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NOTES: Takes place after EW

AUTHOR NOTES: I wanted to write a PWP. Here it is. ^____^;; In true PWP form, there is no point to this other than to show them screwing and in love. Aw. ^_^;; Many mucho thanks to SpinFrog for the wonderful beta! ^_~ Thanks, dear!!

SUMMARY: um...smut.

Chasing Away the Nightmares
by Dev-Aki Basaa

Heero opened his eyes, staring into the blackness of the room. Already he couldn't remember the dream that had brought him so suddenly awake - he was just left with this overwhelming sense of anxiety and a heavy heartbeat. He took a deep breath and released it slowly, calming the quick pace of his heart. Aided by the moonlight, his eyes adjusted to the dark and he could make out the soft outline of the ceiling tiles. He focused on the one with the sagging corner, the loose one that Duo kept saying he was going to fix but never did. He listened to the steady rhythm of his and his lover's breathing. His anxiety quickly dissipated, replaced with a sense of contentment. A moment later, he felt Duo's hand reach across his bare chest.

"Bad dream?" Duo said, his voice sleep-slurred and muffled against his pillow. His fingers curled against Heero's side.

"Yeah," Heero answered him. He reached up to rub the back of Duo's hand. Duo just hummed and shifted closer to Heero. He draped his leg to rest between Heero's and settled back to stillness.

Heero took another deep slow breath and let his eyes drift shut, but he didn't fall back asleep. He continued to focus on Duo's steady breath and the thump of his own heartbeat. He was in an almost meditative state, only absently aware of how he kept his thumb rubbing a constant circle on the back of Duo's hand.

He wasn't sure how much time had passed when he felt Duo hum and shift again.

"You're turning me on." Duo's voice was just as slurred and muffed as before. Heero smiled a little, his eyes still closed.

"I'm not doing anything."

"Mmm, you're doing enough," Duo said, and then moved to press the bulge of his growing arousal against Heero's hip. Heero just smiled more - his insatiable lover. Duo must be in the throes of some erotic dream.

Heero easily fell back into his meditation, but this time noted he could feel Duo's heartbeat now, from where Duo's chest pressed against his side. Duo's breaths had quickened a little and Heero noticed that Duo's heartbeat was faster than his own.

That must be some interesting dream.

Heero changed his ministration to rubbing up and down Duo's arm, slowly dragging his fingers over the top of his arm to his wrist and back up again. He thought he felt Duo shiver in response.

"Heero." It came out as a moan and this time Heero opened his eyes and shifted to look over at Duo. His lips were parted, his tongue moistening his bottom lip. Heero could see the delicate skin glisten in the slight moonlight that seeped through the blinds.

Heero slid his fingers up the length of Duo's arm - his gaze following their path - lingering over the knotty curve of his shoulder, reverently caressing the bow of his collarbone. He then reached up to brush his fingertips across the arch of Duo's cheek and sweep through the fall of his bangs. So beautiful, was his Duo; so lucky he felt to have him. Whatever dark dreams that dare touch him, thoughts of Duo sent them away.

As his fingers passed the line of Duo's jaw, Duo's eyes fluttered open and Heero's breath caught in his throat.

Need glittered in Duo's eyes like a tangible thing, as if it had its own source of light that flickered and mesmerized Heero - a blue dancing flame, calling to him and him alone.


Heero leaned forward and captured those glistening lips, his hand cupping the side of Duo's face. He felt Duo's fingers thread into his hair from the base of his neck, Duo's other hand gripping his upper arm.

They kissed deeply, their lips parting. Heero slid his tongue into Duo's mouth, teasing his lips, then joining in a rhythm with Duo's tongue. Heero let his other hand move down Duo's body, caressing his side, his bare hip, sliding his palm across his groin. Duo shifted at that touch, pressing his now full erection against Heero's hip, desperate for contact.

Heero moved his lips away from Duo's mouth, trailing them along his jawline, licking at the other man's earlobe. Duo's breath was loud in Heero's ear, harsh and shallow, broken only by the occasionally whispered, 'oh gods.'

Shifting, to allow himself the access, Heero reached between his and Duo's body to lightly run his fingers across Duo's arousal. Duo groaned at the slight touch, throwing his head and taking his ear from Heero's mouth. Looking down at his lover, Heero knew there would be no teasing tonight - Duo's need was too desperate.

Kissing again at the other man's neck, Heero slid his palm up the underside of Duo's erection, before taking it fully in hand. Duo groaned again, but sounding far more satisfied, raising his hips a little to thrust into the tunnel of Heero's fingers.

Heero drew his open mouth along Duo's jawline, questing for his mouth.


But Duo didn't respond, just moaned and thrust again.

"Duo, look at me."

At that, Duo turned his head. Heero could see the orgasmic haze clouding Duo's eyes, the flames of desire still dancing.

"Oh, gods, Heero..."

