Disclaimers: Donít own them, donít claim to either. I only own the fic itself.

Warnings: Shounen ai? twinge of angst
Pairings: None
Rating: PG

Notes: Well Minna-san, this is in response to a challenge from Chibi. But I am using it to my advantage, this will be a "Prologue/Prelude" to an upcoming fic. The fic will be out shortly, and will be very lemony....

Morning Reflection
by d_huron

Duo watched the sunrise from his room. His thoughts were haunted by two sets of eyes, so contrasting yet alluring.

//Will either want me?//

His eyes filled with tears and longing, the objects of his desire were outside, oblivious to him.

//Do either of you know whatís inside my heart? I will open your eyes.//

He was determined to succeed.

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