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School Daze - A Compliation of Short Stories
Story 4 - Woo to Win - Part 2
Duo's Friendship Arc 14
by Dyna Dee

A half hour later, in the confines of Quatre's room, the blonde boy sat on his bed, his legs crossed in front of him as he looked up apologetically through his long bangs at his friend who was pacing in an agitated manner before him.

"Damn it, Quatre," the American continued in an exasperated tone. "you blew it right after hello."

"I'm sorry." the blonde replied, his voice and shoulders slumping in a defeated manner. "I tried, really I did. But honestly Duo, I was brought up to never be physically aggressive or overly assertive with females. My sisters have drilled it into my mind since I was an infant that they are my equal and deserved as much respect as any male. At all times, I am expected to treat them or any girl or woman as a gentleman should. Those lessons are deeply ingrained, and......I just couldn't shrug them off."

The Deathscythe's pilot's pace slowed and he thoughtfully observed his friend as he explained his actions. It made sense to him now and his agitation with the blond dissipated. "That's okay, Quatre." he said much more softly. "Just forget about it. I should have taken your good manners into consideration. But truthfully, I never expected Dorothy to act as boldly as she did. She managed to shock even me." he gave a slight smile to his friend who managed to return it, albeit a bit more shaky.

The Deathscythe pilot walked over to the window and looked down on the lawns below. The sun was moving lower towards the horizon and only a few students were walking around the school grounds. "We just need to change things around a bit, that's all." he muttered out loud to himself.

Quatre looked up quizzically. "You've got another idea?" he asked, hoping he could avoid another public confrontation with the dreadful blonde girl.

Duo nodded then turned with a knowing smile. "You and I need to change girlfriends."

"What?" Disbelief was clearly evident on Quatre's face.

Duo smirked. "You'll take Jackie on as a girlfriend, and I'll take Dorothy....as a challenge. Ya gotta fight fire with fire." he added with a chuckle, his eyes glistening at the thought of the battle ahead of him. Damn, he loved a challenge.

He would never admit it, but the pilot of Sandrock, the feared and mighty gundam, was almost faint with relief. The rules of battle generally followed that if you were in way over your head in a battle and losing ground, you retreat to fight another day. He admitted to himself that he'd definitely lost the first skirmish with Dorothy. "Won't Jackie mind?" he asked shyly.

Duo turned his head and smirked. "Nah," he shrugged and chuckled. "she's scared to death of me. But I think I've broken her in enough for you to handle. Still," he continued on thoughtfully, resting his fists on his hips. "you'll need to be firm and demanding with her or she'll try a Dorothy tactic on you."

Quatre nodded. He would follow Duo's instructions to the letter in this matter. He didn't want to go through another public humiliation anytime in the near future.

"I'll give you Jackie's class schedule in the morning." Duo offered offhandedly. "Make a demanding pest of yourself, it works with her." he smiled like a wily fox.

"I'll try." Quatre answered worriedly, hoping he could pull it off and not let his friend down.

In a voice mimicking the voice of Yoda, Duo replied. "No. There is no try, only do."

The blonde pilot smiled genuinely now. Duo had made them all watch that series of old movie classics over and over. "Good overcomes evil." Duo explained as the main reason for watching them excessively. By now, all the pilots knew the lines by heart and Duo was a perfect mimic for Yoda and Darth Vader.

The Deathscythe pilot began his campaign to conquer Dorothy first thing in the morning at breakfast. The girl in question was already seated at her regular table surrounded by her friends. With his tray easily balanced on his left hand, he used his right arm to quickly encircle the waist of the girl seated to the left and next to the long-haired blonde, and unceremoniously lifted her up from off the seat and set her on her feet.

"Sorry." he said sounding unapologetic. "I'm sitting there."

Dorothy turned her head to glare at him as he took the newly vacated seat.

"Morning blondie." he smiled brightly at her and before she could react, his hand shot out and cupped the back of her head, holding it still, while he moved forward to briefly kiss her cheek. He quickly released her and pulled back a safe distance still smiling. "Don't you look...preppy today?" he said sweetly.

"What are you doing, Shin?" She hissed, her eyes narrowed as she seethed.

"Why, I'm sitting next to the most intelligent and pragmatic girl in school." he replied and then winked at her.

She recognized his tactic of using flattery, strange as his seemed, as something she often used herself. "I thought you said I was scary.' she replied warily as she turned back to the food on her tray.

