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Shifting Perspective
by Dyna Dee


A light and warm midnight breeze floats from off the desert sands through the tall open windows and into the dimly lit room. The shades were drawn up at sunset and the sheer white curtains billow gently as the light of the full moon shines softly into the entertainment room. The five of us have come to Earth together and are presently staying at Quatre's family's estate in the sea-side city of Jiddah. We've only been here two days and all of us have already lost our colony white skin. Surprisingly, Duo and I are the ones sporting the beginnings of a tan while Quatre's skin seems to burn no matter what precautions he takes against the Saudi Arabian sun. Heero and Wufei just seem to get more golden.

The clock on the entertainment center displays the time as twelve twenty-two and I've just heard Quatre yawn for the fourth time while Wufei's head has nodded several times during the movie. I think it's time to go upstairs. I announce that fact by gently nudging Quatre from off my shoulder and standing, turning immediately to extend my hand to him. "Time for bed," I tell him. His eyes are wide and blinking and he looked perplexed, as if he's suddenly awakened. I smile and him then look to see Wufei lurch to his feet, looking sleepy eyed and more than happy to agree with me about retiring for the night.

Turning my head, I address the two lying on the floor on the large comfortable pillows. The two bodies are melded together to form one larger mass of contentment. "You two staying up?" I ask.

"Just a little longer." Heero turns his head to answer and gives me a brief smile, something that we've seen a lot more of in the last five months. "Turn the lights off on your way out," I tell him and receive a nod of his head that he will. Taking the arms of my two lovers, I lead them out of the room and towards our bedroom.

As I prepare for bed, my mind drifts to the two we've left in the entertainment room. I have to say that I'm very proud of Heero. He has come so far just on his sheer determination to be the best person he can in order to be worthy of Duo. Being true to his word, Heero went to work on first becoming Duo's friend, taking the initiative to think up activities and invite him out on dates. It's been fun to watch Duo's eyes light up with excitement at each of Heero's invitations. Also, to his credit, Heero has been determined not to pursue a more physical relationship with his best friend until Duo feels certain of him, that he won't hurt him and that he wants much more than just a sexual relationship.

After a few cautious weeks, Duo seemed to be more open and accepting of Heero's motives. And as he and Heero have grown closer, the three of us have watched over time as a perceptible changes developed in their relationship and how the two of them have cautiously been moving towards becoming more than just friends.

Two months after Heero's arrival, Duo came to our bedroom one morning as we were getting ready for work and told us that he felt the need to limit some of the more physical touches he'd received and enjoyed from us. He rushed to explain, not wanting to hurt our feelings, that Heero had shied away from our affections because he was fearful that he would slip into his old patterns. He stated that Heero enjoyed our company, friendship, and camaraderie, but he couldn't bring himself to be more physical than an infrequent hug. Quatre had felt this from Heero and had explained his behavior to us, so that we would understood his stand-off attitude. Duo didn't need to explain this to us, but I sensed in his telling us this that he was leading up to something else.

He remembered Duo taking a deep breath and looking somewhat contrite, as he continued. "I think you the four of us need to be less demonstrative in our affections for each other, especially in front of Heero. It's kind of like being at an ice cream party and everyone has their favorite flavor but you aren't allowed to have any," he explained in his typical Duo-like manner. We agreed with him that it must be difficult for Heero and that we would honor his request, but it really was rather sad as we'd come to care deeply for Duo and enjoyed giving and receiving affection from him.

As for the sleeping arrangements, after Heero had lived with us for those first two months, Duo had put an end to our rotating schedule of taking turns sleeping with him. He said Heero had understood what the nightly routine meant, and he wanted to be the one to hold Duo at night. There wasn't much of a protest from us on that point. We had missed sleeping together and it was nice for the three of us to be in bed together again.

From that point on we watched the mental barriers that both young men had built up over the years slowly begin to dissolve. We began to see a closer bond form between the two and a reluctance to be apart from each other for very long. It was clear to us that Duo was forgiving Heero and Heero was well on his way to forgiving himself.

Wufei and I rely on Quatre's Space Heart, as he calls his empathic abilities, to inform us of the changes in the relationship between our two friends. He smiles at us in a dreamy fashion when he answers our questions concerning them, giving us the same answer each time. "There is so much love between them," he says.

As far as any of us knows, the two have been freely affectionate with each other, spending each free moment in each others company and sharing a bed at night, but Quatre says they haven't reached the point of having sex yet. I have to give Heero credit again. If I had Duo in my arms, kissing, being affectionate and expressing love for me, I couldn't have resisted in making him mine completely. I've seen Duo in the throws of passion during the few session of love making in which he's joined us, and he is unbelievably beautiful in those moments, not that he isn't any other time. But when he climaxes, the look of rapture on his face is unforgettable.

