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Rating/Warnings: R for sexual scenes and yaoi, predominantly a Heero/Duo story, but the other pilots are included as well.

Lies - Between Friends and Lovers
Chapter 41
by Dyna Dee

Trowa shut the door behind Agent Warfield, glad that the woman was finally out of the house. He turned and slowly let out a relieved sigh before stepping forward to begin the return trip to the study, where his lover waited. He and Quatre had anticipated someone from Preventers showing up to interview them when it became apparent to that organization that Wufei was unaccounted for; so they weren't necessarily caught unawares by Warfield's unannounced visit. The woman, however, had been doggedly determined to get any bit of information out of them about Wufei and their relationship with him as well as his last visit in their home. Her questions had quickly become tedious and tiring. Quatre was the focus of her interview as he was listed amongst those few who were the last to see the Preventer agent before his disappearance. He frowned, thinking about their "missing" friend. They'd received news from Howard about the near disastrous boarding of the freighter Eclipse. Wufei had been injured by gunfire, though Howard had assured them it wasn't serious. Still, he and Quatre were worried about their friend's injury as well as the uncooperative attitude of the freighter crew they'd encountered. Would other ships follow the example of the Eclipse's crew and respond in a similar manner? Boarding space freighters in the future might possibly become a more hazardous venture than ever.

He re-entered the study, glad that the few household staff they employed had the day off so that the he and Quatre could spend the remainder of the day together. He spared only a quick glance at Quatre's favorite room as he walked towards the desk. Two of the four walls were lined with mahogany bookcases and filled with wonderful leather-bound books that gave the room a masculine scent. The remaining walls were adorned with beautiful art work he and Quatre had selected together. Natural light seeped into the room by way of the long and narrow windows set high on the northern wall, several inches below the line of the ceiling. Regardless of the comfortable surroundings, his lover's expression was troubled as he sat in his chair behind the spacious desk and his fingers were steepled and resting against his lips. "That went smoothly," Trowa said, hoping to ease the worry line that had formed between the blond eyebrows.

"Did it?" Worried blue eyes rose to meet his gaze.

"I think so."

The blond sighed as he slumped against the back of his chair, looking both tired and drawn. "I just don't know. I'm trying to imagine what Heero will make of what we said."

"I'm hoping he'll believe we were being truthful."

Raising his hands, Quatre proceeded to massage his temples, a clear sign of the beginnings of yet another headache, a malady that had become a regular occurrence over the past two years. Having become concerned that the frequent headaches might be a symptom of something more serious, he had insisted Quatre pay a visit to his doctor. The results of the physical showed his lover, over all, was in excellent health. The trusted physician suggested the headaches were most likely caused by too much stress and not enough down time. He advised Quatre to take a long vacation and cut back his hours at work. They'd taken one three-day weekend instead, locked up in their home with the curtains drawn and turned the phones off, promising themselves a proper vacation after the shipping lanes to L2 reopened.

"I wish we could tell Heero the truth," the blond said, sliding a bit further down in his chair and closing his eyes. "He might possibly respond as Wufei did and offer to join us."

"For five years he's doggedly tracked down criminals and those who move against the UEC government. It would no doubt be extremely difficult if not impossible for him to switch sides and go against his committed nature." Trowa said as he moved to take a stand behind his lover and placed his hands upon his shoulders. In response, the blond straightened, leaned forward just slightly and tilted his head to the right as he began massaging the stiffness he found there.

"Maybe so, but we never expected Wufei would abandon his job with the Preventers to join us either."

"His having experienced the suffering on L2 firsthand combined with his deep sense of justice and brought him to our side," Trowa rationalized.

"And you don't think Heero has that same sense of justice?"

Trowa didn't know. He only knew that Heero had at times shown himself to be a man driven by ideals and principles. Telling him about their operation would be a dangerous gamble, risking not only their freedom, but the continued aid they provided to all those trapped on L2 as well. Quatre tilted his head to the other side as Trowa's hands moved to massage that side of his neck.

"Umm. That feels so good. You have the most wonderful hands, Trowa," the blond purred and then moaned as pressure was applied to a certain spot. "Oh yes, right there."

Thinking while continuing to ease the tension in his lover's neck and shoulders, Trowa answered. "I've never been able to figure out Heero's thought process, but it's clear that being an agent of the Preventers has become his life. To be honest, I thought the same of Wufei and would never have voluntarily revealed to him anything about our operation. But after confronting us on the resource satellite he really gave us no choice but to tell him the truth. Heero has yet to discover any hard evidence that points our way, and I can't predict how his feelings for Duo might figure into all of this. Would he turn his back on what we're doing if he learned Duo was involved? Would he join us? I honestly don't know the answers to those questions."

