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Heero's Fourth
Part 19
by Dyna Dee

Heero smiled warmly at his Heart. "I'll be right back." he quickly kissed Duo's lips before moving away from him and off the bed. He walked over to the chest at the end of his bed and opened it. He drew out a cork-stopped bottle and a several hand cloths that Duo was now familiar with and returned to the bed. Holding the bottle up for Duo to see he explained it's contents, "Scented oil." he said. "It's extremely important to ease the entry and eliminate unnecessary pain. I would imagine that Treize didn't use any when he forced himself on you." Heero said, cringing inwardly at having to bring up the painful memory, but he felt it necessary to explain why it had hurt so badly and why the oil was important.

"But first," Hero smiled, "we have to get you back into the mood." Setting the bottle on the table next to his bed, he climbed up onto the bed. Easing the other boy back down, he leaned over and teasingly kissed his Heart, his hands slowly untying the strings at his shirt front. "Follow my movements, Duo. Do this to me." he whispered his instructions against Duo's lips, his voice husky with want and need. Shaking hands complied, and before long, both boys lay side by side with nothing but heated desire between them.

"You're beautiful, Duo." he whispered in awe as he gazed into the passion-filled, amethyst eyes.

"So are you." Duo replied, slightly breathless.

Heero reached down to stroke his love into a full arousal and Duo put aside his nervousness and mirrored his example.

As their hearts raced and their breaths came in pants, the Prince instructed his Heart on how to use the oil, and how to prepare him with it. He then put some oil in his own hand to prepared his love. He told him of the spot that makes one almost mindless with pleasure and, with a little practice, Duo's fingers found it. Heero arched his back and gasped at the touch he had given to the others, but had himself never felt before.

With Duo above him and between his spread legs, Heero instructed him regarding the next step, and felt his Heart slowly slip into him. His legs rose up and clasped around Duo's back for deeper penetration. They paused as Heero adjusted to the new sensations. "Doesn't hurt." he assured his Heart. "Feels....different, tight, but no real pain."

Duo nodded and began to slowly move, instinctively knowing what to do. Heero reminded him to hit the spot he'd found earlier, and his love was only too happy to comply.

With rapid breathing and whispered words of the wondrous feelings flowing through him, Heero made certain his Heart knew he was in anything but pain. Taking hold of Duo's hand, he led him to take hold of his neglected arousal. Moments later, they both collapsed as waves of coursing fulfillment united them as no other had.

Heero held Duo tightly against his chest as the beat of their hearts slowed. "That was wonderful." he murmured against Duo's hair and gently kissed the top of his head.

"Yes, it was." Duo sighed happily. After a moment he popped his head up. "Hey, are we bonded?" he asked.

Heero smiled. "No, not yet." he assured him. "I have to do the same thing to you, following your drinking of the Druid wine."

Duo's eyes narrowed as he frowned. "Is that what Treize was trying to force down my throat?" a brief look of pain crossed his face.

"Yes." Heero answered and pulled Duo back down against him to shelter him against such memories. "The Druid wine adjusts something in your own mind and body to accept me, to bind you to me."

"I wouldn't drink it because they tried to force me." Duo said firmly. "I thought it was either a sleeping potion or poison."

The two lovers lay quietly, skin to skin, hearts beating in a synchronizing harmony for a few moments before Duo spoke again. "When?" he asked.

Heero was just about to doze off contentedly when he heard the question. "What?"

"When can you do that to me?" Duo asked.

"When you're ready." Heero replied, his hands moved across the soft skin on his Heart's shoulders and down his back, relishing the feel of him under his fingertips.

"I'm ready." Duo whispered. "I want to be joined with you."

Heero rolled over to put Duo beneath him, his eyes locking on the other's searching their depths. "Do you think you're ready?" He asked looking skeptical

Duo nodded. "You've shown me it won't hurt and I trust you that it won't. I want to feel what I saw in your face when I was inside you. I'm ready to bond with you."

Heero lowered his head and kissed his love, giving him a soul shattering kiss of gratitude.

"I'll make the arrangements for the next full moon and make sure Rolf can accompany us." Heero said with a large smile on his face as he rolled over onto his back and carried Duo with him.

The long haired boy settled himself down on top of the prince and hugged him tightly. "I love you." he whispered.

"And I you." Heero squeezed back.

Without moving from their positions, both fell into the realm of pleasant dreams together.

Several hours later, they emerged from the bedchamber, hand in hand, to be greeted by the other three. Each of them displayed a different expression. Quatre blushed with embarrassment, Trowa was quietly amused, and Wufei's face bore a knowing smirk.

Duo observed them puzzled, then looked to Heero for an explanation. The Prince gave him an apologetic look then smiled crookedly.