Heero captured Duo's lips again, dipping his tongue deeply, drawing another throaty moan from his lover. Tightening his grip and increasing his pace, Heero worked his hand over Duo's erection - it felt so hot, as if it could burn his palm. Heero knew this man had the power to sear his soul, so nothing would surprise him anymore.

Duo became more frenzied, whimpering into Heero's mouth. Heero felt Duo's hand leave his neck to slide around and hold his face, pulling him closer still, taking their kiss as deep as it could go. Duo came then, crying out, Heero swallowing the sound down his own throat. Duo's hips jerked once more, the moisture running over Heero's hand.

Breaking the kiss, Duo gasped, appearing frantic for air. Heero watched him, smiling a little at how beautiful he thought Duo looked just after orgasm. He always had this expression of surprise, wonder.

When Duo turned his gaze to him again, Heero saw the desperate need had subsided, but not his passion. Duo rolled, wrapping his arms around Heero's neck. He raised his leg to press against Heero's straining arousal and Heero shuddered in response.

Kissing Heero's earlobe, Duo mouthed his words against the shell of his ear. "Take me, Heero."

Groaning at the invitation, Heero rolled Duo back over, settling his body atop the other man. He kissed him, not as deeply as before, but small kisses pressed repeatedly against Duo's mouth, occasionally drawing his lower lip into his mouth and slowly releasing it. As he did this, Heero reached for the nightstand beside their bed. Fumbling, blindly searching, he pulled out the drawer and patted around inside until his fingers wrapped around the bottle of lube.

His other hand buried in Duo's hair, his head caught between Duo's hands, Heero, one-handed, flipped the bottle's lid and poured some fluid into his palm. He then dropped the bottle, hearing it thump on the floor beside the bed.

Duo raised his leg without suggestion, giving Heero the access he needed. They still kissed those small kisses, a few missing their lips, pressing instead against their cheeks or chin or nose. However, at the first touch of Heero's coated fingers, Duo tossed his head backwards and cried out. Heero just massaged a little at first, the teasing he'd abandoned before returning. He loved the sounds Duo made when he touched him, loved the breathlessness in his voice. Loved the intensity in Duo's face when his first finger penetrated him.

"Oh, shit!" Duo tossed his head again. "Gods, Heero, please..."

Pressing inside Duo, easing his body, Heero's own breath began to quicken. He wasn't sure how much more teasing he could stand himself. Another plea from Duo was all Heero decided he could take. Moving quickly, Heero raised both of Duo's legs over his shoulders and leaned down to capture Duo's mouth again as he pressed himself into Duo's body.

Duo whimpered, trying to turn his head, wanting to break the kiss, but Heero forced his tongue into Duo's mouth, caressing, giving him a focal-point as the sensations threatened to overwhelm the other man. It was always like this, so intense that either of them could sob in passion, overtaken by the feelings and deep emotions between them.

Heero thrust his hips, rocking his body into Duo's. A few more easy thrusts and he took up a rhythm. They let the kiss go - Duo always so vocal when Heero made love to him. He cried out his pleasure, softly, then louder, panting and begging Heero's name. Heero's face twisted, the extreme sensations almost too much to take.

He felt too good for any thoughts beyond the movement of his body and the love he had for the man beneath him. He thrust again and again, listening to Duo cry out, pleading, wanting more. The intensity within Heero's body was building, the tension coiling in his stomach, reading to break. Bending forward, Heero tucked his head against Duo's chest, pistoning his hips, gasping Duo's name.

Duo screamed as he came again, his own hand wrapped around his cock. Duo's body clenching around him, Heero came as well, thrusting hard and groaning, lights sparking behind his closed eyelids. Heero collapsed against Duo's body, Duo's legs falling to either side of him. His hips jerked a few more times as the orgasm subsided.

Shifting backwards, Heero pulled out of Duo, then climbed forward to fall beside the other man. He felt Duo move to lie against him, his arms slipping around his waist, his head pillowing on Heero's chest. His cheek against the top of Duo's head, Heero nuzzled him, bringing his arms to fall over Duo's shoulders.

Heero wasn't sure how much time had passed when Duo spoke, just that they'd falling into a blissful silence that could have been going on for hours for all he could tell.

"Forgotten all about your bad dream now?"

Heero nodded rubbing his cheek against Duo's hair even more. "You always chase them away."

Duo chuckled. "Mmm, good."

The silence returned and Heero felt himself drifting away, sleep reaching up and drawing him into its darkness.

Duo shifted against him. "Heero?"

Heero could barely even grunt a response; he felt the paralysis of slumber crawling up his body.

"Love you."

Heero smiled. Tightening his arms, he pulled Duo closer to him, pressing his cheek to the top of Duo's head.

"Love you too."

In his life, there was a time when Heero feared falling back to sleep after a bad dream, terrified the images would return. That was, until Duo first told him he loved him. Ever since, Heero always felt protected from that fear. As he'd reflected on before, whatever dark dreams that dare touch him, thoughts of Duo sent them away.


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