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Pairing: 2x1 in this part
Warnings: CROSS-DRESSING in this part! ^^;;

Kink Week
by Elyndys
Part 2


I really hate working the early shift on a Sunday. I hated it especially last Sunday, when Heero had just got back and we had plenty to catch up on... OK, so I didn't have to be in till 11, but it still cut short our... reunion time. I had to make do with a cuddle that got me far more hot and bothered than it really had any right to do, and a chilly shower.

Sunday is a short shift, 11 till 5, and usually pretty dull - we get a lot of paperwork out of the way. International terrorists and megalomaniacs like to take weekends off too. By 4.30 I was checking the clock every two minutes, and as soon as it struck five I was out the door. I couldn't wait to continue my... discussion with Heero. Who knew what fascinating eventualities might occur?

I don't think anything could have prepared me for what I found when I got home, though.

Heero wasn't downstairs when I arrived. I grinned, figuring he must be... waiting for me. Hopefully in a suitable state of attire (or lack of it) and with assorted accessories. I took the stairs two at a time to our room, and was already taking off my tie by the time I opened the door -

- but what I saw inside stopped me in my tracks.

The first thing to present itself to my somewhat stunned brain was - legs. Then, it seemed to register that said legs were inside... black fishnet stockings. My eyes followed this trail - I couldn't have torn them away if I'd tried - up, and up... right up to nearly the top of those stockings, where a very, very short skirt puffed out, barely covering Heero's nicest physical asset [1]. I could see petticoats. They were lacy and white under the black French maid's outfit.

Heero... in a French maid's outfit...

My brain had shut down completely, and other parts of me were now doing the thinking; I'd gone from nought to drooling pervert in about three seconds, and the only thing I could think of was striding over to where Heero stood, facing away from me as he looked into the mirror over the chest of drawers, ordering him to spread his legs and just taking him from behind, right there, with him, arms braced against the surface... It was with difficulty that I managed to hold myself back; but I wanted to see what he had in mind...

He turned round now, as if he noticed me standing there for the first time. He looked... demure yet debauched, nervy but sexy - and I couldn't wait to get my hands on him.

He took a few steps towards me, and I moved to meet him in the middle of the room, managing to find my voice. "He-Heero... what...?"

"This will be where you'll be staying while you're a guest here. I'm here to... look after you while you're here, sir."

I swallowed hard. "Umm..."

"If there's anything you need, or want, just let me know."

Oh god... he knew exactly what I wanted.

"If you must know..." Aww, he looked all embarrassed now. But still sexy as hell. "I asked to be assigned to you specially sir... I remember you from the last few times the boss has had these gatherings, sir..."

`Sir', ohh, for some reason that really got me. And then, I realised, that that was the point; even though I'd never mentioned it to Heero, he knew there was a little part of me that wanted to be called `sir' and have a sexy, pretty boy in a sexy, pretty costume to be my... servant. I licked my lips, hesitating a moment.

Heero looked at me quizzically. "Sir?" He came a fraction closer, still tentative. "Is there... something I can help you with?"

I've always admired Heero's ability to keep his face straight. I've also always admired his ability to turn me into a puddle of goo just by looking at me with a certain... *look*. OK, so words were failing me at this point. Heero knew damn well what he could do to `help' me, but his continued feigned naivete was causing short circuits in my brain, causing all signals to bypass my vocal chords and head straight for somewhere considerably lower.

I decided the only thing to do was embrace my role. I put on my best leer, and cupped his face with a hand, stroking his cheek with my thumb and moving so close I could feel his breath on my lips. "Actually, there *is* something I'd like you to do." I paused a moment before I took his hand and put it on my crotch, seeing his eyes widen as I guided his fingers, stroking myself with his hand. I moaned at his touch, dropping my hand and letting him continue to rub me - he seemed to enjoy it, so I let him for a while, but I'd decided what I really wanted. Leaving his hand where it was, I put my own hands on his shoulders. He didn't resist as I pushed him to his knees in front of me, and his other hand joined the one already at my groin in unfastening my button and fly. His hands were gentle, still that little bit tentative; I was almost embarrassed at how much it excited me, at the eagerness of my cock… The tip was wet with desire for Heero, and I gasped as he licked at the moisture, tasting me for a few seconds before taking me into his mouth. I moaned then, unable to tear my gaze away from him. His mouth was so soft, so hot… My hands were still on his shoulders, and I stroked them, enjoying the feeling of the silky fabric. It was my guilty secret, but I found the idea of having a servant dedicated to my pleasure exciting. Very, very exciting. Especially if they were this willing. And especially if they were Heero, dressed like *this*... He knows exactly how I like it and was using that knowledge to dizzying effect. He swept his tongue over the tip of my cock again and I moaned again, overcome with sensation; I pulled away from Heero for long enough to sit down on the bed, trembling. He looked up at me inquisitively.