"Oh, definitely scary." he agreed as he took a piece of toast from off her tray and took a large bite. "But I'm pretty scary, too." he continued with his mouth full of smashed bread. "So I guess we're a perfect match."

"Flattery and your puffed up ego will get you nowhere, Shin." Dorothy replied snidely.

Duo chuckled. "But persistence has its own rewards, ne?"

"You can't beat me at this game, you know." Dorothy said confidently and straightened her posture to show her resolve.

"Really?" The long haired boy managed to say though his mouth was now filled with scrambled eggs and toast. He chewed happily with a deranged type of smile, and no attempt to keep his mouth closed as he chewed, knowing it would repulse her.

Dorothy shared a look of disgust with her girlfriends and was totally unprepared when the rude boy next to her grabbed a hold of her hair, turned her head, and soundly kissed her squarely on the lips in front of all the stunned diners in the cafeteria.

Dorothy frantically pressed her spread out hands against his chest and pushed, hard. With no little effort on her part, she managed to break away from the forward boy's grip on her. Her eyes were wide in shock as she gazed angrily at the braided boy who was smiling triumphantly next to her, his partially chewed breakfast disgustingly visible.

She immediately wiped the back of her hand across her face and was horrified to find pieces of egg left on her hand. "You are repulsive Shin Cummin." she spat out as he reached for her napkin.

"Yeah." he chuckled after he'd swallowed a good portion of the wad of food in his mouth. "But you loved it. I can tell. And guess what sugar?" he chuckled. "I'm all yours!"

"Che!" was all the girl managed to say as she shook her head in disdain. "Your delusional." she grumbled as she moved to stand and leave the table.

"Like you, my cupcake." Duo gushed, his smile broadening as the girl he'd targeted sneered at his words.

With a huff, Dorothy stood and lifted her tray as she prepared to leave. She climbed out from the bench and paused for only a slight second as an evil thought came to mind and the glint in her eye matched it. Without hesitating, she up-ended her tray, dumping it's remaining contents onto the head of the boy she was coming to despise, then turned to quickly leave.

The area around them came to a complete halt as the boy stiffened. All eyes were on him as he calmly stood, ignoring the mess now resting on his head and shoulders, and followed with his tray behind Dorothy as she made her way to the bin for dirty dishes. She deposited her tray and turned to see Shin by her side, holding onto his long braid as he shook the loose food from his hair into the garbage receptacle. If she was expecting him to hurl his plate of food at her, she was disappointed as he then dumped the leftover food into the garbage can and looked up at her with an infuriating smile.

"I'll walk you to class." he announced calmly, food still in his hair and spots on his once white shirt.

"Like hell you will." she hissed, her blue eyes narrowing in warning.

"Like hell I will!" he replied with a forceful determination. He grabbed hold of her arm and pulled her resisting body to her first class.

It seemed as if the entire school watched with a morbid fascination as the tenacious, long-haired boy dogged the unpleasant girl's heels for the remainder of the day. She snapped, snarled, jeered, and ridiculed him to her heart's content only to have the vexing boy take her harsh words and, in return, deliver stinging barbs of his own with a dazzling grin plastered on his face as if he were thoroughly enjoying himself.

Duo walked with a sure and confident step to the dorms after the evening meal. He felt he'd had a rather successful first day in his wooing attack on Dorothy. From what he was hearing, she was showing more emotions then she had ever displayed in front of others before, and it had been all his doing. He snickered at the thought, but he had to give the girl credit, she was good at being "a bitch". His brows creased in thought as he wondered what it was that had made her so angry. Someone or something must have really hurt her to make her so miserable. She wasn't always that way, he'd observed. With her girlfriends, she was patronizingly kind and overly flattering. He decided that was her decided strategy to keep the group of devoted girls surrounding her, willing to follow her every whim. A different tactic for a leader, but not unheard of.

As he approached the dorms, the other boys flocked to him with thumping slaps on his back in approval and jubilation. In a twenty-four hour period of time, the whole mood of the school had changed, leaving the boys feeling more secure and confident and the girls confused, even dazed.

Finally making it to his room, Duo escaped the others to flop onto his bed face down. Quatre followed him into his room and shut the door behind them.

"Man, that was tiring!" Duo mumbled into his pillow as he yawned and let his buoyant facade drop.

"But you did great, Duo." Quatre sat on the end of the bed. "I'm truly impressed." he continued his voice depicting his sense of awe. "I don't think any one here could have handled Dorothy as well as you did today."

The American shrugged and looked over at his blonde friend. "How'd things go with Jackie?" he asked, turning over to his back so he could look at his friend's face more easily.