Heero has his reasons for waiting, I'm sure. And I know first and foremost he wants Duo to have faith him, that his words of love are true, that he won't hurt or leave him, and he is willing to wait for however long it takes to get to the next step, until Duo is completely ready to put his trust in Heero's hands in pursuing their relationship.

I put further thoughts of my friends out of my mind as I turn off the bathroom light and moved into the bedroom. Wufei and Quatre are both in under the light covers by the time return, spooned up nicely against each other. I go to the far side of the bed and pull off my jeans and boxers and crawl in behind Wufei and snuggle up against his warmth. Putting my thoughts of my friends and the day aside, I settle into my pillow and into a feeling of contentment, with the lingering scent of Wufei's hair sending me into the realm of pleasant dreams.



I was beginning to think the other guys were never going to go to bed and I was more than relieved when Trowa finally called it a night for the three of them. This is my favorite time of day, and the setting couldn't be better. Quatre brought us all down to Earth, to his family's home in the desert for a little R&R. I don't really need the vacation as I've only been on the job at Winner Corporation for five months, but it's nice to get away and relax with my friends and especially Duo.

The warm night wind blows through the open windows and ruffles the fringe of hair that drapes over Duo's forehead. I smile at the man lying so contented in my arms. This is my happiness, my peace. If I had only been wise enough to follow my initial feelings for him years ago instead of pushing him away with my self-destructive belief of unworthiness, I could have spared us both a lot of grief and pain.

Once all sounds in the house cease, Duo shifts from his position in front of me and turns in my arms. Pushing himself up, he places his lips on mine and begins kissing me. I fold into him physically and emotionally as I take in the feel of his body against mine, the taste of his mouth and the smell of lavender in his hair. After a long, unhurried kiss, he lifts his head and smiles at down at me. "I've wanted to do that all night," he says in a quiet, slightly husky voice.

I nod and grin back contentedly. "Me too."

He settles down and puts his chest on mine and presses his face into my neck, his lips brushing against my skin as he speaks. "I still can't believe that I can do that whenever I want," he sighs, his warm breath against my skin sends a trail of goose bumps up my arms. I kiss the top of his head, loving the softness and scent of his hair.

"You know I'm all yours Duo," I tell him in all seriousness," to do with whatever you like. You literally own my happiness," My open hands run over his tank top covered back as I wait, knowing such declarations usually leave Duo feeling unsettled and that he won't let the words I've just said hang between us.

Sure enough, he lifts his head from off my shoulder and I'm bracing myself to receive yet another lecture along the lines that I am the author of my own happiness, that I need to seek for it for myself and not depend on someone else to make me happy. Yeah, I've heard it a few times already. But as my eyes rise to meet his, I'm surprised to see that particular lecture isn't coming as I observe passion brewing in his unforgettable eyes. I feel my groin tighten at that look. And what makes it so damn sexy is that I know he has only given this look to me. Oh, I know he's had some sexual interactions with other people, even our friends. But he told me he has never been in love before and has been waiting to give the last part of him, that is his alone to give, to someone he loves deeply.

I have mentally kicked myself when I recall his confession, or maybe it was more of a declaration of love, well over two years ago and that he wanted to have a relationship with me. I didn't realize then what a precious gift I was being offered. But I do now.

"And you own me," Duo replies in a deep, emotionally affected voice. With a quick movement he swoops down and captures my lips again and repositions himself so that his entire body is lying on top of mine with his thigh pressing up against my awakening erection. I spread my thighs and let him slide between them and a moan comes from deep within me at the sensations his body and kiss cause within me. This feels so good, so right. A year ago you could not have convinced me that loving someone would make the simple acts of being touched and kissed a more enhanced, fulfilling experience. I don't need drugs, nor alcohol, or the feeling of successful pursuit and conquest any longer to make me feel complete. All I need to be happy and whole is Duo and his love.

I can't hold back another throaty moan of pleasure that escapes me as the bulge in the front of his shorts meets mine and he rocks gently against me. He breaks our kiss to work his way to my cheeks and then down to my neck, a sensitive spot for me. He shifts to the side and I feel his questing hand moving under my tank top and his nimble fingers rediscover my chest, pausing to run them over my nipples and tweak them as they pucker from his teasing assault.

He leans back and looks into my eyes again. "I'm drowning in you, Heero," he says in a ragged voice, then captures my lips again in a fierce kiss.

