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Rating/Warnings: R for sexual scenes and yaoi, predominantly a Heero/Duo story, but the other pilots are included as well.

Lies - Between Friends and Lovers
Chapter 38
by Dyna Dee

It was ten p.m. by the time Duo was ready to turn in for the night. A bit early for some people, he thought, but not for him. When in the middle of a shoot, he always turned in early to make sure he looked his best the next day. But that wasn't the only reason for his turning in early that night; he had an ulterior motive. By design, he'd slipped on the same satin sleep wear Heero had seen him in on the day he'd knocked on his door then reached for his phone and dialed the number he'd committed to memory. Then lying down on his bed with the phone resting against his ear, he listened to the second and then the third ring, absentmindedly stroking his fingers over his bare chest. A smile grew on his face the moment Heero said hello.

"Hey, lover," he replied to the other man's greeting with a low chuckle.

"I like the sound of that," Heero replied. "Is everything all right?"

"Everything's great. Had a photo shoot today that's going to have my accountant singing the hallelujah chorus. How was your day?"

"Not quite as successful. I'm afraid I have some disconcerting news."


"Wufei is still missing and I haven't found any new leads."

Duo took a long moment before reacting, hoping Heero would take it as his being shocked. "None at all?"

"He hasn't been seen since his departure from L4 on Saturday."

"Wasn't he visiting Quat and Trowa?"

"Quatre reported to another agent that Wufei had been at his house the day before. They'd had dinner together and talked about the marauders. Wufei told him he was leaving L4 to interview the crew of a transport freighter what had been boarded by the thieves. For some reason he turned the shuttle around and assigned the local Preventers to interview the crew in his stead. Shortly after docking on L4 he rented a small ultra craft and left the colony. That's the last anyone has seen of him."

Duo sounded thoughtful as he said, "You've worked with him before. Is it like Wufei to take off and not tell anyone?"

"We're often left to our own devices when working out in the field, though he's usually very good at reporting in on a regular basis."

"So this is unusual enough for us to worry about?"

"No, but something about this doesn't feel right. First Relena disappears without a trace and now Wufei."

"Do you think they're related?"

Heero sighed deeply. "I don't know. Relena was definitely on Earth when she disappeared and Wufei on L4."

"Damn, Heero. What's going on? We both know that Wufei isn't an easy target. Do you think someone abducted him, too?. What else could have happened to him?"

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves, Duo. For all I know Wufei might be following a lead and just hasn't had the opportunity to check in."

"I hope that's all there is to it."

"Yeah, me too."

With a audible sigh Duo said, "Guess that means I won't be seeing you for a while."

There was a pause before Heero replied. "I might have to come back to Earth soon, if only to confer with Milliardo and Noin on Relena's case and to check out Wufei's apartment to see if he left any notes or hints of what leads he was following."

"Well, if it's this weekend I'm afraid I'll be too busy to get together. I've agreed to escort an acquaintance of mine to a movie premiere and after party this Friday. It will probably take me all Saturday to recover."

"Another movie premiere? Do you do this often?"

"New movies come out all the time, Heero. And they like to open in New York and other major cities. Besides, it's good for my career."

"How about Sunday, if I happen to be in the area?"

"Sanq is not exactly a neighbor to New York, Heero. How are you going to manage that?"

"I don't know. I probably won't make it there, but I just really want to see you again."

Duo's voice softened. "Yeah, me too. I miss you already."

"We'll get together soon, I promise. As soon as Wufei is found I'll figure out a way for us to meet."

"I keep thinking about last weekend, Heero." Duo's voice was nearly a purr as his fingers moved slowly down his chest, opening the robe as he moved down towards the waistband of the boxer shorts. "Um... I can see you in my mind and feel your hands on my body. Damn, Heero, have I ever told you that you've got the best hands. I'm getting hard just thinking about you touching me."

Heero's resulting moan was deep and sexy. "Where are you and what are you wearing?"

Duo chuckled, thinking he was really going to enjoy this game. "I'm in my bed, wearing the robe and boxers I wore when you and Wufei came a-knocking."

"Wish I was there, seeing you, touching you."

"You are touching me, Heero. Move your hands over me. Tell me what they're doing."

"Your chest," Heero hummed. "My palms are running over your chest, and I'm pinching your nipples when I pass by them. Not hard, but just enough to tease. Your skin feels soft and warm. I can't seem to get enough of touching you."

"Umm, yeah." Duo's hands moved over his chest, his mind imagining them to be Heero's.

"I can see you getting rather excited under your boxers," Heero said with a playful chuckle. And then a bit more soberly he added, "And I want to touch you, run my hand over the satin until you're firm in my grasp."

"That's good," Duo purred with a pleased grin, following Heero's words.

"Spread your legs for me."