Quatre shrugged. "Okay, I guess. I think you did indeed softened her up a bit as I think she actually likes me." he blushed shyly.

"No kidding?" his friend smiled with amusement.

The Arabian chuckled. "I think after your strong-arm approach, I look like a spring picnic."

"Did you kiss her like I told you to?" Duo asked, his manner became more serious.

The blonde blushed a deeper shade of pink. "Well, actually..." he paused pinking even further.

"You did, didn't you?" Duo's asked and then a bark of laughter followed at his friends bashfulness. "Did you?" he asked again, then gave his friend a knowing look. "And you liked it, didn't you?"

Seeing his friend's only answer was going to be the deeper shade of red on his fair cheeks, Duo smiled, deciding the Arabian couldn't take much more teasing. "Good for you, Quatre. You need to do a little more socializing."

"Did you kiss Dorothy?" the blonde quickly changed the focus of the conversation away from himself and back to Duo.

The braided boy gave a nonchalant shrug. "Several times." he answered. "Frankly, her lips are a bit too thin for my tastes and talk about stiff," he visibly shuddered. "and her personality is like the Antarctic cold."

"I'm sure you can thaw her out, Duo." his friend smiled with confidence. He couldn't imaging anyone resisting Duo's charms for too long, especially when he poured it on.

"I don't think so, Quatre." Duo replied bringing his arms up to place them behind his head. "That's not my objective here. I don't really like the girl, though she's a challenge. There's just something.........disturbing about her."

"And this coming from "the God of Death"? Quatre raised a blonde eyebrow quizzically.

"Touche'" Duo grinned back. "But I really don't want to hurt her." He continued thoughtfully. "I think she's been hurt before. Yet, I can't let her attitude affect everyone else in such a negative way. It's just wrong."

"I agree." Quatre patted his friend's are in a reassuring manner. "If you need any help....any of the guys are willing, and so is Jackie."

"Jackie?" Duo asked in disbelief. "She said that?" He'd semi-terrorized the girl and couldn't imagine she'd want to help him out with anything that might be of benefit to him.

Quatre nodded. "She's pretty bright," he smiled. "and she hates Dorothy. Evidently, your girlfriend has not only made the boys miserable, but some of the girl who challenged her in some way. She told me she'd love to see you take her down a notch or two."

"Well, well!" Duo smiled. "Whoda thunk? I'll keep that in mind, Quatre. Thanks."

It became obvious the next morning that Dorothy had come up with a strategy of her own to counteract Shin's aggressive behavior towards her. As The long-haired American came into the cafeteria for breakfast, the object of his wooing was tightly surrounded by her girlfriends. Seeing he wasn't going to be able to remove the girls sitting next to her as easily had he had the day before, he settled for pulling her hair aside and began nibbling on her soft, ivory neck until Dorothy turned quickly and let her clenched fist hit her amorous assailant in the nose. Immediately following and continuing throughout the day, other girls seemed to come out of the woodwork to harass him. He was tripped by swift moving legs at every turn, and unseen hands pulled his hair and pinched then twisted his skin. Even slightly protected by his clothing it hurt, and soon his body was beginning to ache all over from the many bruises that were forming from the abuse. He was losing his patience quickly when the last straw occurred in fourth period, his P.E. class. Duo played along with his classmates in an intense and closely matched game of volleyball. As the ball was being set up on the other side of the net, and all on his team had their eyes and bodies in readiness for the return over the net, Dorothy appeared from out of nowhere and pants him, leaving him for a stunned a mere second, clad in only his jock strap and tee-shirt, his elastic-waist gym shorts puddled around his ankles.

With a bright red face, he quickly bent and pulled up his shorts and turned in time with a scowl to see Dorothy fleeing with a backward glance, a smug grin on her face.

"That's it!" he shouted in her direction. "This means war, Catalonia. Shinigami won't rest until you've been punished!"

The rest of the day proceeded for the beleaguered boy in much the same way as the morning, with the exception of having all the girls in the school turn to laugh openly and behind their hands as he walked through the hallways and snicker in the classrooms. It seemed forever for it to happen, but there finally came an end to that long and torturous day. Duo set out from his last class and went directly to where Quatre and Jackie were standing by her locker.

"I need your help." Duo said to the dark haired girl. His facial features and tone of voice stating his seriousness. She looked startled for a second at his changed demeanor, but then nodded her head in agreement.

"How many girls hate Dorothy?" he asked her.

Jackie smiled. "Tons."