"Is… that alright, master?"

`Master'… I whimpered a little and nodded, tilting up his face and giving him a lingering kiss before I gently urged him back down. He knelt between my legs willingly, lapping at me again a few times, making me shiver, before I was once more surrounded by moist heat.

I hissed in pleasure as he bobbed his head diligently, one of his hands coming up to stroke where his mouth couldn't reach; his other hand, I noticed, was rubbing his own lap. Much as the sight turned me on, I wanted to make him wait for his own pleasure. I gripped his upper arm, making him look up, his mouth hovering over my cock. Panting, I shook my head. "Not yet."

"I'm sorry, master," he whispered huskily, returning to his task, eager to make it up to me for his mistake… I couldn't help it, I put my hand in his hair, encouraging him to take me that bit deeper… I moaned louder and caressed his hair - carefully avoiding the cute little hat: Heero was nothing if not a completist.

He sucked me harder now, leaving me breathlessly whispering exclamations and entreaties. Every single little touch of his hot tongue on my ultra-sensitive flesh increased my arousal tenfold. It felt amazing, he was amazing; I felt myself approaching the edge quickly. I couldn't help myself, it was too overwhelming. "Oh, god, Heero, I'm so close…" And then, all I could do was cry out his name as I emptied myself into his mouth. It was like I hadn't come for months, or something; I couldn't believe how much Heero's sexy little charade turned me on. My body spasmed and I clutched at his shoulders as I felt him swallow around me.

My eyes were closed tightly; when I opened them, it was to see him licking his lips, his hand wrapped round my still-half hard cock. Even in that less-than-innocent pose, he still had a look of ingenuousness that I knew I wouldn't be able to resist in about ten minutes or so.

"Did I please you, master?" He really sounded like he was looking for my approval.

I laughed, still out of breath. "Oh, yes. And" I leaned towards him "I look forward to you pleasing me again… very soon…" I captured his lips in a soft kiss, tasting myself in his mouth, and hearing his whimper. It reminded me, of course, that he was still unsatisfied. I smirked, a little idea occurring to me. I broke off the kiss and lay back on the bed, patting the area next to me to indicate he should join me. He did, crawling over me and giving me a delicious glimpse of even more thigh. When he lay down, I propped myself up on an elbow to look at him. He lay there obediently as I took in all the details: the garter on one thigh, the frilly little pinny… the tiny, silky little knickers that didn't even nearly contain him.

I smirked, running my hand up his thigh lightly, teasing him; he spread his legs immediately as I slid my hand between them, but he whined in frustration when all I did was run my fingertips over his thighs, exposed above where the stockings ended.

I continued my lazy torture, enjoying seeing his reactions. "So, you asked to look after me especially, you say?"

"Yes, sir…"

"And why was that?"

"Well sir, I… saw you looking at me… last time you were staying with the boss… And I… I felt the same, sir…"

"The same?" I had a little mercy on him, moving my hand to touch his balls, squeezing gently.

"Ye-es…" he was nearly panting now. "You looked like you… wanted me to please you, master…"

"And you?"

"I… wanted to please."

I smiled, moving my hand to massage his cock through the skimpy underwear he wore. "You were right." I leant down close to his ear, nipping at it. "I did want you. From when I first saw you, dressed like this…" *That* was certainly true. "How could I *not* want you?" I kissed and nibbled at his neck, loving the way he tilted his head to allow me better access, "But what do *you* want?" The only answer I got was a moan, as I slipped my hand into his knickers and slowly stroked him. "Does that feel good?" He nodded quickly, and I grinned. "Do you want more than that, though?" Another nod. "Well, I think you deserve a little… tip. You're a good little servant. You deserve a reward." I could feel myself getting aroused again as I touched him; he was being so pliable and responsive… And vocal; Heero wasn't usually loud in bed, and I knew he was exaggerating, but I couldn't help how exciting I found it. "But first, I have another job for you." I removed my hand from his underwear, smiling at the whimper he made. "Undress me." I'd realised I was still wearing my clothes, and I was getting a little… uncomfortable. Plus, I didn't want to get stains on my work shirt.

Heero sat up too, straddling me on his knees to unfasten my buttons. The position was too enticing for me - as I knew he meant it to be, in his calculated fake-innocence - and I reached under the layers of frill to tease his cock again. He made a sexy little noise and arched into my touch, moving closer so that our groins rubbed against each other. I gasped; I was well on my way to being ready for him again, and as he fumbled with my buttons I pulled him to me in a hungry kiss.

