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Pairings: 1+2, ?+2, 1X2, 1X?X2
Rating: R in the beginning, then becomes NC-17

The Winning Hand
Part 1

With a sigh of defeat, Duo walked into the small bathroom to brush his teeth, brush his hair and teeth. The whole while his mind lingered on the two oblivious pilots. //What am I going to do, the entire day we are "off" so to speak. I need to get out of here before I scream.// He smirked at the mental picture, he could just picture the otherís reactions to that.

He had almost made it out the door without anyone seeing him.

"Duo, where are you going?"


"Iím just going into to town Quatre. Iíll be back later." He had one foot out the door, when Trowa called out to him.

"Do you mind if I come along? I was thinking about going to town too, but if youíd rather go alone." Duo looked at Trowa in shock from the unusual long dialogue, well for him anyway.

"Not at all" //Indeed, not at all//

Quatre sent them off with a big smile, no one noticed cobalt blue eyes watching the entire scene nor the brief flicker of pain.


Quatre knew when Duo and Trowa had arrived, the warming laughter flowed from outside the door. The two walked in, Duo practically glowing from mirth and Trowa had a bright gleam in his visible eye. "So did you two have fun?" Quatre asked the two, his gaze fixed lingered a little longer in the braided boyís vicinity.

"Yes we did. Now if you two will excuse me, I need something to drink" He walked into the kitchen and stopped in his tracks. Heero was sitting at the counter, with a very sad look marring his face. "Heero whatís wrong?" He saw the Wing pilot jump into the air. //If he didnít hear me come in something is defiantly wrong// He walked up to the distraught pilot and put his arm around his shoulder. "Are you okay?"

Heero was sitting at the counter, while he wouldnít admit it, he was pouting. He wanted to go into town with Duo or Trowa. He wouldnít deny that he felt something towards the other pilot, but it wasnít as deep as what he felt for Duo. //Am I to be alone? Is this what Dr. J was trying to prevent me from going through// He nearly jumped out of his skin when Duo addressed him. //Kíso, why didnít I hear him come in?// He just kept looking down at the counter, not wanting to look into those eyes. When one arm slid around his shoulder, Heero couldnít stop the feeling of warmth and rightness.

"Are you okay?"

//He sounds concerned, for me?// "I am now. Thanks for caring Duo" He got up, smiled down at Duo while patting his shoulder and left the kitchen. //Maybe there is hope//.

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