Quatre's hands rose to clasp those resting momentarily on his shoulders. "Speaking of Duo," he began in a somber tone. "I'm concerned about him, Trowa. He's losing his heart to Heero all over again, if he hasn't lost it already. And even though Heero seems sincere about his feelings for him, I can't tell which he would choose if he found out about our operation, Duo or his duty. I think Duo will be devastated if Heero turns away from him."

When Quatre's hands slowly released his own, falling into limply into his lap, Trowa returned to massaging his lover's shoulders, trying to help him relax. Feeling very little change in the taut muscles beneath his fingers, Trowa could only guess that something else was bothering the man. "What else are you worried about?"

"Other than sidestepping Heero, Wufei's injury and the chance that there will be more violence the next time one of us boards a freighter?"


A huff of annoyance was his answer before Quatre confessed. "It's just that I feel responsible for Duo's dilemma with Heero. After all, I was the one to suggest he seduce Heero in order to draw his attention away from his duty and us. But I did so, not only for the sake of the operation, but because I wanted to help both Heero and Duo resolve their feelings for each other. Which, by the way, are very intense. He was reluctant, Trowa, and with good reason, but I urged him to do it anyway. If he's hurt by Heero, then I'm the one to blame."

Without pausing his handwork, Trowa said thoughtfully, "Duo is more than capable of making his own decisions. He's got a sharp mind and a strong will, and I doubt he can be persuaded into a course of action he doesn't feel comfortable with." Trowa removed his hands from Quatre's shoulders and moved to sit on the right side of the desk, looking down on the pale and weary face of his lover. Bending forward, he took hold of the other man's hands and tugged on them until the seated man had no choice but to leave his chair and stand between his legs. Cupping the oval face and tilting it up until Quatre's troubled eyes met his own, he said in his most resolute voice, "You are not responsible for everyone's problems, nor can you solve them. I know it hurts you to see anyone in pain or suffering, especially your friends, but can't you find some comfort in knowing we've done our best to try and save an entire colony? Isn't there some peace to be had for getting Heero and Duo to talk to each other again and patch up past mistakes?"

Looking into his eyes, Quatre replied most sincerely, "You're the one who gives me peace, Trowa." He then leaned forward to place a soft, sweet kiss on the lips he knew so well. He was wearing a tired smile when he pulled back a moment later. Trowa noticed the flaxen hair had gotten quite a bit longer, curling slightly above Quatre's ears and against the collar of his shirt. And then his lover's smile began to fade as another thought came to him. "Things should never have gotten as bad as they have on L2. Even after all we've done, there are still innocent people who have suffered and died because we couldn't do more."

"Let's not go over this again," Trowa said in a tone that indicated he was sick and tired of the subject. "If you want to worry about something, how about the fact that I'm hungry and in need of some attention."

The blue eyes widened before taking on an expression of remorse. "Have I been neglecting you, Trowa?"

"Only just a bit," the taller man replied, his expression softening. "But no more than you have neglect yourself."

Quatre frowned. "I'm sorry, but there's so much to do." His right hand rose again to rub his temple again, trying to sooth the dull pain growing there.

Trowa stilled his lover's hand then removed it completely to replace it with his lips. Quatre leaned into the soft kiss and closed his eyes with a sigh. Moving slowly from his temple to his cheek, he turned slightly to kiss the tip of the other man's nose, eliciting a small chuckle from the blond. And then Trowa claimed his lover's tempting mouth with a kiss that was both teasing and chaste but it quickly blossomed into a familiar and powerful need. Just as Quatre moved to press his pelvis up against his lover's crotch, Trowa pulled back. "Food first," he insisted with a grin playing at the corners of his mouth.

The blond shook his head, his hair swaying with the movement. "You planned that, didn't you?" he grumbled, a bit pouty but definitely not unhappy. Because his body was thrumming with desire and his arousal ached for some attention, it was suddenly much easier to ignore his empty belly as well had his headache, which for some strange reason didn't feel quite as bad as it had five minutes ago.

Trowa stood from the desk and clasped his lover's hand to lead him towards the kitchen and the well-stocked refrigerator. "Time to fortify ourselves," he said with a wink and a slight suggestive grin.