Amethyst eyes opened wide as the boy's jaw dropped. Disbelief crossed his pleasant features. "They know what we did....through the bonding?" he asked aghast.

"Sorry," Heero apologized blushing and with a guilty look. "I tried to block it, but got a bit carried away."

"We've had quite a busy afternoon." Trowa chuckled as Quatre continued to look embarrassed and Wufei looked smug.

"Very pleasant." Heero's First added.

"Fulfilling." Quatre added with a blush.

Duo's face flashed red to match the blonde's heightened color.

"Guess I need to work on blocking my thoughts and feeling ." Heero said, amusement in his voice and a pleased look on his face that his other Three looked as sated as he felt.

"Don't do it for our benefit." Wufei countered. "I don't think there's a one of us that didn't enjoy it."

Duo's face clearly displayed that he didn't completely understand. Heero leaned over and whispered into his ear and the braided boy's eyes widened in shock a he looked at the other three.

"All three?" he asked, his voice small and cracking.

"All three." Trowa smiled back calmly, looking like the stable cat that caught a prize mouse.

Duo blinked slowly, much like an owl in trying to comprehend his three friends together in such an intimate act. The look on his bewildered face was so charming that Heero couldn't help but turn and kiss him soundly in front of the others. As the kiss ended, Duo sighed and lay his head against the Prince's shoulder. Heero held him tightly as he turned to his other three, whose faces mirrored his contentment. "Duo and I will bond at the next full moon." he announced with a pleased smile. The three reacted happily to the news, congratulating them warmly.

Quatre then asked the one question that silenced the room. "Ah...Heero? How are you going to go to the place of bonding if Duo doesn't ride?"

The prince felt his Heart stiffen at the question. He rubbed his back to comfort him. "I guess we have roughly over two weeks to get him up on a horse." he answered casually hoping to belay any pressure or added fears to Duo's mind.

Arrangements with the King and Rolf were approved and each day a number of hours were spent in preparing Duo to ride. He was to take the Queen's gentle mare for the day long journey to the place of joining. The first day on the horse, he fearfully, but with determination and help, mounted her back. With white knuckles, the Princes Heart tightly gripped the mare's mane with both hands and all color drained from his face as Trowa held the reins and led the calm horse around the courtyard. Heero walked by his side, his hand rested reassuringly on is thigh.

Each day it became a little bit more tolerable for the braided boy to be on the mare, though it was clear it would be a long time before riding a horse would become enjoyable for him.

The days were filled with preparation, and the nights were filled with passion. Heero and his Heart found many ways to share pleasure with each other in all but Heero taking him.

At last the morning arrived. Duo now stood where the others had before him, giving and accepting their farewells. He was anxious to begin the journey and to be bonded with the Prince and his other three. He embraced them warmly, receiving their hugs, kisses, and well wishes for a safe journey and successful bonding. With a final wave of goodbye, the day-long journey began.

They reached the place of bonding late afternoon. Duo was sore and tired. It had been quite a strain on his nerves for him to keep himself settled and calm enough to not spook the horse during the day-long journey. His legs and posterior ached from the unfamiliar position astride the horse. He dimly appreciated the large cottage that was their destination. It appeared neat, tidy, and well kept. A smaller, almost duplicate cottage sat in the near distance behind the main cottage.

Heero and Rolf dismounted their horses and the Prince came to his Heart's side. "You can come down now, Duo. You did very well." he said smiling up at the tired boy.

"I...I don't think I can, Heero." he complained and winced at the growing soreness.

Heero reached his arms up and Duo leaned slowly into them, allowing the other to pull him off of the horse. He groaned as his legs touched down and Heero helped him walk to the cottage. Rolf watched with concern as Heero half carried his Fourth to the cottage. If the boy was that sore, it might impede the bonding. The full moon would begin the next night, hopefully, his sore muscles would ease by them.

The King's Hands took charge of the horses and led them to the simple stable situated in back of the second cottage. After bushing them down and giving them some stored feed, he retrieved the satchels strapped to the pack horse and headed to his cottage. Thankfully, most of the food stores and supplies had been sent ahead of them, and the cottages had been cleaned and prepared for this day. He entered the smaller cottage which, over the years had become very familiar to him. It had been his duty to accompany the Prince here with each of his Four, and knew that he would be here at least once more when the Prince would take a wife.

He set the satchels down and began to unpack his bag. He would take Heero and Duo their's in a few moments and prepare their evening meal for them. It was his job to prepare their meals and to protect them from a distance while they concentrated on bonding, and, as always, he was to formally officiate; to hear their oaths and offer the wine. He was their witness that the bonding had taken place and done so according to the Druids' will.

