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Lies - Between Friends and Lovers
Chapter 34
by Dyna Dee

The two men, professionals in completely different fields, continued to chat easily as they all but ignored their multi-course meal. Having come to the moon to test the waters of friendship and maybe something more, they spent the next couple of hours catching up on their lives and wading into the waters of mutual attraction.

When it came to his turn, the Japanese man spoke candidly about his entry into the Preventers, of struggling to fit in when everyone seemed suspicious of his motives and resentful of his achieving a high rank in the organization at such a young age. It hadn't been easy, he'd confessed, but he now looked back and considered it a time of growth and understanding, of others as well as himself. He'd been helped along the way by the therapy he'd been required to attend as a result of Director Une having learned of their violent break up.

Duo frowned as he paused from playing with the last bit of his meal. Pushing his plate aside, he leaned forward. Looking over the top rim of his tinted glasses he asked, "How about your personal life, Heero? You didn't answer me before when I asked, so tell me now; have you had anyone special in your life, a boyfriend?"

Hating to admit that he hadn't, Heero toyed with the rice pilaf on his plate and shrugged. "Not anything that lasted more than a week or two. Guess I never found anyone who could get past my defenses like you did."

He chanced a glance up at the other man, only to see Duo staring at him with a look of disbelief. "No one?"

Slowly exhaling, Heero admitted that he gave up on dating after a couple of failures and concentrated on his job, which left little time for a personal life.

Placing his right elbow on the table, Duo lazily leaned his head against his upraised hand while continuing to stare at the man sitting across from him. "I can't believe no one has snagged you," he said. "You're hot, Heero. In and out of uniform."

One corner of Heero's mouth twitched upward. "You're the one who taught me there is more to a person than their looks."

Duo blinked. "I did?"

Heero grinned and nodded. "I learned early on, after our first acquaintance, that you were more than just a pretty face."

"Pretty face!" Duo gasped with a horrified expression. "I was never pretty. Handsome, maybe. Guys are handsome, Heero. Save 'pretty' for women, babies and tropical sunsets."

With his grin turning to a tender smile, Heero replied, "You were more than handsome to me back then, and I find you even more irresistible now."

A cinnamon colored eyebrow rose. "I'm irresistible?"

"I don't think I'm the only one with that opinion," the other man said in his own defense. "I seem to recall a particular advertisement in a magazine stating the same thing."

With a chuckle and a shake of his head Duo looked at him again over the rim of his glasses. "Yeah, Irresistible was the name of that men's cologne I was hired to model for. My agent sure knows how to sell me." Then with a million dollar smile he added, "But hearing that you think I'm irresistible is much more rewarding than the check I got for that job."

Heero found himself smiling back and losing himself within the blue-violet depths for which he had never found an equal to. The touch of a stocking foot on his ankle again startled him for a slight moment, but as Duo's grin turned mischievous and his foot worked its way up his pant leg to massage his calf, Heero didn't stop himself this time from reaching out and placing his hand over Duo's, which was resting on the white linen covered table top. Duo turned his hand around to lightly clasp Heero's in return.

For several moments the two remained silent and thoughtful while their hands became reacquainted. Duo ran his fingertips over Heero's palm before he began tracing his fingers one by one. Heero found this strange interaction as sensual as any foreplay he'd engaged in. "Your calluses are gone," Duo observed, his voice low and sultry.

"I don't fly a gundam or even a mobile suit any longer," he replied while Duo urged his hand up so that he could study his palm.

"These are good hands, strong and sure. I like that in a man."

Heero wondered why everything Duo said seem to have an effect on him, like throwing tinder on the low and simmering fire that was building inside of him. Every word and touch seemed sexually charged. Then Duo's hand slowly pressed forward until his wrist bent back, until his palm face the models direction. Duo's soft palm pressed up against his own. The vertical position of their hands became an expression of a horizontal desire, with nothing separating the flesh on flesh contact. Heero's heart rate rapidly increased and his breath suddenly seemed to be tangled up in his throat when Duo pressed his fingers more firmly against his own, as if measuring them. Slowly, purposely, the model shifted those tantalizing fingers slightly and then bent them to clasp their hands firmly together. Heero's own fingers replied in kind, feeling as if he and Duo were truly engaged in an intimate act.

With their hands now locked together and Duo stroking the sensitive area between his thumb and forefinger with his own thumb, the braided man asked, "Did you want to order dessert or would you rather come to my room for a nightcap?"

