DISCLAIMER: Bandai and Sunrise own all. I?m just borrowing the boys and their world. The story, however, is mine.

PAIRING: 1+2, implied 3+4
CATEGORY: yaoi, ficlet
WARNING: no, not really. Very light stuff.
NOTES: Duo POV, post EW

AUTHOR NOTES: Well, this is my response to an old line challenge given to me by Sakti Kedar. The line is "I was ten shots deep and feeling fine!" So, as this is a Duo POV, it's a 'Duo is drunk' ficlet/ramble thing (as it kinda lacks a proper ending). I posted it in my lj some time ago and promptly forgot about it. I found it tonight and thought, hey, I should post it, just for the fun of it.
So, enjoy. I hope it makes at least some sense (not that I was going for that or anything). Not beta'd, so be warned.

SUMMARY: Duo reflects on getting drunk with Heero

The First Time it Happened
by Dev-Aki Basaa

The first time it happened, it was definitely a shock. Completely unexpected. I mean, sure, we were a bit buzzed...


Alright, we were a little sloshed.


Totally wasted?

Yeah, okay, that sounds about right. I was ten shots deep and feeling fine! Vodka, thank you very much. Heero didn't seem all that inclined to the vodka - or drinking at all, for that matter. But it was Quatre's huge celebration party; we hadn't seen each other in almost two years. Alcohol was called for. And at one point, all five of us were a little worse for the wear. Then Quatre felt sick (the boy couldn?t hold his wine coolers - not a drinker, that one) and Trowa escorted him to his room, wait, excuse me - THEIR room. Wufei, from the get-go, didn't seem comfortable getting drunk in front of us. Well, probably not in front of anyone, actually, and eventually 'went out for some air' - as he put it. I think he ended up falling asleep on the wicker patio sofa. Rumor has it that he snores when he's drunk. I'm sorry I missed that.

Well, not quite.

I had stayed behind, still drinking with Heero, and I would have been *loath* to miss that more. As I'd said, Heero didn't really want to drink, but I still somehow managed to talk him into doing a few - no more than three, he made me promise - shots. He didn't want vodka, though. So I suggested peppermint Schnapps. When Quatre said something about that sounding like a mild drink, he agreed to it. Bless Quatre! And, I suppose it's true that a few shots of peppermint Schnapps wasn't probably going to have much of an effect on Heero. However, I had failed to mention that it was 100 proof. One shot and he had that 'the-room-isn't-keeping-up-when-I-turn-my-head' look. Two shots and his cheeks were feeling numb. I could tell by the way he'd poke his fingers against his cheekbone. Shot number three had him quite in line with me.

Now, I know what you're thinking. I was purposely trying to get Heero drunk. Well, you're right, I was. But not for what you think. I just wanted to see what Heero would be like drunk. Honest, that's all. All through the wars, even that blink of time between the two of them, he was always so focused, so together. He never tripped, he never said the wrong thing, never slurred his words - even in sleep. I guess I'd never shaken that initial impression I'd gotten of him. Was Heero really human? Well, if being drunk proved anything, Heero was as human as they come.

He still remained fairly quiet, while I got loud. But he snickered. Funny, huh? I heard that hissing sound and just about bust a gut when I realized it was Heero laughing, in that slurred drunk way. We were having a good time. And while I was aware that the others had left and why, when I finally realized we were alone, I was rather surprised. The party was still in swing somewhere in the estate - we could hear the distant music - but the room that us former pilots had sequestered ourselves off to was suddenly empty, save for Heero and me.

Well, it had *seemed* sudden, anyway.

I swear I was just making conversation. You know, of the 'so how's life been treating you?' variety? When he told me he'd been thinking a lot, I just nodded at first. Who hadn't been thinking a lot these days? I know it'd been a whole two years since the end of the Marimeia insurrection, but I hadn't really done much with my life, yet, you know? I think I was stalling for a bit, waiting to make sure this peace would really hold. I mean, by the end of the year after the Eve War, I was feeling pretty cocky that things would stay that way. We were all wrong about that. So, there I was, still waiting, two years after the last battle. Just to be sure. Why establish a life you'd just have to destroy anyway? Or stand helplessly by while it's destroyed for you. Naw, I didn't bat an eyelash when Heero had pretty much implied that he hadn't done much with his life yet either. So, just to keep talking, I asked, "what about?", in regards to all this thinking he'd been doing.

He didn't answer for a long time, but I was too drunk to notice the silence right away. As I said, he hadn't exactly launched into long soliloquies, eased by the liquor. So the quiet wasn't totally weird. But, eventually, it did seep into my alcohol-pickled brain and I did take notice, and I turned my head, to ask again. Maybe he hadn't heard me at first. Maybe my words came out more like, 'Wha'out?' and he didn't really understand what I'd said.

Hey, it was possible.

When I turned to face at him, I didn't really think about how close he was sitting. I didn't even remember the look in his eyes until the next morning. But I sure as hell noticed when he pressed his lips to mine. So, yeah, under the circumstances, that first time, it was a shock.

The second time, when I pushed him down onto the rug we were sitting on and thread my fingers through his hair, that one wasn't so much of a shock.

That was more like a fantasy come to life. And every one after, be them drunk or sober or in the act or post-coital, those are pretty fantastic too.

Ask Heero, he agrees.


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