He smiled to himself thinking he would most likely only see the two at meal times. The looks they shared with each other were evidence of the deep love and affection they held for each other. A warm reminder of the King and his Heart. Rolf smiled fondly. He couldn't be happier that the Prince had finally found someone to love as much as his father loved his wild and wonderful redhead.

His mind drifted back to the time he'd come here eagerly anticipating his bonding as Prince Allaric's First. A wistful smile graced his face as he remembered Allaric's smile and tender kisses and then the bonding that joined them closer than he had ever been to another soul in his young life. They were wonderful memories. The King was still mindful of him, but all had somehow changed when the Prince at last found his Heart. Rolf and his other bonded brothers felt the quickening of the King's heart and the growing passion and desire for the young and mischievous straight red haired, slim and handsome Jens. Rolf, too, had fallen in love with the boy, whether it was because of the then Prince's desire, or the younger boy's willingness to give and accept his affection, he didn't know. He was just grateful to have the two of them in his life. The King and Jens loved him and the others, he knew and felt it. It would never be at the same level that those two loved each other, but he was still happy for it. His mind drifted to that of his wife, who had come into his life to help fill the void he felt was missing as his Prince had taken the other Two and then, finally, Jens. He loved her as he loved them, and together they had three lively children that made their lives complete.

He sighed as his mind was drawn back to the present. He saw the same passion between Prince Heero and his Heart as the King and Jens shared. He hoped the Prince's other Three would quickly come to terms with the deep love these two shared, a love that was their's alone.

Settling into his familiar cottage, he noticed the sunlight beginning to fade and left his warming cottage for the larger one to prepare the evening meal. He knocked on the door and waited. A few moments later Heero answered and motioned him to enter quietly.

"Duo's asleep in the other room." he said softly indicating the door to the bedroom. "I'll help you with the meal." he offered with a smile and Rolf nodded, pleased to have the Prince's company. Together they lit the fire and worked to gather the supplies in the cupboards to make a soup and slice the bread Rolf had carried up with them that day.

Duo was awakened and the meal was shared. After all was cleared and cleaned up, Rolf motioned the two to sit in front of the warm fire in the hearth. The tall, dark haired man with the ruddy complexion cleared his throat in preparation of his speech. "Though tomorrow is the full moon," he began. "tonight is the night you make your vows, and partake of the wine, and I am here to bear witness of it.

Duo nodded as Heero turned to face him.

"You must consider your words carefully." Rolf spoke to them with all seriousness. "Duo," he addressed the wide eyed brunette. "you should vow to accept your place at the Prince's side as his Heart, and the Fourth. With such a vow should come your promise of honesty and fidelity, service and your honor." Rolf's eyes bore into the anxious blue/violet orbs. "Prince Heero will vow to you in a similar manner. Do you want a moment to consider your words?"

To his surprise, the braided boy shook his head. "I'll just say what's in my heart and if I forget something important you can remind me." he looked up hopefully at the King's Hands.

Rolf nodded with a smile at the boy's charming manner. "Then stand, the both of you, and face each other as you make your life pledge before me as your witness."

Both boys did as he bade them.

"You go first, Duo." Heero whispered and winked encouragingly at his Fourth.

Duo swallowed nervously, then raised his eyes to meet those across from him, recognizing the love for him in their depths. "Prince Heero Odin Yuy of Bronwyn," he began with a shaky smile. "I love you, but not only for this life alone. If we are granted lives beyond this, I promise to find you and extend the love I feel for you now to you in whatever circumstances we find ourselves in the future. With this love, I promise to be honest with you and faithful. I will be by your side to do whatever you want me to throughout your lives. I will give my life for you. I'm humbled by your love and desire for me, and I'll always try to be worthy of the honor of being your Heart." He ended by leaning forward and sweetly kissing the Prince's mouth.

They pulled apart, and Heero's eyes focused on his Heart's beautiful eyes, brimming with emotion.

"Duo, my Heart and my Fourth." he began softly. "You are, indeed, my Heart and soul. I promise to always love you and to keep you safely by my side. I will do all in my power to keep you safe and happy. I give you my heart, my trust, and my soul. I accept your pledge and humbly ask in return that tomorrow night, you will freely bond with me, to become my true Heart and join with the others to complete my Four. They love you, but not nearly to the depth that I love you. Will you accept the bonding, Duo?" he asked, assured of the answer, but heeding to the formality of the asking.

"Yes." Duo answered with conviction through he sniffed and wiped at the tears in his eyes. Both boys embraced each other.

"Well done." Rolf's deep voice said. "I have witnessed your pledges to each other and will stand as a witness to it as long as I live." That said, he turned back to the table and retrieved the cup he'd set there earlier for this moment. Walking back to them, he handed the goblet to the braided boy. "This is the wine of the Druid's." he told him. "Drink and become one in mind and body with the future king. For it is in the binding of the Four that the kingdom of Bronwyn will be preserved by protecting the King with a trusted, bonded unit that would die rather then to see his life taken."