Duo's devilish smile chilled the Sandrock pilot as he watched the exchange. He momentarily felt almost sorry for the girl, for without a doubt, he knew Dorothy was in for it now.

As the sun rose the next morning, so did Dorothy Catalonia's bras and matching panties, up the flag pole and across the large doorway to the cafeteria. Her face burned bright red as she snatched them down, ripping most of the satin material as they had been fastened to the wood frame by simple thumb tacks.

Duo, looking as innocent as he could, went to give her his planned morning greeting and "accidentally" spilled his large glass of orange juice he carried in his hand as she swung around to swat at him just as his lips touched her cheek.

She was late to class as she'd had to re-shower and dress again due to the stickiness caused by the juice that had spilled over her shoulder and down the front of her white blouse and grey skirt. The instructor frowned at her as she entered the room well after the class had started and handed her a detention slip. He then instructed her to hand in her homework and open her book. To her dismay, her assignment had slipped out of the folder and lay crumpled at the bottom of her satchel, and to make things worse, a tube of lipstick had lost it's cap and smeared across the paper. With an un-ladylike growl, she placed the paper on her desk and tried to straighten it out before handing the sorry-looking assignment to her teacher.

"Sloppy work, Miss Catalonia." he said with a look of disapproval as she quickly turned and literally stomped her way back to her desk noticing as she went that her fellow students seemed to be gleefully enjoying her disastrous morning.

"What are you looking at?" she snapped at a couple of snickering girls as she flung herself into her seat, wincing as a few strands of her long hair got caught on a loose screw at the back of her seat and pulled tightly at her scalp. Twisting at an odd angle, she managed to free the strands without damaging her hair.

"Any time your ready, Miss Catalonia." The teacher's voice droned and she looked up to see Mr. Harrigan and all the class waiting for her to face the front of the class. She reached for her satchel and removed the history book and opened it, or at least, tried to open it. Her eyes widened in horror as she saw that something had spilled on the outside edge of the pages and had bound them all together as it had dried. It would take going page by page very carefully to ease them apart. She jumped in her seat as her eyes looked up to see the older man standing by her desk, his arms crossed over his chest and his eyebrows hooded his dark perturbed eyes, a frown pulled down the corners of his mouth. She swallowed hard under that stern look of disapproval.

The rest of the day proved equally frustrating. She instinctively knew Shin Cummin was behind all her misfortunes, starting with the public display of her bras and panties, every misdeed and frustration had been subtly crafted and none of it pointed directly at the braided, infuriating boy as the cause. Nevertheless, she knew....she was on the wrong end of pay back.

Her P.E. class was the last class of the day and, for some perplexing reason, her locker wouldn't open. The instructor frowned as she got the master key to open it. Of course, when she did finally opened the metal door, it was to find her gym clothes were wet from an apparent self-explosion of her aerosol deodorant. She reached up and pulled at the roots of her long blonde hair on both sides of her scalp, and howled out her frustration. She had no choice but to dress for class in the wet, lilac scented gym shirt, shorts, socks and shoes, all of which felt horrible against her skin.

"Need some help, Dorothy?"

The angry and frustrated girl, nostrils flaring and eyes narrowed dangerously, glared at Jackie who was leaning casually against a locker about six feet from her own highly fragrant self.

"Coach wondered what was taking you so long and sent me to find you." The dark hair girl explained her presence.

"I'm coming." Dorothy snarled, knowing she would either be docked points or get yet another detention. She sat on the bench opposite her locker and began to tie her damp tennis shoes.

A cry of alarm escaped her as she was suddenly grabbed from behind. She blinked in surprise and astonishment to see no less than eight girls surrounding her as they pushed her down to lie on her back on the bench, pinning her arms and legs down.

"What the hell are you doing?" she screamed at them.

"Get Shin." Jackie called out to some unknown person. Dorothy's eyes widened at the sound of the boy's name, then quickly scanned the faces about her, analyzing her situation. She recognized all of them as girls she'd been less than charming to over the last year. She knew who was loyal to her and none of these girls fit into that category.

"You better let me go, if you know what's good for you." she threatened. The girls above her looked about the locker room, obviously feeling uncertain until footsteps drew near. She swallowed nervously as she had an idea of what and who was coming. The girls shifted, though they made sure their hold on her remained secure, and the figure of the boy she'd come to detest appeared above her, a devilish grin on his handsome face.

"Well, hello again, Dorothy." Shin said cheerfully.