"I don't drink," Heero choked out, his voice barely a whisper.

Leaning forward, Duo winked as he whispered with a teasing grin, "Neither do I."

Looking beneath the fringe of the white wig and beyond the tinted glasses, Heero could see barely restrained passion smoldering in the other man's eyes, a need so pronounced that it was undeniable. "Let's go before we get kicked out."

Duo grinned. "I'll get the check."

Five minutes later the two men were walking side by side towards the elevator doors, both of them smiling and stealing glances at each other. When the car finally arrived and the two doors slid open, they entered and stood shoulder to shoulder while it took them to their floor. Though it took a great deal of effort, they managed somehow to restrain themselves from the overwhelming need to touch each other, mainly because of the three other people sharing the elevator car with them.

They exited the lift on its first stop, and calmly walked down the long, green floral carpeted hallway towards their rooms, their hands brushing against each other from time to time. Duo slowed to a stop in front of the door with the numbers 1921 next to it. Heero registered the fact that his and Duo's rooms were next door to each other, his room being 1922.

Sliding the magnetic card in the security lock, the locking mechanism blinked from red to green and then clicked, allowing Duo to open the door. Grinning, the disguised model stepped aside to allow Heero to precede him into the room.

Before the door shut behind them or the lights could be turned on, Heero had the braided model pinned up against the wall, his mouth devouring the lips he'd been dying to taste all evening long. No, if he were truthful, he'd been wanting to do this for the past five years. His need for the other man was further roused when Duo clutched the back of his shirt, holding him in place while he returned the fevered kiss.

Soon their need for the each other urged them to do something more. They stumbled in the dark towards the direction of the bed, still clutched in each other's arms. Frantic with desire they began to fumble with each other's clothing, trying to remove them as quickly as possible. Heero tugged off the wig and felt the tumble of long hair fall over his hands. But the moment his hand slipped beneath the elastic of Duo's underwear, the other man stiffened and abruptly pushed firmly against Heero's shoulders. "Wait!" he gasped, sounding frantic.

The rush of adrenaline and overwhelming need that had built up between them was immediately cooled by Duo's apparent second thoughts. Heero couldn't help feeling disappointed at having to stop. He took a deep breath and fought the need to reach out to the man he wanted so badly, thinking it would be better to wait until Duo explained himself. Unable in the dark to see the other man's face he asked, "What's the matter?"

He heard movement and then a bedside lamp was switched on. After his eyes adjusted to the sudden change from dark to light, he took inventory of the situation. He and Duo both stood facing each other wearing in their boxers and shirts that were unbuttoned. Their jackets, pants, a wig and tinted glasses were abandoned on the floor. It was clear that Duo had not stopped because of his lack of interest, the prominent bulge at the front of his boxers was evidence of that fact. Slowly sinking down to sit on the edge of the bed, his long hair flowing around him like a cape, Duo took in an unsteady breath while combing his fingers through his hair. The flustered man whispered more to himself than Heero, "Shit, what the hell am I doing?"


"Just... just let me think for a moment, okay?"

Having little choice to but do as asked, Heero sat quietly next to the other man, who had buried his face in his hands for a moment before he let his them drop altogether. Then those famous blue/violet yes turned towards him with an expression that appeared to be apprehension Duo said, "I'm not sure this is a good idea, Heero. It's not that I don't want you; I do. But..." Duo paused for a long moment and searched his face, for what Heero didn't know.

"But what?" he nudged.

With a deep sigh, the long haired man shook his head and replied, "My life is really complicated right now. I just don't know if this is the right time to start anything."

"You're right," Heero agreed. "This isn't the best time for me either, considering I've got two unsolved cases that have priority on my time and mental faculty. If you consider our professions and that we both live on separate continents, when will our lives ever be less complicated?" He reached up to push a long strand of hair behind Duo's ear and then cupped his cheek. Meeting Duo's gaze he said, "Regardless of the obstacles, I think we should take advantage of the short time we have together, make the most of it and worry less about the what the future might bring."

Duo seemed to seriously consider Heero's suggestion for a moment, but then he closed his eyes and shook his head. "You might think you know me, Heero, but five years is a long time. I've changed."

"You haven't changed that much in here." Heero lowered his hand to place it over Duo's heart.