An hour later the two were lovers were upstairs in the master bedroom, in the middle of the king-sized bed and wrapped up in each other arms while their bodies slowly cooled from their heated lovemaking, finished only moments ago. Quatre's head lay on his Trowa's shoulder and he breathed in the musky smell of sex that lingered in the air; his previous headache now only a vague recollection. His left hand moved slowly over the slightly damp and smooth surface of his lover's chest. He'd learned years ago that his only real refuge from his empathic abilities and from the worries and stress of his position in the family's business was in the arms of Trowa Barton. The taller, handsome man was his anchor, the owner of his heart and soul. He couldn't even begin to imagine what might have happened to him if Trowa had turned him away after he'd confessed his love for him moments after they'd blown up their gundams. He, Trowa and Duo had each stated they had places to go once the war was over, but he'd come to understand that he could never be content if he wasn't with Trowa. Turning his head, he kissed the cooling skin and heard a hum of approval from his lover.

"Shower?" Trowa asked.

"Too comfortable," Quatre replied as he snuggled closer to his man, though truthfully, he felt too darn tired to get out of bed. After failing to suppress a long yawn, his heavy eyelids closed and almost immediately he fell into a deep, dreamless sleep.

A sudden noise startled the blond to instant wakefulness. His mind quickly supplied him with an explanation; the vid phone was ringing. Feeling like his eyes had been closed for a few moments, he found it nearly impossible to dredge up the strength or will to sit up.

"I'll get it," Trowa said, and the warmth he had been pressed against disappeared.

Managing to pry his eyelids open, he watched Trowa, illuminated by the colony lights spilling through a crack in the window curtains. The tall man walked in all his naked glory to the vid phone on the desk, situated against the wall opposite the foot of the bed. Even after years of living together, he still couldn't help but appreciate the other man's long and slender legs, the firm, perfect bottom as well as the straight back that gradually widened to the broad shoulders. He is so incredibly beautiful, he thought, and a warm, fuzzy feeling spread through him from knowing this wonderful human being was his, to have and to hold and cherish. He could only hope to one day to find a way to show his gratitude to Trowa for the peace and love he had given him.

Trowa left the vid screen off, and used the headset to take the late night call. He spoke only a few words, and soft enough that Quatre couldn't quite make out what the conversation was about. Extending his senses, he felt worry emanating from Trowa, but then his natural calmness returned, followed by a spike of... excitement? At least he thought it was excitement, or it might have been happiness coming from his lover, making him even more curious about the phone call.

A push of a button and the removal of the headset told him that the call was over. Trowa immediately returned to the bed and, once he was under the covers again, he pulled Quatre into his arms. Holding him snugly, he answered the unasked question. "That was Howard with an update. Wufei is doing well, his wound appears to be healing with no signs of infection."

Following a relieved sigh, the blond said, "That's wonderful."

"They're back on the satellite, having returned safe and sound after dropping the supplies off on L2."

"That's certainly a relief." And it was. But Quatre sensed Trowa had something else to tell him. "Is there something else?" he questioned, lifting himself off of Trowa's chest so he could look him in the eye. He mentally braced himself for what he believed would be bad news, because lately there just seemed to be more bad news than good.

With a face that gave away nothing, Trowa answered. "Howard was slipped a note while supervising the unloading. Evidently the package that was dropped off on L2 several weeks ago is ready for pick up and re-delivery." In the dim light of the room Quatre witnessed an unusually brilliant smile bloom on his lover's face.

Blue eyes widened with both surprise and disbelief. "Really?"


Falling upon his lover, Quatre clung tightly to him. "At last," he whispered in a tearful voice. "I can hardly believe it's almost over."

Trowa rubbed his lover's back, knowing full well that the stress and strain of the last few years had taken a toll on him, on the both of them. "In a few days we can start to live our lives again."

"No more deceptions, no more lies or the constant worry about being caught," Quatre said, his voice filled with renewed hope. After a few moments of dreaming about the deliverance of the people of L2, of Duo being free to pursue his relationship with Heero, of the long, put-off vacation, he asked, "When do you leave?"

"Tomorrow. She'll be ready for pick up by mid afternoon."

Quatre raised his head back up. "What about Wufei? How will we explain Relena's presence to him? And his disappearance and wound, how will he explain them when he shows up on Earth?"

"That's something you and I need to work out tonight. Howard said Wufei is willing to show up at Preventer headquarters stating he was hijacked by an unknown group; but I'm not sure they'll believe his kidnappers just let him go."

"I think I have an idea," Quatre said, the smile returning to his face. "We'll need to give Duo a call."

Trowa slipped his hand into the blond curls at the back of Quatre's head and pull the handsome, grinning face to his own. "I knew you would come up with a solution," he said just before he closed the distance and kissed his lover until both of them were breathless. They broke apart with matching smiles that lead to happy, relieved laughter, sounding like a couple of kids on Christmas morning.

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