I close my eyes, losing myself in him and know that I'm in heaven. I figure that, if there is such a place, it can't compare to being here with Duo. I feel his hand exploring my chest as it moves slowly down my ribs and my stomach tightens as he lightly brushes against my navel at the waistband of my shorts. I silently wish for him to go where he's not ventured before, the part of me that aches for his touch. He's always avoided the more intimate touches when we've ventured further than just kissing, always careful not to push me any further than what he was willing to do himself.

His hand lowers further, as if obeying the silent desires of my heart, slowly moving over the bulge that is not hiding successfully under the cloth. He takes a firm hold of me through my shorts and I gasp at the touch and open my eyes to look questioningly into the smoldering orbs above me.

Duo's blue-violet eyes stare seductively into mine and his cheeks are flushed in a display of his own rising passion. He touches my cheek and gives me a quick kiss before he says the words that make my heart want to beat out of my chest. "I'm ready Heero," he speaks quiet but resolute. "You've proven to me that you're in this for the long haul, and I believe you when you say you won't leave me."

His words are like music to my ears. I reach up and push the long strands of hair that have escaped his pony tail back behind his ear and observe once more how truly beautiful Duo is. I know without a doubt that I will never let him walk away from me again.

Even as he lowers his head and kisses me passionately, my mind is busy thinking about our surroundings. Even though we are all alone and in a romantic setting, with the desert breeze gently kissing our skin and the moonlight glowing softly through the open window, I have no desire to have our first time together on the floor of the entertainment room.

"Not here," I tell him with my lips brushing against his. "Let's go to our room. I have everything we need there."

"Why am I not surprised?" he asks with a slight, nervous chuckle and a spark of amusement in his eyes.

Reluctantly shifting off of me and rising, Duo stands and offers me a hand up. I put my hand in his, again enjoying the feeling of rightness as our fingers close around each other's hand, and rise with his help. We pause for a moment to kiss again, and as my hand moves up Duo's arm to his neck, I can feel his pulse racing in time with my own. I step back and take his hand and lead him to our room, turning the lights in the large house out as we go, just as Trowa requested.

Once the door to our room closes and the overhead lights are switched on, I turn to look at Duo and am surprised to see him looking nervous. I guess I can understand it as both of us realize this is a very important moment in our lives, a pivotal one. >From this point on, things will be forever changed for us, and I'm determined that the change will only be for the better.

"Lights on or off?" I ask, wanting him to be comfortable. Even though Duo has a wonderful body, he has always been somewhat body shy, a result of living on the streets he once told me. As a kid on the street, he learned from Solo to never to show your body to anyone; it might lead to wrong ideas and trouble the smaller boy could live without.

Duo looks around the room as if to search for any other alternative to the light situation. "How about if we leave the bathroom light on and the door slightly ajar," he suggests.

I leave him near the door to the room and move to the attached bathroom door, turn the light on, then close the door so that only a few inches remain open. Duo shuts off the bedroom's ceiling light by flipping a switch on the wall by the door and the lighting is complete. The muted light from the bathroom casts just enough light into the room for us to see each other yet offering shadows to make my lover feel more secure.

I smile at my long-haired lover as I move to my dresser and open it, quickly finding and retrieving the new tube of lube I bought before leaving L-4, hoping or maybe even sensing that Duo would soon be ready to take the next step in our relationship. I walk over to the bed and set the tube down on the end table, next to the box of tissues that I know we'll also be needing.

Turning around I see Duo fiddling with the end of his braid, looking unsure as to how to proceed from this point. This is a side of him that hardly anyone has ever seen and it makes me want to protect him, to make this first experience of making love together a slow and enjoyable experience for the both of us. 'Slow.' I reaffirm my goal as I look at him. I want and need him so badly that I ache just at the sight of him.

Reaching for the hem of my tank top, I pull it up and peel it off and over my head. Duo gives me a small, crooked smile and mimics my move, taking his tank top off also, then throws it carelessly into a dark corner of the room. I step forward, wanting to help him undress further. He waits for me, watching as I approach with his large, beautiful eyes taking in every inch of me. As soon as I reach him I pull him in for a kiss, my hands running over his warm skin, noting the perfection of it under my fingertips. I feel his hands on my back as they follow the lines of muscle and move up to my shoulder as our kiss deepens. He leans his body into me, his hips pressing urgently against mine as if he's secretly trying to break my resolve.

I strengthen my will again to go slow even though my body urges me to throw him on the bed, rip the remaining clothes off his body and get on with it. But this is not Alex or any of my other past bed partners, this is Duo, and I want what we have right now, tonight, to last the rest of our lives. There will be time in the future for being spontaneous and adventuring in our love making, but right now I need to do this right. I need to claim him gently and with as little discomfort to his body as possible. I want to truly make love to him, pour that emotion from my heart into him with my body. I want to drive him to the edge and hear him call out my name as he reaches his climax.

