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Pairing: 2x1
Warnings: Lemon, PWP, cross-dressing! [:)]

Notes: Haven't written one of these in a while, and I got a real urge to see Heero in a nurse's uniform... so here we go! ^_^ Enjoy!

Additional Notes: Well, I guess this is for Kwyck-sensei! She wanted a role-playing lemon, a while back… ^_~ Oh, and of course for KK. *huggles*

Hello Nurse
by Elyndys

"I feel stupid." Heero tugged at the hem of the pink uniform dress, trying in vain to see if it would at least cover his upper thighs. "Really stupid." He was muttering, and to himself, he knew, but he was resigned now - there was no getting out of this. "I can't believe the things I do sometimes..." Still, he had to smirk at some of the things Duo had agreed to do at his suggestion too; he guessed they were about even, all things considered. 'And if it makes him happy...' The last he only thought, just in case Duo should overhear his sappy thoughts - he had to at least maintain a stoic front, even if he was wearing a pink nurse's uniform that was so short he half-wondered if he might get rheumatism if he stood in a draught... With a final tug to the hem of the dress, he opened the door to the living room.


Duo looked up as he heard the door open, feeling his heartbeat quicken slightly as he realised it was the lovely nurse who had featured in all his fantasies since they'd met. "Hey Heero!" He tried to keep his tone cheery and nonchalant, but it was difficult when he was trying to hard not to drool. He was sure Heero looked even more delicious today than ever before... The uniform looked... just so revealing! If he hadn't known better, he would have sworn Heero was deliberately tempting him.

He watched, mesmerised, as Heero walked past, heading for the opposite couch. Duo, from his sitting position, had an unequalled view of a perfect pair of thighs... and was that even a glimpse of some lacy underthings? Duo mentally groaned. That was his main weakness - toned, flawless thighs and rear, not even nearly hidden from view by a few flimsy items of lingerie. He watched as Heero bent slightly to put their lunch on the low table; that gorgeous rear, so tantalisingly close... He could just imagine that lovely figure in that same position, hands gripping the countertop as Duo thrust in... Or maybe those shapely legs spread wide with Duo between them, pounding Heero into the couch... Or possibly even looking up and seeing ecstasy on that beautiful face as Heero rode him, right there where he was sitting right now... The images were too tempting; he couldn't resist putting out a hand and sliding it smoothly up one of those thighs, culminating in a few firm strokes of one cheek. He wasn't surprised when Heero swatted his hand away, and he looked up to see a slightly exasperated, but also rather amused, look on the face of the object of his attentions.

He put on a sly grin. "Hi."

Heero looked at him sideways, still smirking. "Hello, doctor."

Duo was unprepared for the sudden spark of excitement that flared inside him at hearing Heero's voice. He watched as Heero moved to sit on the opposite couch, taking in the sight of that dress riding up even further... Duo tried to control himself. Those thighs… He knew Heero knew exactly what was going through his mind right now – it was probably perfectly obvious, at any rate, from the expression on his face. And if Heero chanced to look lower… He crossed his legs as casually as he could, but noticed the knowing smirk on Heero's face and flushed just a little. How could he hope to be suave and sophisticated and seductive if his supposed prey could see the effects of just sitting so close, in that outfit…? That outfit, that clung to all the right places and revealed… such an enticing vision of the rest! Duo knew he shouldn't find this as exciting as he did, but he couldn't help it. If he didn't do anything about this… situation he knew he wouldn't be able to concentrate all afternoon, fixated on the thought of how he could be putting his time to a much more enjoyable use. Heero just seemed to exude a sexual presence, a sensuality that hit Duo… hard… There was a word he didn't want to focus on too much for fear of that blush coming back. But there was just something about Heero that was irresistible, compelling. He couldn't resist looking back… Oh god, now Heero was eating a banana… Duo whimpered softly. That was not the image he needed to see at that exact moment… The action wasn't even consciously… anything, Heero wasn't even looking at him, but Duo knew he was too far gone to prevent the mental images… He couldn't take any more. He jumped to his feet and rushed out of the room, leaving a slightly bemused-looking Heero behind him.

Duo fled down the hall to an empty room, slamming the door behind himself and leaning on it a moment. That scene was going to stick in his head, he knew it! He couldn't help it any longer, he was going to have to do something! Even just a little touch… He moved across to the bed and leaned back against it, one hand moving automatically below his waist… He groaned in relief as he slowly rubbed his hand over himself; imagining it was Heero's hand just made the sensation even more enjoyable. At the same time, though, he knew he couldn't stop, he was too far gone now. Feeling more than a little embarrassed at his own lack of control, but feeling helpless to resist, he slid his hand back up and inside his waistband. He closed his eyes and thought of Heero, still, that superlative sexiness stuck in his mind – picturing those hands on him, that mouth… He lost himself in the fantasy.

