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~~~*~~~ dream beginning/ending
~~~~~ Flashback

The Weather Outside is Frightful
Part 20

"You're worthless!"

Another man screamed into the beaten boy's ear before another punch connected with his bruised, bleeding face. Heero had been in their 'care' for four days now. He had yet to say a word, silently taking the physical abuse. His tank top had long ago been ripped off, the pale light shining down on the blossoming bruises. Another blow to his ribs, and unprotected abdomen, the Japanese boy wouldn't give them the pleasure of hearing him in pain. His mind was focused inward, trying to deny their words.

'You belong to the colonies. You belong to us, boy'

Every day they returned, three men would surround him and take turns beating his body while a fourth stayed in the shadows.

Heero thought back to his capture, somehow they knew the right sedative that would work on him. Very few people knew his weakness, and the revelation shook the boy to the core.

'You're worthless outside this war. You belong to us, and only us.'

Heero fought the words, he didn't belong to them. Not anymore, he was a person not a machine. Duo, where are you. Help me. He thought before falling unconscious.


Heero looked around, the familiar darkness surrounding him once more. He called out for the Perfect Soldier once again, but was answered with unwavering silence. Slowly realization dawned on him; he was alone.

The Japanese boy stumbled to the cold, barren ground; curling up in a ball. Nobody was there; no one would drive away the virulent darkness as it slowly crept along his body; devouring the boy, slowly. Tendrils of despair crawled over his unprotected body; thousands of spider legs pricking his flesh. Venomous words echoed in the choking darkness.

'You belong to us'


'A machine to serve our purposes'

'No one wants you'

'Heartless killer'

Heero tried to deny them, the words weren't true. He didn't belong to anyone, no one owned him. He wasn't heartless or a machine.

"But you are, because we belong to them. They made us who we are." The Perfect Solider said while walking from the darkness; standing before the boy on the ground. "They own us; we serve them and betrayed them by loving him."


"Face it boy, you're alone" The man responsible for everything appear before Heero's eyes; he glared at the pitiful excuse for a pilot. "He failed you, and you failed him." The man spat at him.

"It's not true.."

"It is, if he loved you wouldn't he have saved you? But he hasn't, face it boy he doesn't love you."

"He loves me, Duo does.."

"How could he? Who would want a thing like you? Broken, cold and made to die for this war. You belong to me, not him"


Heero woke to the sound of ripping fabric, the Japanese boy finally figured out what was about to happen. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to ignore his abusers hands over his body. "Duo.." he whispered, brokenly as a tear rolled down his cheek.


'What the hell..' The man standing in the shadows thought as the other three began tearing the boy's clothes off. Sanders took three steps towards them, he wouldn't allow it.

"Back off," he almost yelled.

"Why? The boss said to break him.."

"I will not allow this.."

"And you're going to stop us, Pops?"

"Yeah, what are you going to do?

Sanders' blue eyes shifted from the three men in front of him to the nonmoving form on the table. He couldn't allow them to do that to the boy, it was sheer torture watching them beat him, but this was crossing the line. Anger washed over him, visions of his son and Heero flashed in his mind. The happiness in the violets eyes, joy that he couldn't put there. He watched as the other three slowly back away, an unholy fire lit his eyes; the fury and anger identical to the God of Death.

Jonathon Sanders became his employer's top man because of his advanced martial arts skill, speed and a whole slew of other qualifications. In the last minutes of their lives, Jacobs, Smith, and Rovh learned the true fury of hell.


"Heero, wake up..please.." Duo pleaded with other boy. They were in their room, Heero lying on the bed. Three hours had passed since they found the Japanese boy in the abandoned where house. The braided boy's eyes were red, puffy and the twin rivers of tears continued to flow down his cheeks. He was too late, he couldn't protect his lover. "I'm sorry.."

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