My hand moves down to the belt that holds his shorts on his lean hips. My hands feel like they are trembling as they work the button and zipper and I know it's from anticipation. We've had some serious make-out sessions, including heavy petting, but Duo has never been completely unclothed before. Even on those rare occasions when I brought him to climax with my hand, he still had his pants on. It seemed to be somewhat of a protective barrier for him. I think he believed that, if his pants came off, he wouldn't be able to stop himself from going further. I knew he was holding back, waiting because he wanted to be sure of me, that I was the one he would share this last gift with; and now he is sure.

His pants drop to the floor and as I work slowly at the waistband of his boxers, I feel his fingers unbuttoning the top of my pants and the zipper being pulled down. A moment later we are both standing with our shorts and underwear pooling around our ankles all but forgotten as we press our bodies together as we share a heated kiss. 'Slow,' I remind myself once again as the evidence of our passion for each other presses deliciously together causing me to moan and Duo to gasp.

Stepping back and out of my clothing, I take Duo's hand and lead him to the bed. With a firm grasp of the covers and a flick of my wrist, I send the sheet and light blanket to the bottom of the bed, leaving only the bottom sheet, blank as a painter's canvas, waiting for us to begin painting our future lives together with our love and bodies as the paint and brush. Turning back to my lover, I meet his eyes and a nervous smile.

"I know the mechanics of how this goes Heero, but..."

Seeing him uncomfortable, I cut him off. "Can you let down your hair for me, Duo?" I ask.

He gives me a more genuine smile and lets go of my hand in order to release the band at the bottom of his braid that holds his bound hair. Once released, he combs his fingers through the long twisted mass and I watch in amazement and awe at the loose hair. I am mesmerized by Duo as he shakes his head and the chestnut locks spread over his back and spill over his shoulders, now appearing much longer than it had been while it was trapped in the braid and so vibrant in color and unbelievably thick. The only word that comes to my mind and lips as I reach out and reverently touch the chestnut silk with my fingers is, "Magnificent". I can't help but wonder how a person, male or female, could ever be any more beautiful than my Duo?

I kiss him, suddenly desperate and pressing our bodies against each other again. Putting one hand behind his head and one on his back, I turn us and slowly lower him on the bed, stopping only to pick his legs up and move him over enough for me to climb up and lay next to him. We lay there, side by side, kissing and exploring each other's body with our hands. 'Slow,' I repeat in my head as a sort of mantra as my hand slides from his back to his side, feeling his ribs and move lower to caress his raised him. I reach lower and my hand cups his perfect bottom. As Duo moans into my mouth, it signals my release from his lips to begin the trail of kisses over his face, covering it then move methodically to his neck. After I thoroughly explore this area, I intend to continue on. And before the night is over, I intend to leave no part of Duo Maxwell unexplored.



A slight sound, a long, low moan, brings me out of my sleep and I wonder for a moment what's going on. As we do every night, the three of us start out pressed up against each other, but as the night wears on, the warmth of three bodies usually becomes too much and we end up separating.

I hear the low moan again, and I'm not sure if it's from pain or an erotic sound. I open my eyes and see in the dim moonlight that Trowa is facing me and he appears to be sound asleep. Turning my head, I look at my blond lover as he issues another deep moan. We've all kicked off the covers, being too warm even at night in the desert for them, and I can see through his silk boxers that his moan is not from any nightmare. I turn onto my side to face Quatre in order to observe him more closely. His body shifts, his head moves restlessly and his blond eyebrows rise up as he thrusts his hips upwards and gasps.

"What's going on?" I hear Trowa ask in a sleepy voice from behind me and I feel him move close to me, his chest to my back.

"Quatre's having a dream?" I inform him, a smile growing on my face.

"A nightmare? Should we wake him?" he asks in concern. Nataku knows we've all had our share of nightmares.

I laugh quietly. "It's not what you or I would call a nightmare," I reply as Quatre continues to writhe and moan louder.

A slight snort of amusement comes from directly behind me. "Looks like we're missing out on all the fun," Trowa says as his left hand comes to my waist and slowly moves forward and up my chest.

"Let's wake him up," I suggest, even though watching Quatre writhe with pleasure is one of our favorite pastimes.