So much so, that he didn't hear the door open.

"Doctor? Are you – Oh."

Duo's eyes flew open; he froze, seeing Heero in the doorway, wearing an oddly… smug expression. Duo flushed and began to stutter, though he had no idea what excuse he could come up with for being caught with his hand in his pants, when it was perfectly clear, from his obvious state of arousal, what he was doing. "Heero! I… Uh, I…" He realised Heero had shut the door, and was stalking towards him in a way that suggested Heero didn't really care what his excuse was anyway. "Heero? What are you doing?!"

"Well, doctor, I'm not sure you look too well. Are you sure you're feeling alright?"

Duo's breath caught as Heero came even closer, so close Duo could feel the warmth of the body close to his. Heero's tone and expression were both neutral, but there was a certain glint in those blue eyes… Duo shivered as Heero placed a hand on his forehead.

"You do feel very warm, doctor." Not even a trace of a smile, but still that glint… "Do you want me to check you over?"

Duo nodded wordlessly. Warm… he didn't think he'd ever been hotter. Then Heero's hands were on him, and he was getting even warmer as they moved over his shoulders, chest, round to his back under the white coat he wore, and then down… He hissed in surprise and excitement as Heero cupped his rear firmly; he didn't resist as Heero brought their bodies together.

As their lower regions met, though, he noticed a smirk on Heero's previously-impassive face.

"Ahh, I think I see where the problem is." Heero promptly let him go again, taking a step back in order to slide a hand between them. Duo moaned as Heero fondled his still-clothed arousal, pressing harder against Heero's hand in search of more relief… But he was disappointed, whimpering a little as Heero pulled away again. As he looked on, though, he watched Heero kneel, slowly, before him, that smug smirk still in place, hands going to Duo's fly: "Would you like me to kiss it better?"

Duo's eyes widened, and he found himself unable to think of anything coherent to say as Heero undid his fly and manoeuvred clothing so he was exposed… with only a very short distance between himself, and Heero's mouth. He just had time to notice the grin on Heero's lips before those same lips turned their attention to another task. "Ahh! Heero…" He watched those lips drop a slow kiss to the head of his erection… then continue down… then work their way back up… He couldn't tear his gaze away as Heero suckled the tip of his cock, just lightly, not more than… an open kiss really… He groaned and collapsed back against the bed as Heero pulled back again.

"Does that feel any better, doctor?" Heero kept addressing him like that…

"No!" Duo was even more desperate than before for more contact with the lovely nurse. He could see the smile that Heero tried to hide. It infuriated him, to be kept so deliberately hanging like this, but he knew it was his own weakness…

"Now I think about it, I'm not sure I'm feeling quite well either. I feel quite hot too. I think I need to lie down." Heero sauntered past Duo, brushing against him in strategic places, and sat down on the edge of the bed, swinging long legs up to lie down fully. "I think you ought to examine me."

Duo had never heard medical terminology sound like this before. He turned to the vision on the bed, lying back with legs spread just slightly… Duo had a flash of awareness that he was still… exposed, but, he thought, it wouldn't be worth fastening his clothes up properly again… He licked his lips as he looked down at Heero, and leant down, mimicking Heero's action from a moment ago. "Oh yes, definitely very hot…" He muttered, moving his hand from Heero's forehead after just a moment. "I think I'm going to have to examine you, very thoroughly… OK… tell me where it hurts…" He put his hands softly onto Heero's chest, smoothing over the pink uniform, enjoying the feeling of the warmth under his hands and the anticipation of what was beneath the material…


He grinned, noting Heero's just slightly breathless tone, and moved his hands down, over the firm stomach, roaming off to the sides and coming back to meet in the middle again… He felt his own arousal pulse, but managed to keep himself in check, for now.

"Lower…" Heero was grinning too, or at least the smirk was still in place. Duo obliged, stroking Heero's hips and abdomen, noting how close to the hem of the dress his hands came already, and drawing in a breath…

He moved slower now, drawing it out. "Here?"

"No… a little lower…"

Duo decided to turn playful himself, despite his mounting need; he moved his hands down the outside of Heero's thighs instead of to the obvious place. "Here?"

Heero made a noise of exasperation. "No, higher again…"

Duo's hands turned inwards, to the soft inner thighs just under the dress-hem. "Here?"

"No! Call yourself a doctor…"

Duo smiled, and relented, moving one hand swiftly to the juncture of Heero's thighs, on top of the dress again. Heero "Mmm"ed, and Duo mused aloud. "Ahh, it seems like this is the place." He rubbed over the hardness there, feeling himself get even more aroused at the feel of it against his palm: "Is that right?"