Duo nodded, and looking into Heero's eyes he raised the goblet to his lip and drank the deep red wine until the cup was emptied. As Heero gathered his Fourth into his arms again, Rolf silently left the cottage.

That night, Heero held his Fourth as the Druid wine coursed through his body, causing alternating fever and chills, aches and some cramping. By morning he rested deeply, the brew having prepared his body for the night to come.

As the day of the full moon progressed, Rolf made himself scarce, preparing the three meals, but allowing the two the privacy needed for the evening's bonding. He glimpsed the two walking in the nearby woods, hand in hand, and visiting the horses.

The evening meal was prepared and Rolf left, taking his food with him, telling the boy's to leave the dishes until morning. With the fire banked for the evening, candles lit, and the best wine Bronwyn produced set by the hearth, the older man left the two boys, telling them the full moon had risen, and the bonding could begin.

Not much later, Heero collapsed onto his Heart's chest, both boys' hearts beating wildly from their exertions. The Prince kissed Duo deeply, silently communicating his love and gratitude.

"I did it!" Duo whispered with a mixture of awe and pride.

"Yes, you did." Heero smiled as he rolled onto his side, pulling the other with him so he could look into his eyes. Cupping the heart shaped face in is hands, he stared into them, silently asking how he felt about the experience.

"Are we bonded?" Duo asked as he reached a hand up to caress Heero's cheek.

A frown formed on Heero's face. "Can you hear me, in your mind, Duo?" he asked. "I don't think I can hear you yet."

His Fourth closed his eyes to concentrate. "Say something." he suggested

After a few moments he opened them again. "Did I do something wrong?" he asked looking worried.

"No." Heero smiled, hoping to reassure him. "Sometimes it takes a few tries. That's why we're here for a week."

"Oh," Duo blinked. "Okay." he accepted what he was told. His mind then turned to another matter. "Um... can we clean up?" he asked hopefully.

Heero moved to get the towel he had placed by the bed earlier. He then handed Duo a cup of wine of which he drank just a few sips before he yawned.

"Umm. I'm tired." he yawned and stretched languidly before pulling the covers up to his chin. "Can we sleep?" he asked.

Heero climbed into the bed and under the covers. He pulled his Heart up against him. "Yes, let's sleep for a while." he agreed seeing how tired Duo was. "But I may wake you before too long." he added in a husky voice.

"Okay." Duo yawned again and settled himself into the Prince's arms. In a few moments he was soundly asleep. Heero held him tightly to him, turning his head frequently to kiss the chestnut colored hair. A crease of worry formed on his forehead, just between his eyes. While it was true that not everyone bonded the first time, Heero had not failed to do so with this other Three. He wondered if he was doing something different, something wrong. In the early hours of the morning Heero woke Duo. This time he took a longer and a more pleasurable time to make love to him. Once again he found a failure to bond. His worries increased even as he spoke reassuring words to his lover.

Rolf didn't see much of the two for three days. Yet on the fifth day since their arrival, he was awakened by a quick rapping on the door. Quickly donning his pants, he stumbled in the dark to the door. As he opened it, the Prince of Bronwyn was silhouetted by the pre-dawn light. Without asking for permission, he brushed past the taller man and entered the cottage.

"I need to talk to you." Heero said, and Rolf noticed his voice was tight and anxious.

"Very well." he answered. "But let me start the fire so we're not sitting in the dark."

Rolf bent to the task at the hearth and, in a few moments, the dry straw under the kindling was ablaze. The King's Hands stood and pulled on a shirt and cloak to ward off the early morning chill. With several candles lit, he could now clearly see that Heero was distressed. He paced back and forth, raking his hands through his unruly dark hair.

"What's the matter, Heero? Did you and Duo have an argument?" he asked as he sat down on the bench at the table ready to listen.

Heero stopped a moment and looked like he was struggling to find the words he needed. "I..I don't know what to do, Uncle Rolf." he blurted out. "I've tried everything I can think of, but it's not working!" The pacing began again.

"Is Duo still frightened of your touch?" the older man asked calmly.

"No, that's not it." Heero shook his head looking confused. "Duo is wonderful, so giving. He gives himself freely to me. That's why I can't understand why it's not working." he said, clearly exasperated.

Rolf scratched his head. "What isn't working? Are you're feelings different for him now?" he asked, trying to understand what the problem was.

"No!" Heero yelled in frustration. "If anything I love him more than ever, if that's even possible."

"Heero." Rolf stood and went to the agitated young man and clasped his shoulders so his pacing would stop. "Tell me what's wrong." he said forcefully.

"We're not bonded." Heero said as he looked up, obviously distraught, into his uncle's bewildered face.

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