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Rating: R in the beginning, then becomes NC-17

The Winning Hand
Part 3

//I can’t believe it. He actually is interested in me.// Trowa couldn’t help but feel all tingly inside. He was walking down the hall towards the staircase, when rough hands seized him and yanked him into one of the rooms. He was pushed against the wall, a pair of cold cobalt blue eyes bore into his. //Oh Shit.//

"Just what did you think you were doing?" Heero was pissed on the outside, internally he was fighting a war. He was torn between leaving them two in peace and fighting for what his heart wanted. Trowa heard the ice in his voice, and saw quite the opposite within the blue orbs.

"I followed my emotions Heero. I kissed him"

"You what?"

" I kissed him, like this" Trowa closed the distanced between their mouths, initiating the most passionate thing in Heero’s life. His hands encircled the perfect neck and pulled the other in closer. He had to break for air, when he did he was finally able to see the other’s passion induced face.

"Why?" Heero finally asked once his mind cleared.

"Because Heero, I’ve fallen for you both. Until now I thought I didn’t stand a chance with either of you, so I stayed away."

"Heero! Trowa! Are you guys coming to play??"

Both shared a mischievous smile and nodded to one another. Oh yes, they were going to play and they were going to win.


Duo stared at his cards, while he showed nothing on his face he was snickering inside. //I’m so not going to lose this hand. Perhaps I should raise the stakes.// He let the big self-satisfied smile curve his lips, the mischievous twinkle back in his eyes. //I can’t lose//

Heero looked over at the grinning baka and then at his cards. //He thinks he will win. Hn, I think not//

"You might as well as fold Heero, you can’t beat me."


"Why don’t we raise the stakes"

"Like what?" //This could be fun//

"Well Hee-chan, I’m so sure that I have the wining hand that I’m willing to put my virginity on the line" //and even if I lose, I still win. I hope...//

"Are you sure about that Duo?" Heero had to hide the triumphant smirk.

"Yes I am"

"Fine, if you win I’ll be your personal servant for a week."

"Fine then, beat this" Duo placed his cards on the table his shit-eating grin covering his face. He had a straight flush and just knew Heero couldn’t beat him.

"You lose" Heero said as he placed his cards down revealing a royal flush. Heero stood up and slowly walked out the door, with one parting look.


Quatre just stared at Duo after his ‘wager’. He noticed Trowa was shocked as well. With great amusement, he saw the look of pure shock on Duo’s face when he lost. //Well he didn’t actually lose. I bet he planned it that way.// After Duo excused himself, Quatre let the laugh emerge. He was going to comment to Trowa, but the tall pilot had already left. //Damn, where’d he go?//


Heero turned towards the door when it opened. He saw a very nervous looking Deathscythe pilot stumble in. He swallowed the lump in his throat, he stared at the floor. "I...look..Duo...you..don’t..have" He didn’t get to finish his badly stuttered sentence because his mouth was currently busy being taken over by Duo. He gasped when one hand started squeezing him through the spandex.

"I want this, I want you. And it feels like you do to" Duo fell back onto the bed, pulling the other pilot with him. Their hands roamed each other’s body, memorizing every inch while slowly removing their clothing. Various moans filled the room as tender spots were found and exploited, their kissing grew in intensity with each passing moment. Duo looked up into the passion and lust filled eyes, his hand reached blindly towards the nightstand and fumbled in it. Finally he placed a tube into Heero’s hand.

"Duo..." Heero whispered.

Duo pulled his koi down in a fierce kiss, one hand encircling Heero’s hard erection and slowly started pumping it.

"Onegai Heero."

Heero took the time to prepare his lover, the soft moans and whimpers set his blood on fire, after he thought the other was prepared he removed the fingers and quickly coated himself. Looking into the passion filled amethyst eyes, he slowly pushed his way past the tight ring. Finally he was completely sheath in Duo’s body. "Duo..." He started a slow rhythm, pulling almost all the way out and pushing back in. Duo’s moans grew louder with each thrust, music to the Wing pilot’s ears.