"You're behind all this, Shin." she accused him between her gritted teeth. "You are in so much trouble." She noticed for the first time that he held in his hands a jar that looked similar to a jar of facial cream, a couple of cotton swabs, and a couple of small white strips of cloth.

He clicked his tongue and shook his head as a sign of disapproval. "I thought the unspoken rule was to keep this between us. You gonna squeal like the proverbial little piggy?" he chided her.

Her narrow lips pressed together. "I hate you!" she snarled.

Shin smiled down at her. "I know.... the feelings mutual, you know."

She watched warily as he unscrewed the lid to the jar and handed the top to someone behind him.

"What are you going to do?" she asked angrily, trying to hide the worry she felt. "You better not touch my hair." she warned.

"Don't worry." he assured her, obviously distracted as he stuck the tip of the cotton swab into the container. "You didn't do anything to my hair, so your safe there."

She watched as he slowly brought the immersed tip up and saw that it was coated with a tick green substance that pulled like a stringy, clear gelled taffy from the jar, giving the appearance that it was reluctant to be withdrawn.

"What the hell?" she said out loud, her eyes never leaving the green substance.

"Ever since we met, Dorothy, I've felt an undeniable urge to help you out." Shin said and shrugged with a laze smile on his face. "Call me altruistic."

"I highly doubt that." she sneered as he finally managed to separate the glob from the container and twirled the stringy remains around the tip until it all fit on the small end of the once white cotton.

"Jackie?" Shin gave the dark haired girl a knowing look and she immediately took hold of the captured girl's head and held it still.

"Now, just hold still. This is not suppose to hurt at all." The braided boy informed her as his hand holding the green blobbed swab lowered it to her face. Just as it disappeared above her line of vision, she managed to jerk her head and at the same time felt the cool jell smear across the skin in the area of her left eyebrow.

"Oh damn." Shin's smile faded as he frowned in disappointment. "Now you've done it." He took a deep thoughtful breath and huffed it out. After a moment, a lazy grin reappeared on his face and he shrugged casually. "Guess I'll just have to even it out on the other side." he reasoned out loud.

Once again, he dipped the swab into the thick green substance and repeated the same extraction process as he'd done moments before. The thick gelatinous glob on the stick hovered over her face.

"What are you doing Shin?" Dorothy demanded as she tried to move away, but the hands on her held her even more firmly.

"Okay, Jackie.... it's imperative that you hold her still. Very still." Shin told the girl next him and gave her a severe look of earnestness. This time, as his hand lowered, the boy's concentration was evident as his pink tongue stuck out and curved up at the corner of his mouth and his eyes narrowed as he aimed for a precise placement of the glob on the exact same spot as it had accidently landed on the other eyebrow.

The wet, cool substance was smeared on, and the boy above her smiled as he drew back, his task, whatever it was, had evidently been accomplished to his satisfaction.

"Okay, now...." he handed the jar to the person behind him and pulled out the two rectangular pieces of cloth and firmly pressed each one down on top of the goo. His eyes met Dorothy's. "Alright, on three." he warned.

"What? What's on three?" she asked alarmed.

"One..., two....., three." On that number he quickly pulled one of the strips of cloth up and towards the center of her face and Dorothy screamed at the feeling of hair being quickly ripped out.

"Damn, that hurt!" her eyes watered in reaction to the moment of pain.

Shin's brows drew together. "Sorry." he even looked apologetic. "It said on the box it wasn't suppose to hurt."

"Well, it did!" she snapped back, although now that he was finished, there was hardly any trace of the tearing pain she'd felt.

"Then I apologize in advance," he said. "Because I have to take the other one off." He reached over to the other piece of cloth that partially blocked her vision.

"One..., three" he quickly pulled off the other before she could tense up too much.

Dorothy couldn't help the yelp that escaped at the repeated process.

Standing above her, the boy took a moment to admire his handy work. A slow smile spread across his face. "Different." he mused. "But I think I like it. It suits you." he declared, looking almost boastful at his piece of art.

"Coach is coming." a voice from the other side of the room hissed out in warning.

"Get going, Shin." Jackie told him, and in a flash, the long braided demon disappeared from sight. The girls remaining instantly released Dorothy and scattered, leaving the confused girl to get herself up from off the hard bench.

"Catalonia." a deep female voice barked from the gym door. "You've got detention at this point."