Trowa scoots even closer to me, the weight of his body is pressed against mine and as his cheek rests against mine, I feel his nod of agreement. Reaching out my hand, I run it over the smooth but harden plane of the pale chest I know so well. Quatre moans and his body turns into my touch. Leaning over further, I press my lips to his in a gentle kiss, which lasts only a moment before I feel him stiffen beneath me and, as he wakes up and becomes aware of his surroundings, he flings his arms around me and pulls me completely on top of him.

"That must have been some dream," I tease him as he moves his hips urgently against mine.

"Not just a dream," he gasps as he arches up, letting me feel his hardness against my growing erection.

"What do you mean?" Trowa asks as his hands move around me to begin to stroke Quatre where ever his hands can reach.

"It's Duo," he confesses almost breathlessly. "I went to bed thinking about him and I touched his mind, trying to read his emotions. I must not have severed the connection before I fell asleep. Oh Allah," he gasps and arches his back again. "I think Heero is driving him wonderfully insane."

"I think we should take your mind off of it," Trowa says in an ominous, sexy voice.

"A Quatre sandwich?" I suggest with a wink and a grin towards our taller lover. A smirk is his only reply I get from him. I feel Trowa move back, giving me some space to move in. Taking that as my cue, I wrap my arms around Quatre and roll, pulling him up and over me to land him in the middle. Since he is facing me, Trowa will have full advantage of our lover's backside, while I..."

Quatre hangs onto me as if his life depends on it. "Hurry," he whispers in near anguish. "I'm not going to last long."

I hear the table drawer open and a moment later a glob of lube is squeezed into my waiting hand.

"Who's taking who?" I ask, and Quatre's dazed eyes look up into my face.

"Huh?" he asks, a bit confused, or overwhelmed.

"Is Heero taking Duo, or vice versa?"

Quatre rolls his eyes. "Heero is definitely in command," he answers. "And Duo is... about to come."

"Then let's join our friends," Trowa says in a deep tone of voice. I capture Quatre's lips and let my hands roam over his body, loving the strength that lay underneath the pale exterior and ignore his aching member while Trowa preps him. We move through the brief and intricate dance of lovers, the three of us bonding our lives and relationship once again and simultaneously with our friends in the next room.

Quatre cries out as Trowa brings him to the peak of our lovemaking, and I reach for him, helping him to achieve release, which proves to be a long, strong one. Trowa follows immediately after, and I listen to their heavy, recovering breathing, very much aware of my own needy state.

Quatre's eyes suddenly fly open and he grabs hold of me again, kissing me with a continued urgency. Evidently Duo and Heero are still going. Though his member is flaccid in my hand, his body, or maybe it's his mind, is craving more. "Please Wufei," he says urgently and rocks his body against mine.

That's all it's going to take. I roll on top of him and get down to serious business, catching a brief glimpse of Trowa's sated grin of encouragement as he brushes the sweat dampened, blond hair from Quatre's brow.

No words pass between us as Quatre and I make love, and once we both come to an end together, the three of us lay next to each other in a blissful, sleepy, sated pose, knowing that sleep will be coming now that Heero and Duo are finished.

"That was unexpected," Quatre whispers tiredly and yawns immediately after.

"I guess with those two just beginning their physical relationship that things around here are going to get pretty interesting." Trowa states, obviously amused.

"Maybe not for long though," Quatre answers. "Heero approached me this morning, maybe knowing thing were about to change for the two of them. He asked me if we would be offended if he and Duo found a place of their own, close to us, but somewhere that they could pursue their relationship with some privacy. I told him we would be sad at their leaving, but we would help them in any way we could."

A long moment of silence filled the room as Trowa and I come to terms with the apparently imminent departure of our friends from our home.

I decide to change the subject, my mind still on the two in the other room. "Was it good for them?" I ask, hoping it to be true. I want both of our friends to find the happiness that I have found with these two laying naked beside me.

"It was mind blowing," Quatre said wistfully. I chance a look over his shoulder at Trowa and raise a questioning eyebrow at him.

"If their making love was mind blowing, what would you call ours?" Trowa asks Quatre, raising up on his elbow to look questioningly down on the listless blond.

With his eyes closed for the night, a warm smile comes to Quatre's face. "Blissfully, erotically perfect," he sighs.

Trowa smiles at the both of us. "I guess I can live with that," he says and lowers himself back down to the mattress, resting his head gently against Quatre's shoulder.

"Me too," I agree sleepily and close my eyes as sleep begins to creep in on me again. With my left hand I grope blindly and find the slender hand resting on my blond partner's flat stomach, and taking it in mine, I let the peace and contentment I feel for the five of us lead me into a restful slumber.

Thanks to all of those who stuck with this to the end. Hope you enjoyed it. It will be a little while before the next fic comes out, it's only half written and needs some revising. Maybe a couple of weeks.


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