He soon had my shirt undone then, deftly untucking it and sliding it off my shoulders. I let him take it off me completely, and smiled into our kiss as I felt his hands slip down the back of my pants. I let him cop a good feel as I manoeuvred out of them, and eventually, like the day before, I was naked while Heero was still fully clothed.

Today, though, this was my choice. Oh yes.

Heero was kneeling to the side of me now, waiting patiently for his next instructions. I kissed him voraciously, pushing him back. "What do you want for your reward, Heero?" I asked against his mouth. The obvious answer, the one I wanted him to say, was pressed against his hip as I got on top of him, spreading his legs with my knee and keeping them apart with a hand on each thigh under his skirt. I ran my thumb over the soft exposed skin there as I unfastened the studs holding the ensemble in place; he moaned, and I felt my own arousal throb with need for him as I relieved him of his underwear.

He arched provocatively under me, naked under the petticoats now, and I reached hastily for the tube on the bedside table as I pressed my mouth against his passionately.

"What do you want, Heero?" He still hadn't answered me. I groaned as I rubbed the lube over myself, not able to hold back much longer but wanting him to tell me.

"I… want to please you, master! Use me! Please…"

I grinned. That was what I'd wanted to hear; moaning, I slid inside him. I was glad I'd already had a chance to release some of the… tension I'd been feeling; otherwise I don't think I'd've been able to keep from… releasing it practically as soon as I was in him. God, he felt good! I hadn't made love to him for a whole *week*, what with him being away and things, so I took time to appreciate the feeling. I appreciated also the feeling of the soft skin at the top of his thighs; I couldn't get enough of the idea of Heero, my servant, silk and lace trimmed, legs spread, obliging… I couldn't hold myself back, and began to move, thrusting into him fast, like I knew Heero wanted it; though I knew his idea was to act out *my* fantasy, he wouldn't have done it this way if he'd not had plans of his own. I made short, hard thrusts, loving the sharp little cries of pleasure he made as I went as deep as I could. He'd not had the earlier release I'd had, so I knew how much he wanted to come; but luckily for him, I don't think I could have kept him waiting any longer even if I'd wanted to.

I nuzzled his neck, tasting salt as I traced patterns on his sensitised skin with my tongue. "You… still want to please me?"

"Nnn… yes!"

"Shall I tell you what would - ohh - please me a lot?"

"What… master?"

Ooh, he was good under pressure. Like I didn't know that already. "Touch yourself. Make yourself come. I… know you want to… It's OK…" I managed to pant the words out.

His eyes widened just for a split second before they fell shut again as I made a particularly forceful movement; he reached a hand down between us and began to stroke himself quickly. I could feel his thighs trembling under my hands, and after only a few stroked he stiffened under me, spilling himself over his hand and, I could feel, on me as well: that was all I could take and I joined him, shuddering and giving a few more erratic thrusts as I copied him and climaxed, almost as intensely as I had earlier.

I lay on top of him limply, the occasional shiver running through me as I tried to get my breath back, listening to Heero's heartbeat gradually slow. I couldn't help the satisfied grin that made its way onto my face. Looking down, though, I could see Heero couldn't either. He seemed happy enough for me to stay where I was: he wrapped his arms round me and I snuggled against him, sighing contentedly.

Still… I was curious… "Can I ask what brought that on?" I smirked and kissed his lips.

He smirked right back. "Well, you gave me a very nice little show yesterday, and so I decided to give you one as well."

"So you've been thinking about what we were talking about then?"

He smirked even more suggestively. "Yeah. A lot."

I grinned; if I'd not been pretty spent, the images in my head would have been more than enough to set me right off again. "So…" I traced up his leg with a finger "What else were you thinking of?"

"Well… we said there were some… things we'd like to try out? And this, I know, was one of yours." He looked smug; he knew me that well. I rolled my eyes and he continued. "How about we make a week of it?"

I raised myself up a little to look in his face. "A week?"

"You don't think you can handle it?" He was still smirking.

I snorted in mock-exasperation. "What I was thinking was, will a week be enough?" He laughed, and I kissed him. "I think it's a great idea, babe. So what's next on your list?"

"I thought you could decide. After all, I picked this one, though it was for you." He looked smug again. "I take it you enjoyed that?"

I groaned softly, in memory of how much I had enjoyed it. "Yeah… I was wondering though…"


"Where did you get the costume from?"

"Oh, this? It's been in my drawer for ages. Never had the opportunity to wear it before."

"You mean… it's been there all this time… and we could have been… using it?"

He laughed.

I'd have taken off in a huff, but I was too comfy and sleepy and happy; so instead, I thought of all the use I'd be getting from it now. And, of course, planned our next little game.

[1] I don't have to point this out, do I? ASS-et? *snerk*

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