"Maybe not, but I've still changed. And despite what you've probably heard on T.V. or read in the tabloids, I... I'm not really a one-night-stand kind of guy. Oh, I've tried it," he admitted, "and felt awful the next morning." Duo gave a resigned sigh as he added, "I want you, Heero, so badly that I lost myself for a moment, but I can't do this as a one time thing."

Shifting to sit closer to Duo, close enough to put his arm around the model's shoulders, Heero found his gaze riveted on the other man's hands, twisting in a nervous manner between his open thighs. "I don't want this to be a one night stand, Duo," he began. "I've done nothing but think of you since that day I knocked on the door to your apartment, imagining what it would be like to talk to you and be a part of your life again. After all these years of being apart, I'm not going to be satisfied with only tonight." Then another thought occurred to him. "Are you sure there's not someone else in your life? Someone who came to mind and made you hesitate tonight?" It was a fear he had known was a possibility, that someone else had a claim on Duo's heart.

"Not someone, Heero, but something."

"Something?" A variety of scenarios for what that "something" could be flooded Heero's mind, making him fear the answer to the question.

The troubled crease forming between Duo's eyebrows revealed that the man felt torn, and Heero could only guess that whatever was bothering him was something he hesitated bringing up. Then with a sheepish look, the long-haired man appeared to have come to some decision when he confessed. "My job, Heero."

The Japanese man almost laughed out loud with relief. Duo was concerned about his job, not some deep hidden secret, some incurable disease, blackmail, criminal act or love child. "Your job?" he asked, unable to contain his glee completely as a smile twitched at his mouth.

"It's important to me," Duo replied, looking guilty. He then shifted his position in order to face Heero, his face becoming very serious. "Look, I know that modeling probably seems frivolous compared to what we did during the wars and to what you do now, but it allows me to make more money than I ever could at any other job."

Heero frowned. "Money didn't used to be much of a priority to you. Or is it fame that you're worried about?" Maybe what Duo said earlier was true, that he'd changed more during the past five years than he assumed.

"Neither of those things were important when I had only myself to think about," Duo admitted. "I still don't need much. Believe it or not I don't like all the media attention, especially the photographers who chase me around town and jump out of the bushes to snap pictures of me jogging or having lunch with a friend. I don't need a fancy apartment in an outrageously expensive apartment building or a closet full of designer clothing. All of that merely supports my public image which in turn attracts more high paying jobs. To be honest, a two bedroom flat with hot running water and a small kitchen is all I ever needed. But my income isn't for me alone, Heero. I use my celebrity to make money, and invest most of my income to support several charities. I was in the process of organizing health clinics and orphanages for kids on L2 when the blockade was put in place. Those kids that survive what's going on there are gonna need my help more than ever once the blockade is lifted."

The mention of L2 and the blockade caused a definite change in the mood between them. "Did you receive any information on what Wufei and Trowa found when they visited L2 recently?"

Duo shook his head. "Quatre told me where Trowa was the last time I called, but I haven't had much of an opportunity to speak with him since he returned." Looking like he really didn't want to continue with the subject, the long-haired man seemed to steel himself before asking, "Was it bad news?"

Heero sighed, noting the evening had taken a decidedly sour turn. "From the report Wufei submitted to Une, the conditions on L2 are deteriorating. He stated that the humanitarian supplies sent by the UEC are inadequate for feeding L2's dwindling populace. Wufei was so disturbed by the conditions there that he intended to personally deliver his report to Une and demand something be done."

Duo covered his face with his hands and scrubbed hard at his flesh, as if trying to wipe away a bad memory. Heero reached up and grabbed hold of his wrists, stopping the other man's agitated movements. "Duo," he said in a soft, pleading voice.

After a long drawn-out moment, the braided man looked up, his eyes anguished. "I hate that place, Heero. L2 is the source of almost all of my nightmares."

"I know," Heero replied, his hand moving to rub small, soothing circles over the fabric covering Duo's back. "I remember everything you told me about your life there. I don't blame you for staying away and I can't tell you how relieved I am you aren't there so that I don't have to worry about whether or not you have food or shelter."

"But don't you see, Heero?" Duo's stopped to swallow, obviously trying to control his emotions. "Those people represent what my life would have been if Howard and G hadn't taken me in and trained me to pilot Deathscythe. I'm one of the lucky ones who actually made it out of that stinking death trap, but they didn't. I might hate the place, but it's in my blood and I just can't seem to leave it behind me, or the people who still live there. I care about what happens to the kids, the old people and those who have next to nothing because they had the misfortune of being born on that damn colony."

