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Authors: Jade and dhuron (jade9999 @ aol.com, d_huron @ yahoo.com) Pairing: 1x2
Rating: NC-17 overall
Warnings: yaoi, angst, sap, lemon

Final Seduction
by d_huron and jade
Part 3

Duo was having a wonderful dream. In it, he was snuggled close to Heero, idly rocking his growing erection against the cobalt-eyed boy's muscled thigh. Not quite awake, the two boys caressed each other. It felt wonderful, and Duo didn't want the dream to end.

Heero softly moaned from the erotic dream, holding the braided boy in his arms, feeling Duo's hardness, running his hands all over the soft, warm flesh. The dream felt so real, and he never wanted to wake.

Slowly, Duo's violet eyes fluttered open, and he was stunned to find he was indeed in Heero's arms, and they were both naked and entwined. "Heero?" he whispered.

"Hmm? Duo..." Heero whispered, slowly opening his eyes. He smiled, seeing that he was holding his love in his arms. The Japanese boy rocked his hips, moaning softly.

Memories of the night before came back to Duo in a rush. The kissing, the hands, the mouths... He was fully hard again as he remembered what they had done. But they were still technically virgins...

Heero brushed his hand through Duo's bangs, moving slightly to kiss the longhaired boy's lips. "Morning," he said, pulling his beloved closer to him.

Duo kissed Heero back, more insistently. He couldn't get enough of the other boy's sweet mouth on his. His hands slipped down to touch Heero's hot skin.

A little more confident in himself, Heero's hand began to explore the other boy's body, slipping between Duo's legs. He swallowed the moan with his deep kiss, while slowly wrapping his fingers around Duo.

Duo gasped as he felt the other boy's hand on his aching cock. He thrust into Heero's hand, moaning helplessly, a creature of need.

Heero loved the sounds that Duo made, he wanted the other boy to know just how much he wanted and desired him. Heero took Duo's hand with his free hand, and led them to his own rock hard arousal. "Touch me like I'm touching you..."

Duo squeezed gently, stroking Heero's cock slowly. He loved the feeling of the silken hardness in his hand, and he loved the sounds Heero made when he stroked. He could feel the wetness at the tip. He stroked faster.

"Duo...Duo...Duo..." The Japanese boy murmured, as if his lover's name would be his salvation. His hips began to thrust, craving more. His thumb ran over the tip of Duo's arousal, gathering the wetness. "Please..." he begged, unsure of what he wanted, needed from Duo.

"Heero," Duo gasped. "I want... more..."

Heero's hand moved faster, ecstasy crashing into him. His hand moved once again, resting on the violet-eyed boy's thigh. He pushed Duo's legs apart, his hand slowly descended. He teasingly brushed his lover's sac, while continuing to stroke the heated length in his other hand. His fingers slid between the twin globes of Duo's ass.

Duo moaned as he felt Heero's hands on him; that was it, that was what he wanted. He spread his legs farther, wanting to be completely open to Heero.

"Duo...I want more...I want you..." Heero whispered, brushing one finger across the other boy's opening.

Duo's eyes rolled back in head as he felt Heero touch him so intimately. "Whatever you want, Heero. I'm yours," he moaned, intoxicated with new sensations.

"Do you like that, Duo?" The dark-haired boy asked, brushing against the boy's entrance again.

"Oh, god, yes, Heero, more, please..." Duo gasped out as Heero touched him again. "Feels so good...."

Heero's hands left the boy's body, he shifted Duo so that he was lying on his back. Remembering the addicting taste of the other boy, Heero moved down his lover's body. When he reached Duo's arousal, he licked the tip; savoring the boy's essence. "My Duo..." he whispered, spreading the boy's legs. Without warning, he took his cock into his mouth; Heero's hands spread Duo apart. Slowly he began to touch Duo's opening again, continuing his oral worship.

Duo lay back, nearly senseless and unable to do anything but moan Heero's name. He felt Heero's mouth on him, his hands spreading him open. He thought he would die from pleasure when he felt one finger slip inside him.

The short haired youth slid his finger into his lover, teasing Duo's hard cock with his tongue. His mouth left the other's erection and he peered up through his bangs, looking at the violet eyed pilot with lust filled eyes, he smirked as an idea came to him.

"Duo..." He whispered as he lowered his head back to his lover's cock, blowing over the wet tip.

"Heero!" Duo cried out, his voice higher than usual. He squirmed, trying to get the other boy to continue. "Please!"

Ignoring his lover's plea, for the moment, Heero continued to tease the long haired youth; he watched his lover respond to his touch; slowly a second finger joined the first: thrusting, teasing, stretching...

He took the head of Duo's cock into his mouth, tongue swirling over the slick tip.

Duo moaned, thrusting his hips up for more, burying his hands in Heero's hair. He wanted more, wanted Heero inside him, now. "God... take me, Heero... want you so much..."