"Yes, Mam." Dorothy groaned as she slipped on her shoes. She ran to the bathroom to look in the mirror and gasped at her reflection. Her eyebrows rose in alarm at what she saw, then lowered in anger. Slowly, though, they eased as did her frown. She turned to the left side to view her face, then slowly moved to the right. She waggled her brows and practiced a variety of expressions. A slow, pleased smile began to curve upward. "Wow!" she whispered in awe to herself and turning, she ran out to join the class.

Having decided he'd probably done enough to get even with the aggravating blonde terror known as Dorothy, Duo Maxwell avoided any further confrontation with her that day. He figured he'd done enough to get back at her for pantsing him. Frankly, he was now feeling nervous at what her retaliation would be. She was a fairly unpredictable opponent.

Distracted as he was, he held his history book open and attempted to pour over that night's assignment. His head shot up at a sharp knock at his door, recognizing it as not being Quatre's knock. Getting up off the bed, book still in his hand, he cracked opened the door.

"Dorothy!" he called out in surprise, his face displaying his surprise at his nemesis appearing at his door. She stood all alone and dressed in black dress pants and a fuzzy light blue sweater that showed her feminine curves off to perfection.

"What do you want?" he asked suspiciously, eyeing the area around her for a trap of some kind.

"I'd like to talk to you." she answered calmly.

"Don't you think you've had enough tricks for one day, Dorothy?" he asked with equal calm, his eyes automatically drawn to her new eyebrows, frankly surprised that she hadn't altered them in some way since that afternoon.

"No tricks, just talk." she assured him with a slight smile.

"About what?"

"A truce."

Duo looked dubiously at the girl, but nevertheless, moved aside to open the door wider to allow her to enter. He motioned for her to take the chair at his desk and he resettled on the bed, drawing his feet up and crossing his jean covered legs before him.

"Why?" he asked looking doubtful.

Dorothy smiled pleasantly. "I think I'm smart enough to know when I've met my match." she began and then elegantly shrugged. "We could continue this game of one-up-pence, but before long one of us is going to get carried away and someone will really be hurt."

Duo nodded, having come to the same conclusion himself. He felt a small wave of guilt wash over him at the pain he'd caused her that afternoon. "Look, Dorothy. I'm really sorry if that hurt this afternoon. The box really did say it was painless."

"Don't believe everything you hear or read, Shin." she rolled her eyes at his apparent naivete. "Don't you remember them saying your inoculations wouldn't hurt a bit either, or having dental work done?"

He braided boy cringed. She'd mentioned his two least favorite things. "Well, I'm sorry for the botched attempt at your eyebrows." he frowned. "But you really should have held still like I'd said."

"What?" She exclaimed as she wiggled her eyebrows at him. "and ruin this great affect. No way!" she laughed.

The American's eyes widened in surprise. "You mean you like them like that?" he asked in disbelief.

"No," she shook her head, then smiled the broadest smile he'd seen from her yet. "I love them!" she exclaimed. "They're so....unique. Who else has forked eyebrows?"

"Well,..... um. I think Treize Kushrenada does." He answered, a smile forming on his own face when he realized that the girl across from his was truly happy about her new eyebrows.

"Then I couldn't be in better company." she declared proudly.

Duo's smile grew to match her own and he leaned forward as if conspiratorially speaking. "I like them, too. Who knows, it could be the beginning of a new fashion trend."

Just for a moment, the two former combatants had a nanosecond of time when they shared a connection. A recognition of two common strengths, different but equal in forcefulness and cunning. They shared a moment of silent, mutual admiration.

"So..., truce?" Dorothy held out her right hand to him.

"Truce." he agreed with a sincere smile as their hands clasped and they shook on it.

"As proof of your word," Dorothy grinned at the boy. "how about giving me the rest of that hair removal gel?"

Two days later, Wufei made his appearance. Upon seeing Quatre waiting attendance on a pretty brunet and Duo the center of male and female admirers, he came to his own conclusion regarding their temporary location.

After joining the two in his new dorm room, he sat back in his chair and relaxed after the day of classes, feeling a familiar ease with the company of the other two who lay sprawled out on his freshly made bed. "So," he began. "pretty typical, boring, upper-class school, right?"

Quatre's eyes sparkled with suppressed mirth as he looked from Wufei to Duo.

"Well," Duo drawled, his eyes bright with humor. "let's just say that after a few very interesting days, we brought his school back to what should now be a typical and boring boarding school."

Wufei's dark eyes searched both boy's faces, seeing an apparently amusing story about to unfold. "Alright." he smiled, taking the bait knowing they really wanted to tell him about what had been going on. "If this story proves entertaining, I'll buy pizza tonight." he promised.

He bought two.

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