Duo’s body was burning, Heero’s arousal moving within him. The friction sent him into a spiral of ecstasy. "Harder Heero." His thrust became faster and faster until he was slamming against Duo, one hand grasped the weeping arousal trapped between their hard bodies and began pumping it at the same frantic pace. Duo yelled out Heero’s name as he came, his seed covering both their lower bodies. Heero joined Duo in ecstasy, his seed exploding into Duo. Carefully Heero removed himself from Duo and joined him at his side. Both were out of breathe, bodies covered in sweat and semen, but neither could have cared less. Duo turned onto his side and looked at Heero, his eyes reflecting his love for the other. "Join me for a shower?"

"Sure, why don’t you go start it and I’ll be right there"

He watched as Duo sashayed into the bathroom, he waited until the heard the door close before getting up and walking to the other door. After opening the door, He pulled Trowa into the room and into a bruising kiss.

"Why don’t ‘we’ join him?"


Duo leaned into the hot spray of the shower, the smile still on his lips. Although he didn’t know what to do about Trowa, he was still thrilled that Heero had actually made love to him. His eyes closed and he relaxed as the hot water ran down his body. He jumped when someone pulled him against their chest, an erection brushing against him. His hands found their place on the hips of the person behind him, letting them roam southward. When someone else entered the shower, he opened his eyes to see Heero in front of him, turning he saw Trowa.


Trowa’s hand traced patterns on Duo’s lower abdomen, his mouth moving closer to one ear.

"It’s simple Duo, he wants and loves you as do I. You love him and you love me. Am I right" He felt the other nod his agreement, while his hand took the hardening erection and slowly started to pump it.

"Love you so much, do you want me as much as I do you?"

"yes, want you both" Duo said before he started to whimper from the sweet torture.

"Good." Heero said before plundering the sweet mouth, his hand reaching out and clasping around Trowa’s free one. The three moved together in the shower, mouth meeting mouth, hands exploring familiar and unfamiliar planes. Duo gasped when two different hands started teasing his nipples, rolling them between the fingers. He rolled his hips forward, his erection rubbing against Heero’s. He felt Trowa’s hand move between his buttocks, toying with the tight entrance. He watched the other kissing deeply, one finger penetrated him slowly stretching him for what was to come. He started to pump Heero’s hard shaft, taking turns kissing each of his beloveds.

Trowa decided his lover was prepared enough, the head of his dripping erection nudged Duo’s entrance. "Love you uo" He his hand toyed with the sensitive nipples as he slowly pushed into the burning heat, looking into Heero’s lust filled eyes. Their mouths met once again, their hands joined around Duo’s erection. They slowly brought Duo to the brink, hands moving slowly over his arousal, Trowa’s thrust into his body, Heero thrusting his erection against Duo.

Both boys mouthed their mutual adoration and devotion to the braided pilot, their groins were beginning to burn. They were close, Duo’s hand found it’s way to Heero’s erection as it started to pump in time with their motions. His moans and yells filled the bathroom, his body started shaking as he came almost violently screaming at the top of his lungs. Heero soon followed, throwing his head back, face twisted in extreme pleasure. Trowa sped up, pumping harder and faster into Duo, he finally released his passion into Duo, his own moan muffled in Duo’s hair. Trowa reluctantly pulled out of Duo, careful not to hurt him, he leaned forward to kiss them both. Duo was completely worn out, he fell into Heero’s arms completely exhausted and sated. The other two quickly cleaned him, as well as themselves, off and left the bathroom. Trowa pulled back the covers on the bed and Heero placed their love down, each climbed in on either side.

One tired violet eye opened, and looked at both boys. "I love you both so much" He scooted so he was pressed against Heero’s chest and pulled Trowa close to him. "Ai shiteru" he whispered before falling asleep in the arms of both his loves.

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