Heero nodded against the pillow. "Mmm, but somewhere else as well… Keep going lower…"

Unwilling to remove his hand, Duo brought his other to join the one already in place, but moved it instead between Heero's thighs, under the uniform dress. Heero's legs spread invitingly, and Duo felt his own excitement grow even further. "Ah, down here?" He could feel the lace and silk of Heero's underwear, and teased the hot flesh through it, cupping it with his palm while his fingers worked further… "And here?" He knew he was right when Heero moaned and writhed a little under his touch, and he smiled. "Yeah." The smile turned wicked as he took both hands away; he was enjoying the feeling, but it was worth the short break just to hear Heero's little moan of frustration. "Don't worry. I think I know just what treatment you need."

He saw Heero's smirk, even though Duo was being deliberately teasing. "Yes, doctor. I hear you're very good at giving… injections…" It was Duo's turn to moan again as Heero put a hand to his cock, stroking slowly. "Is it true?"

Panting, Duo reluctantly removed the hand, climbing onto the bed to kneel over Heero. "Well, would you like to find out? I can show you…"

A grin, a nod. Duo found his hand being guided back between Heero's thighs, but he pulled it back, shaking a warning finger. "A-a-a, no, that's not right. You're the nurse. It's your job to prepare the patient."

Heero looked at him with wide eyes, but soon got the idea. Duo saw those tempting lips part in a slow grin, and Heero reached around to the back of the uniform, going for the fastening; but Duo raised a hand again, and shook his head wordlessly. The last thing he wanted was for Heero to be taking off that uniform right now! He sat back on his heels, watching, rapt, as Heero lifted the hem of the dress, slowly, teasingly, exposing shimmery white underwear… He couldn't help but stare at the insufficient fabric, stretched and clinging to Heero's arousal… Duo longed to touch it again, to rub over the silky material, and make Heero moan at the feeling; but no, he had given Heero this task and so he had to resist temptation.

Duo felt a little bolder than before, no longer embarrassed by the profound effect the nurse was having on him, and so didn't feel nearly as weak for giving in to the urge to touch himself while he watched. He couldn't help it; Heero was being deliberately provocative, sliding those oh-so-revealing knickers off under slim hips, and Duo wanted to give the nurse a show of his own. Besides relieving at least some of the tension he was feeling, of course.

His strokes became firmer as Heero reached into the small pocket at the front of the dress for lube, and Duo moaned aloud again as Heero coated several fingers with it, slipping the hand back down, Duo's eyes following… Duo could sense how much Heero was enjoying this, showing off, and it made him even more eager to make the sexy nurse feel the same pleasure he was, at watching and anticipating… He ached for contact with that irresistible body. He looked down briefly at himself, seeing the drop of wetness at the tip of his cock, appreciating again just how amazing Heero actually was, to be having such an effect on him, here, doing this… Teasing around, working one finger inside, the maddening pace as much for Duo's voyeuristic benefit as for Heero's. Adding a second finger… Duo's hand sped up. He couldn't wait much longer! Breathing hard, he managed to force himself to stop, hurriedly taking over removing his clothes, where Heero had left off before. "Don't you… think the patient's ready now?"

Duo could have growled with frustration as Heero paused to `think' for a moment, fingers still occupied… "I think so, doctor…"

"Good!" Duo pounced, grabbing Heero's hand and stilling it in its task before taking it and firmly placing it beside Heero's head, pressing it into the bed before letting go and moving his hands to his shirt buttons; he had managed to strip from the waist down, but as he moved to take off his shirt and white coat, a motion from Heero stopped him. They shared a smile, catching each other's eye; they were even, then.

"Well then, doctor, it seems you weren't as *patient* as me…" Even as Heero spoke, Duo was leaning forward again, pressing his body to Heero's, finally allowing his body to touch what he'd been longing for for so long.

"Ohhhh, Heero…" Duo couldn't get his brain to come up with a more articulate response, but he didn't care. He was lying on top of Heero, and all the relevant bits that he wanted to be naked were naked; he was past thinking, and just appreciated the feel of the hot body of his lover under him. He raised himself enough to look into Heero's eyes: they stared at each other for a few moments, lips parted, listening to each other breathing. "God…" Duo put a hand to Heero's face, stroking one flushed cheek and running his thumb over Heero's lips. Overcome with a rush of feeling, he pressed his mouth to Heero's in a hot kiss, tasting and memorising and allowing the feeling to excite him even more. Duo was shaking with desire as he broke the kiss, pushing Heero's dress up further for easier access, spreading Heeros' legs wider apart with a hand on each thigh. He groaned against the juncture of Heero's neck and shoulder as he felt a lube-slickened hand stroking him; but the hand retreated after a few moments and Duo grinned. Now… finally! He took a minute to look at Heero's face, looking into those eyes as he began to enter his lover… And then stop.

