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Warnings: After the war, mention of 1x2x1, Duo POV.
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Note: This one is shorter than intended. I asked it politely to lengthen, but it's refused for months now and I'm giving up.

Summary: Yet another quiet little exploration of the relationship between Heero and Duo. Number fifteen in a very loosely connected set.

The Little Things Arc
Part Fifteen: The Leaving Kiss
by D.C. Logan

It was supposed to be a light kiss, the same as usual.

It was our ritual, every morning, or whenever we parted; "love you" and a quick shared kiss. When we left each other after lunch, at the door of the apartment, on the shuttle platform; wherever and whenever we separated for any length of time. Like an old couple married and living in each other's pockets for years, it was just one of the many established routines in our life together. All those little repeated things added structure to our days in and days out: arguing playfully over who washed the dishes and who dried them, deciding when to ignore the call of the outside world versus adhering to duty, debating the merits of one form of entertainment over another. Tiny, insignificant moments that tiptoed through the pattern of our time together and stamped it as 'ours.'

But there was something different about him that morning--or maybe it was me, I'm not really sure. He was leaving early, and I'd shuffled along with him to the door; feet in slippers, wearing my old patchwork robe, my hair loose and tangled down my back. I remember being soft with sleep and the wonder of a dreamless night.

Okay, I don't know why exactly--he smelled wonderful--warm and solid. Maybe that's what triggered the thought. It started out innocent enough, a gentle kiss--a nearly routine press of one set of lips against another. Right, sure, as if anything between the two of us can be described as 'routine'. I followed a sudden impulse to expand upon it by trailing a string of tiny nibbles down the length of his throat.

Really, I was going to leave it at that--or at least see if Heero would be able to leave it at that. Honest. But, not following the set protocol we'd established for weeks now; he dropped his bag, kicked the door shut behind him, and seized the back of my neck in a firm hold. My gut clenched briefly with the speed of him--he could move so quickly! And then, before I realized it, he had tilted my head to an angle that pleased him, and I was pressed hard against the wall with Heero, all that glorious Heero, holding me in place.

Don't tease dragons; waking them can be a bad idea. Not that I was complaining mind you. He took my mouth, and I let him (like I'd any say in the matter at this point)--taking the time for some tasting of my own. I carefully explored the varied flavors of his mouth--toothpaste, coffee, and something else that was indescribably and wonderfully Heero. And I was lost.

Everyone should have the opportunity to start the day like this.


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