Heero's body trembled with need, cock hard and throbbing. His mouth and fingers left Duo and he crawled up the other's body, capturing the soft lips in a long, passionate kiss. Heero lowered his body on top of the longhaired boy's, and felt Duo wrap his legs around his waist. "I want you so much..." Heero whispered, the tip of his cock nudging his lover's entrance.

Duo held his breath; this was it, they would be joined, lovers fully at last. He could feel Heero's hot cock pressing against him; the pressure made him even harder. He ached to be penetrated. "Do it..." he panted, raising his hips. He looked up into the face of his love; Heero was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

The Japanese boy felt his lover's legs tighten around his waist, his cock pressing against Duo's tight opening, and looked into the deep eyes and was about to thrust his hips, and enter the promised heat... but stopped... and looked around, searching for something, and then finding it; a bottle of lotion on the nightstand beside the bed. He reached over for it...

"Heero?" Duo looked up at the other boy, confused. "What are you doing?"

"I don't want to hurt you, Duo." Heero explained, well tried to but was having difficulties as his lover's hands were teasing his nipples, he almost dropped the bottle twice before opening it and pouring some of the cool creamy lotion onto his palm.

With shaky hands, he coated his cock; a loud moan left his lips as his hips thrust into his hand...it was so good.....


He was so close to climaxing, just a few more strokes but stopped, needing to be inside Duo; thrusting into the velvet heat, pouring his passion into his lover's body.

"Are you ready, Duo?" He asked, positioning himself once again, cock nudging the braided boy's entrance once again.

"I've never been more ready for anything in my life, Heero..." the longhaired boy whimpered. "Please, take me... make me yours..." He held his breath, waiting to be filled.

Heero slowly pushed into his lover, gently entering the impossible heat that was Duo. He bit his lower lip to keep from moaning out, his hands tightened on Duo's hips as he tried to fight the building urge to thrust inside, burying himself to the hilt in one thrust. The pace was maddening, inch by inch he slid into Duo.

"Oh Gods...Duo...."

Duo had to remind himself to breathe and relax. Heero felt so big; he was being stretched, opened, filled... his whole body was on fire as every nerve ending screamed of the exquisite passion he felt. "Heero... so good... more..." he tightened his legs around Heero's back, wanting to be possessed fully by the other boy.

Gods...Duo was so tight, so hot. Heero thought he was going to die from the pleasure building within his body, and then his lover's powerful legs tightened, bringing them even closer together, pushing his cock deeper into the tight heat..."Mine...mine...mine..."

After a blissful eternity, Heero was finally seated to the hilt, every nerve in his body seamed to be shorting out from overload. Nothing could compare to being fully buried in Duo, his Duo; the Japanese youth leaned down and claimed his lover's lips.

Duo arched up, opening his mouth and his body, giving himself fully to Heero. He wanted to be Heero's, belong to Heero, be possessed by Heero forever. This physical act was symbolic; he surrendered his body and soul to the boy he loved. Sweet agonizing ecstasy burned through him, all from Heero's cock deep inside him. He thought it couldn't get better, but then Heero started to move.

Heero's hips thrust, driving his cock in and out of Duo's body, shallow thrusts at first, then steadily growing. Each time he plunged into Duo, Heero moaned. Heaven couldn't possibly be as wonderful as making love to the beautiful boy underneath him, who was driving him over the edge. "Duo..." He gasped, hips slamming into his lover, only to slow down to long teasing thrusts, only to speed back up. The rising pleasure was like a raging inferno, burning his inexperienced body. He reached between their lower bodies, fingers wrapping around Duo's cock and pumped him with the same frenzied speed as his thrusts.


All the dreaming, all the fantasizing, could never compare to the reality of being fucked by the perfect soldier. Every time Heero thrust inside him he was sure he was going to die from pleasure. Then the next time was even better. Then Heero... oh god, Heero was stroking his cock, and it was too much. "Heero! I'm going to..."

Heero's pace quickened, thrusting harder into his lover, his hand pumping Duo's cock. He was so close, his body began to tighten, centering around the growing burning in his groin. The sound of flesh slapping flesh joined the violet eyed boy's whimpers, pleas and moans, and his own. He could feel Duo tighten around him, then with a hoarse cry the braided boy reached climax, hot passion covering their bodies.

"OH GOD!" Heero cried out as Duo's body tightened around him, impossibly tight. Finally robbing him of his control, with a final thrust he finally came.

Pulsing heat filled Duo; heat from his own climax and from Heero's seed inside him. He never wanted it to stop, yet he thought he would die from the sheer intensity. Sobbing, he clung to Heero, unable to take his eyes off the other boy's beautiful face as it twisted with release. "Love you..."

Body quaking from orgasm, Heero pulled out of his lover's body, and moved to lay beside Duo, pulling him against his chest, he kissed Duo.

"Love you, Duo," He said, hugging the braided boy tighter.

Duo felt like he was on a knife edge of emotion; his body burned from their joining. "Forever, Heero. I want to feel like this forever."

"Forever, Duo." The Japanese boy whispered, while yawning. He pulled his lover closer, and closed his eyes, falling into a peaceful slumber with the one he loved in his arms.


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