Blue eyes flew open from their half-lidded state. "What… What are you stopping for?!" Duo was pleased to hear the need in that voice, need like he had been feeling for what felt like forever!

He flexed his hips just slightly, pushing inside a little further, hearing Heero's whimper of pleasure. He grinned. "Consider it… a taste of your own medicine! After all that teasing…"

"Teasing…" Heero was breathless.

Duo half-laughed, just as out of breath as Heero. "Yeah… This… tiny dress… How long did you think I'd be able to control myself, hmm? And… what you did with your mouth…" Duo kissed it again for emphasis "And touching yourself… Ohh…" He moaned at the memory, just the thought intensifying the situation even further…

Heero's voice was barely a whisper as Duo slid in further. "But… *doctor*… it was your idea…"

Duo licked at Heero's neck, tasting the saltiness and loving the flavour of the naked skin of his lover. "Oh, yeah… and I think it was… a great idea…" He was fully inside now, pausing to recover. He could feel his own arousal pulse inside his lover, and he hoped Heero was taking just as much pleasure from the feeling.

Heero wrapped arms around his neck, bringing him down for a messy, unco-ordinated kiss. "Yes, I agree, now… please…" Duo felt a… squeezing around him, and hissed in pleasure, starting to move in earnest now.

He took his time at first, thrusting deeply, watching Heero as best he could, finding the expressions of intense pleasure on that beautiful face even more alluring, as he was the one causing them… He smiled as Heero cried out his name in a voice full of passion after a particular movement. "Duo! Oh, god… Do that again!" Duo couldn't resist that ecstatic entreaty, speeding his movements as he felt hands clasp his rear, pulling him deeper… His moans matched Heero's as they both felt the end approaching. Duo knew he couldn't last long, after being the object of so much of Heero's sheer sexual persuasion; he just wanted to make it as good for Heero. But, from the increasingly frequent entreaties and moans and cries, it seemed that that wouldn't be a problem… He just… had to… hold on…

"Nnnn… Heero…!" He couldn't hang on any longer, and desperately reached between their bodies to stroke his lover's arousal, even as he gave himself up to an incredible orgasm.

Heero felt his lover stiffen above him, felt the hand on his cock, felt Duo release inside him… The combination of sensations was enough to make him follow his lover, and he came hard, over Duo's hand and the nurse's uniform. The sensation of Duo, still spasming inside and above him, intensified his own feelings, and he knew Duo was feeling the same; they enjoyed each other's pleasure, until Duo finally collapsed in his lover's arms, shivering occasionally still from the experience.

Heero idly stroked his hands over Duo's back under his open shirt, wondering whether his lover was actually still awake; he got his answer when Duo lifted himself a little shakily to press a short kiss to Heero's mouth, before smilingly extricating himself and rolling off to the side, one arm still draped over Heero's pink-clad body.

Heero looked down at himself and shook his head at the creased dress crinkled up around his waist. "What the hell do I look like. I still can't believe this."

Duo propped himself up on an elbow, a slightly worried look on his face. "What? You never said you minded before…"

Heero rolled his eyes, turning over to face his lover. "Did I sound like I minded?" He smirked. "It's not that. It's just…" He laughed quietly. "Your fixation with uniforms… Fireman [1], policeman [2], even that schoolgirl's uniform [3]!"

"Hey, I was the one wearing that one!"

"Yeah, but it was still your idea." He took Duo's hand and pressed a kiss to it. "Face it, you have a fetish."

Duo coloured a little, but grinned. "But like you say, I've never heard you complaining…" He leaned in for a kiss.

Heero pulled his lover closer, resting his chin on Duo's head and wrapping his arms round him. "No, you're right." He closed his eyes, speaking quietly. "I'm not going to complain. You make me feel sexy."

Duo looked up and grinned. "That's because you are. God, just looking at you… I thought I wouldn't even make it to the main event. You were so… hot... Although I have to say, if you'd said anything about `just feeling a little prick' I might have had to leave you in here by yourself."

Heero shook his head and smirked for a moment, before he thought of something else. "Why a nurse's outfit this time though?"

Duo laughed softly. "Must be all those times of seeing you in hospitals or something. I don't know. And" he yawned "I don't care. You're amazing, whatever."

Heero felt Duo snuggle closer, getting ready to sleep. He guessed they weren't going to actually undress before sleeping; ah well, he couldn't be bothered to move anyway, it was comfy. He shut his eyes, thinking for a while about waking up, still in this uniform… He considered the effect it might have on Duo, and he smirked. Looked like a repeat course of… treatment was going to be in order.

[1] cf. Light My Fire, by Jade ^^
[2] cf. Good Cop, by Lonewolf ^_^
[3] cf. Detention, by *koff* Elyndys ^_~


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