me.

I laughed. "So how was your first day back at work, anyway, dear?"

"Unbearable. I was sitting there, half-hard, all day, just thinking about this." He tightened his hold on me a little and I smiled.

"And was it worth the wait?"

He rubbed his hands slowly over my back. "…Definitely."

I grinned. "Well… I just hope I can wait for tomorrow… to see what you have planned for me."

I wasn't remotely alarmed by the distinctly lascivious expression his face took on. "It'll come soon enough."

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