A shiver shot up Duo's spine. He'd loved it when Heero took charge. A strong man was such a turn on. "Should I keep my boxers on?"

"Yes, for now. I love the feel of the cool cloth with your warm skin beneath it."

Duo had a good imagination and it wasn't difficult at all to let his hands become his lover's.

After several moments Heero asked, "Are you ready to go further?"

"Oh yeah. Damn, I want you, Heero," Duo said in a breathy voice.

"Lift your hips while I pull your boxers down."

Duo moved quickly to slip off the slinky garment. "Now what?" His breathing was a bit rapid, his voice strained with need.

"I want to sit back and take my time looking at you. You're beautiful and I don't ever want anyone else to see you like this. Say that you are mine, Duo. Tell me again how much you want me."

"God, Heero," the braided man moaned. "I'm yours. I've always been yours. I need you to touch me again, to love me and make me come."

"I love kissing you," Heero said in a deep, sultry voice, prolonging the game by not giving into Duo's need for completion. "And after I've kissed your mouth thoroughly, I'll move to your neck. You like your neck kissed, don't you?

"Hell yeah."

"Now I'm sucking on your neck, marking you as mine before I kiss my way down your body."

Duo arched his chest upward, imagining Heero's warm, wet lips marking a trail down the center of his body. His fingers ghosted above his skin, teasing his bare flesh.

Heero continued, keeping his voice soft and seductive, displaying a gift for describing scenes playing out in his mind.

Never having done anything like this before, Duo was slightly surprised by how turned on he was by Heero's suggestions and his low, sexy voice. He was pretty sure he wasn't going to last much longer. "Hurry, Heero. I can't take much more," he whispered in a raspy voice.

"I'm wrapping my hand around you now, Duo, stroking you gently. I love to watch the passion burning in your eyes and the flush of color rise on your cheeks. And with my lips feel the speeding pulse in your neck."

Damn, Heero could write romance novels for gay men. His descriptions perfectly matched his memory of the other man's talented mouth on his neck, hell, and every where else. The weekend they'd spent together, making love and mentally cataloguing each touch, kiss, reactions and words spoken so they would each have a memory to take with them when they went their separate ways. Fisting himself, Duo matched the rhythm Heero set as he dictated his movements.

With a low groan, Duo managed to utter Heero's name just before squeezing his eyes closed and climaxing, his warm cum spurting onto his belly.

Heero hummed with satisfaction, reveling in the erotic sounds. "Tell me I was the best you've ever had, Duo."

"The best ever," Duo replied breathlessly and without a second thought. "So good, man. Never did anything like that before."

"Glad I could be your first," Heero said with an amused chuckle.

"You were, ya know? My first... in almost everything."

"I hope to be the last, too."

"The last?"

"The first and last love of your life, Duo. I want what's happening between us to be the real thing. The happy ever after everyone dreams about."

Duo paused for a moment, ignoring the cooling substance on his belly as he considered Heero's words. Once he'd caught his breath, he replied, "I don't know if there's such a thing as "happy ever after", but if there is I think that's what I want, too. With you."

A feeling of contentment seemed to pass between the two men over the phone, but after a moment Duo began to feel a bit uncomfortable and reached over to the bedside table for a tissue to clean himself off. "That was great, Heero, but what about you? You want me to return the favor? Tell you what I'd like to do to that gorgeous body of yours?"

There was a slight pause before Heero answered a bit hesitantly. "No. I think I'll take a rain check for when we're together again."

"Are you sure? I've got a pretty good way with words and I think about being with you a lot, probably more than I should. So I'm kinda confident that I can make it good for you."

"You might be good with words, but they can't compare with your hands and body. I can't wait to hold you again, Duo. Having you in my arms, your body next to mine, it's all I can think about."

Shrugging off the momentary guilt he felt for having succeeded in distracting Heero from his job, knowing it was self-serving, Duo decided to make it up to him by giving him with the truth. "That's what I want, too." He yawned and stretched, finally kicking off the satin boxers from around his ankles. Damn, telling the truth felt so good. It was kind of liberating.

"You're tired. Go to sleep, love, and ream of us. I'll call you as soon as I can figure out what's going on this weekend. I want to see you."



"Tell me again that you love me."

There was a smile in Heero's voice as he said, "I love you, Duo. You're my everything."

"Call me."

"I will. Goodnight, love."

"Night... lover."

After disconnecting the call, Duo couldn't help but smile as he pulled his blankets up and over his half naked body and curled around his pillow, imagining it was Heero. With a busy day ahead of him he followed his usual ritual, mentally making a list of everything he needed to accomplish before Friday. Having finished that task, and with one final yawn, he stretched to put the phone on the bedside table and turned off the lamp. Then settling down once again, he began to drift off to sleep, his last lucid thoughts were centered around his handsome lover.

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