Disclaimers: we're just playing with the boys for our own nefarious purposes

Authors: dhuron (d_huron@yahoo.com) and Jade (jade9999@aol.com)
Pairings: 1+2, 1x1
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, AU, masturbation

Conflicting Emotions
Part 1

The cobalt-eyed boy stood in the shadowed doorway, gazing at a longhaired vision framed by sunlight. Tight black jeans accentuated the firmly muscled legs, a deep red Henley hugged the broad shoulders and slim waist. His breath caught in his chest as he took in the long rope of chestnut hair, and an unfamiliar tingle caressed his manhood. Goosebumps ran up and down his spine while he watched the swaying hips. Something about the beautiful boy tugged at both his heart and his cock.... Heero felt drawn to the longhaired boy, mesmerized and transfixed.

A gentle breeze whipped around his body and he started to take a first step towards the enchanting boy...

But then, Heero stood still in his tracks as a tall boy greeted the braided boy; his lithe body seemed a perfect complement to the smaller boy's as he slid a familiar arm around the object of the watcher's attention...A knife of pure jealousy ran through his stomach as he watched.

His breathing stopped as the conflicting emotions savagely ran though his body, tearing at his mind and heart. His heart ached as the braided boy's violet eyes light up while looking upon the tall teenager. No one had ever made him feel this way before...

No one, except.... someone in the past, a shadowy memory.... just beyond his grasp...

Later, Heero tossed in his bed, gripped in the throes of an intense dream.

Heero looked before him, in the distance he could see a slender form cloaked by a veil of mist. He moved closer.... the figure coalesced into a longhaired boy... long strands of hair blew in the soft wind, caressing the nude backside.

Heero found himself hoping the wind would give him more glimpses of the silken flesh beneath the hair.

He gasped as the willowy figure turned, giving him just a small glimpse of the pert lips and one delicate cheek.

Then the dream faded, leaving him gasping and painfully aroused. His hand unconsciously moved down his chest, brushing against his erect nipples, sliding into the confining briefs...

Before he was fully awake, his hand was moving, gripping the aching length and slowly stroking. Soft moans of pleasure left his parted lips, his other hand slowly began to tease and toy with his erect nipples. The image of the longhaired boy stayed in his mind as he touched himself; gripping tighter, he imagined the firm ass before him.

His hips rose off the bed, driving his cock into the warmth of his hand. Panting breaths joined the growing moans of pleasure. He pulled the briefs out so he could pump faster; visions of chestnut silk and a lithe body twisting underneath him drove his hand.

His insides burning with passion's blaze, he began to cry out as his hips started to thrust. He pumped more frantically now, reaching desperately for completion before his dream angel faded. So close, he could feel his release's inevitable approach.

Images of him thrusting into that tight body flooded his mind as his strokes became more frantic. He could feel himself being pushed to the verge. His yelled out hoarsely; the hot seed exploded violently, coursing out all over his trembling hand

Cobalt eyes opened, body still trembling from the short-lived pleasure, searching for the longhaired figure, nowhere to be found.

Heero groaned, awake now; his eyes widened as he realized he held his softening erection in his hand. What had possessed him to touch himself, when he had never done that before?

Feeling confused and sticky with his seed, Heero decided to take a shower; hoping it would wash away the confusion he was feeling.

Putting on a robe, Heero made his way to the bathroom down the hall. Luckily, at this late hour no one was there and he had the room to himself.

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