Heero's heart ached from seeing the face that had smiled for countless pictures and was admired by millions of people now look at him with such despair. Not knowing what else to do, he embraced Duo and held him tightly. The famous model's body trembled in his arms, though he didn't seem to be crying. Was Duo distraught or nervous? "What can I do to help?" he asked.

"I don't know," Duo whispered in a small, shaky voice. "But this feels pretty damn good."

Despite the gravity of the situation, Heero found himself beginning to smile once again. Leaning back slightly, just enough to look at Duo's face, he cupped his cheek and stroked it with his thumb. "You are beautiful," he said, taking in every inch of the other man's beguiling face.

Duo gazed deeply into his eyes, as if he were looking into his soul and asked, "What do you want from me, Heero?"

Heero seriously considered that question for a moment. With his hand still on Duo's cheek, he brought his face closer, tilting it just slightly to the right before his lips grazed over the other man's mouth. With his eyes closed and lips teasingly touching Duo's mouth, he whispered, "Everything, Duo. I want everything from you."

With a moan, the braided man crushed his lips to those of the Japanese man and pulled him along as he lay down on the mattress. Heero was quick to respond and in a matter of moments he had the both of them completely undressed and situated more comfortably on the queen-size bed. The heat and passion between them rose quickly as they rolled from one side of the bed to the other, each man vying for dominance. Duo finally capitulated to Heero's strength and determination, allowing the other man to prepare him for what was to come after fishing a tube of lube from out of his toiletry bag, conveniently set on the bedside table.

At last the two men were once again joined in the most intimate manner and the rhythm which started out slow in order to ease their need quickly gained momentum. Heero was the first to cry out his release, jerking his hips one last time in order to release his essence into his lover. Before removing his softening member, he used his hand to bring the man beneath him to climax, his mouth covering Duo's, stifling the hoarse cry of his release.

Gently disengaging, Heero collapsed next to the panting man and wrapped his arm around Duo's waist, unwilling to lose contact. He fought the urge to close his eyes and rest; he wanted to see Duo's reaction in the wake of their lovemaking. He didn't have to wait long.

Turning his face towards him, Duo slowly opened his eyes and made an honest attempt to smile, but the effort seemed forced. "Heero?" The look in Duo's eyes as well as the uncertainty in his voice told Heero could that for some reason this beautiful, desireable man needed reassurance that this wasn't a one time fling, that what they'd just shared was more than simply a physical release. Leaning forward, Heero gave his lover a quick peck on the tip of his perfect nose. "That was wonderful. You were wonderful, Duo."

"Yeah, it was... and so were you."



"I'm still in love with you."

In an instant the uncertainty that had surrounded Duo disappeared and was replaced by stunned surprise. "Really?"

Heero nodded, and as quick as the blink of an eye he found Duo back in his arms, squeezing him for all he was worth.

"You have no idea what that means to me, Heero. I... I care very much about you, too. Please," he rushed to add, "don't be put off that I can't repeat what you said just yet." Still holding him tightly, Duo added after a long moment, "I've never felt for anyone what I feel for you and I want you so damn much." He paused there, and being pressed so closely together, Heero heard the other man swallow before he added, "But I can't help being cautious. It really hasn't been that long since you reentered my life and I'm really not sure what it is I'm feeling right now, other than happy. I'm just so damn happy right now."

Heero felt the truth of Duo's words resonate within himself. That they'd only recently reunited was true, yet despite that he knew without a doubt that he was Duo's for the asking. His heart, he now realized, had always belonged to the other man, even when he believed that Duo didn't want him any longer.

It wasn't long before they had recuperated enough to make love once again, but this time they enjoyed a more leisurely pace, savoring each touch and kiss, every sigh and moan.

An hour or two before dawn, and after several rounds of lovemaking, Heero's breath hitched with both pleasure and pain as Duo entered him for a second time that night. It had been years since he'd done this, making love multiple times in one night, and having someone take him. Duo was the only man to have him this way. On the few occasions when he'd engaged in sex with another man, he'd always been on top, never trusting anyone to dominate him in such a way. But tonight it felt right and... satisfying even, to give to Duo what no other person had gotten from him.

Then as his lover began to move, Heero looked up under half-opened eyes to study the man rocking above him. Duo's hair was down and spilled over his back and shoulders, providing a picture of sensuality that he would store in his mind for when they couldn't be together. And they would be together again, he'd make sure of it. No matter what obstacles lay ahead of them he was determined to keep Duo Maxwell in his life... and bed.

He came with the other man's name on his lips, and was in the midst of the euphoric orgasm when Duo sped up and gasped as he thrust one last time, hitting his own climax. The taller man collapsed into Heero's arms and the two of them whispered reassurances and words of affection to each other.

They remained in that room for the remainder of the night, then switched to Heero's room the next morning. After showering together, they ordered breakfast from room service and ate their meal in bed while watching the morning news and the beginning of an old movie. Then as hands began to explore, and lips sought out their mate, the two continued where they'd left off the night before, and the lazy, pleasantly spent morning eased gently into the afternoon.


Coming out of the bathroom after yet another shower, Duo stepped cautiously, feeling sore and close to exhaustion from having sex numerous times in less than 24 hours. Yet as he turned the corner to see Heero dozing on the bed with only the top sheet covering him from his waist down, he felt a stirring in his loins once again. Damn, I've got it so bad, he thought to himself.

Pulled by the need to be close to his lover, to savor every moment they had together, he moved noiselessly to the bed where he spent several moments studying the sleeping man. Heero was no longer the boy that was etched in his memories. He was now a man, an adult, a very good looking and accomplished adult. Heero seemed even more handsome than ever, if that were possible. Of course the boyish good looks had been replaced by the more elongated face of a grown man. Even the two-days' worth of stubble on his face could do nothing to mar his good looks. Duo hadn't failed to notice that Heero was a couple inches short of his own height, just shy of six feet, but that took nothing away from his physique. Heero was as fit and strong as he'd been while piloting Wing Zero, if not stronger. He grinned at the unruly, dark brown hair, thinking that the thick mass would probably never be tamed, but that didn't matter because he loved it. While sleeping, Heero's face softened and he became too tempting a sight for Duo not to reach out and touch him in some way. With his palm open, he gently placed it over the center of Heero's chest, feeling the beating heart beneath. The only reaction to his touch was a slight lifting at the corners of the mouth belonging to the awakening man.

Knowing that Heero was now very much aware of his touch, he let his hand roam freely over the strong chest, mapping out every inch of the caramel colored skin.

"Come here," Heero said in a sleepy voice, his eyes remaining closed.

Duo shifted to lie next to his sexy lover, his hand resting on Heero's sheet-covered hip. Heero's arm shifted until it encircled his waist. "Sore?"

Duo chuckled. "Oh yeah. You?"

"Yes, but it feels good, knowing how I got this way."

"Well, I'm not a masochist like you are, apparently. I definitely can't say that my ass feels good," Duo countered, then in a softer voice added, "But I absolutely don't regret anything we've done."

Leaning forward, Heero kissed him. It started out slow, their tongues lazily mating, and it became clear rather quickly that they couldn't initiate something as simple as a touch or kiss without passion building quickly between them. It was only when Heero rolled over, trapping Duo beneath him, that the long haired man broke their kiss, and protested. "I can't Heero. Too sore."

"Then I'll just have to find another way to show how much I love you." The dark haired man proceeded to kiss his way down the famous model's body and let his lips and entire mouth entice, titillate and bring the other man to yet another climax. His name, whether whispered or shouted by Duo when he climaxed, was something Heero knew he would never get tired of hearing.

He climbed up the warm and sated body to take the long-haired man into his arms while Duo continued to recover. The braided man lay limp in his arms, tired and spent from their many rounds of lovemaking. Heero could only guess that they were making up for lost time.

"Hum... What about you?" Duo mumbled as he hand began to move downward.

Heero grabbed the searching hand and brought it back to his chest, holding it against his heart. "Later. Right now I think we both need a bit of sleep. We have the whole night ahead of us."

"Don't want this to end," Duo said, his voice groggy, indicating that he was losing the battle to stay awake.

"It won't. I promise."

Reaching down, Heero pulled the neglected blankets up and covered the both of them. After readjusting their bodies so that Duo was pressed up against his side, his head pillowed on his shoulder and their legs entwined, he covered a large yawn of his own and allowed himself to follow his lover into the dreams of the contented.

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