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Notes: Minna-san, this fic was inspired by the most wonderful fanart godess, Fablespinner~D~. All credit goes to her for drawing such a damn good hentai pic. After looking the idea just kinda hit me, and the muses took over from there.

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~~~*~~~ dream beginning/ending
~~~~~ Flashback

The Weather Outside is Frightful
Part 19

It took Duo about three weeks to heal enough that he could get around on his own. The braided boy stared out of the window, of his second story bedroom. He was lonely once again, after his long recovery time he was looking forward to showing his lover how much he loved him. A small smile came to his lips; he did show Heero his love before he was called away.


Duo checked everything once again; Heero would be back in less than thirty minutes. He was breathing hard from over exerting his body, three weeks wasn't enough time to completely heal his injuries. His eyes glanced over their bedroom; he had draped the room with strands of violet and deep blue silk. The scented candles filled the room with their soft vanilla and cinnamon smells while little flames set a romantic glow. The American wanted to recreate that special night, it was his happiest memory. Duo walked out of the room and closed the door then made his way to the bathroom, for a quick shower.

As the hot streams of water blasted his skin, the braided boy sighed contentedly. The American wanted his lover to have a night of relaxation and total peace. He wanted to thank Heero for caring for him while he was stilled injured, and maybe he'd get a chance to make love with Heero.

The font door opened and the Japanese boy walked into the warm house. Deep blue eyes scanned the small area around the door and listened for his lover. He heard foot steps coming from upstairs, a small smile appeared and he went looking for the braided boy. He walked up the stairs, lost in thoughts about Duo and how much he missed making love to the other boy.

The Japanese boy wanted to feel the special bond they shared while their bodies and souls joined. He wanted to show Duo just how much he loved him.

"Duo," he called out as their bedroom door came into view, he knocked out of politeness.

"Come in, Heero." His lover yelled from within the room.

Heero walked into the room and stopped in mild shock. His eyes looked over the newly decorated walls, floor and bed. Instantly he knew what Duo was up too, he didn't stop the smile. It was perfect, like their special night.

"You like?" Duo asked while pulling the other boy into his arms and kissing Heero's neck.

"Hai," Heero whispered and turned his body in Duo's embrace, bringing their lips together in a soft kiss. They broke apart, for only a brief moment, and kissed again. They went slow, enjoying each moment of being alone together. The kisses soon became deeper and filled with more passion. They stood in the center of the bedroom, exploring each other mouth.

"Duo, are you sure..."

The braided boy pulled his koi to the bed, falling backwards onto the soft mattress and allowing Heero to fall on top of him. He claimed the sweet mouth once again, sliding his tongue pass the parted lips. "Hai, koi. I want you so much, don't deny me..." His hips rose off the bed, pushing his clothed erection against his lover's. Duo stared, entranced, into the deep blue orbs.

Heero lowered his lips, initiating a passionate tender kiss while his hands rest on Duo's chest. The Japanese boy moaned softly as their arousals brushed against one another in torturous pleasure. Their eyes held each other's gaze and Heero's hand rose to rest on his lover's warm cheek.

Duo's fingers fumbled with his lover's shirt; finally he pulled the hem out of the tight blue jeans. His hand slid up the heated skin, fingertips lightly grazing Heero's chest. The braided boy began to tease the hardening nipples, swallowing each whimper and moan leaving his koi's mouth. Finally he pushed the fabric over and off Heero's head, tossing it across the room. Duo went back to running his hands over the smooth, muscled chest.

Passions flame was kindled within the searing blue orbs; Heero began to remove the soft fabric hiding Duo's soft-toned flesh. The Japanese youth teased his koi, calloused fingertips lightly touching Duo's skin as the shirt was removed. "Duo..."

"Make love to me. Please," Duo guided his koi's hand to the button on his pants. His slim hips rose off the bed, legs parting slightly. Heero's hand unfastened the slacks and slowly lowered the metal zipper. The other boy was going slowly, wanting the braided boy to cry out in need.

Heero parted the opened fabric, before slowing pulling the pants off the slim hips and down the slender legs. The Japanese boy rose to his knees, eyes holding Duo's gaze, and he quickly unfastened his pants and pulled them off.

Duo whimpered low in his throat as Heero kneeled before him, his hardness straining against the white briefs. The cotton was wet with the Japanese boy's desire, as were Duo's own boxers. Duo rose, so that he was sitting on the bed, and his hands reached for the waistband of the briefs. "Heero, you are so beautiful" He murmured softly while sliding the tight underwear off his lover's perfect body. The braided boy's thumb teased the tip of Heero's burning flesh. While looking deep into those blue eyes, he brought his thumb to his lips. His tongue licked Heero's passion from his lips and pulled his lover down for a deep kiss.

Heero watched as his lover's thumb traced the pouting lower lip, his own essence coated the soft, heated flesh. He wanted to moan as Duo licked his passion from the sweet lips, then Heero felt himself being pulled downward. The kiss was deep, Duo sharing the vivid taste of Heero's seed in his hot mouth. Duo's hands guided his lover's to the slit in his boxers.

Heero's hand slipped into the thin fabric, brushing against the soft curls. His hand claimed the stiff flesh, slowly stroking Duo into blissful heaven. Duo's hips thrust the burning arousal further into his hand.

"Please..." Duo cried out as the pleasure slowly engulfed his body. He felt his lover begin to tug at the boxers, he lifted his hips. After the fabric was pulled off his burning body his legs rose to the bed, feet planted on the mattress, spread apart. He completely revealed himself before Heero's loving eyes.

Heero smiled as the felt warmth encircled and squeeze his heart. Duo was completely giving himself to him. He opened himself completely, exposing his heart and soul. Heero crawled between his lover's opened legs; he leaned over and kissed Duo softly. "I love you" The Japanese boy's arm reached over to the nightstand, retrieving a tube of lubricant. Slowly he began to prepare his beautiful lover, taking extra care to stretch Duo without causing him any pain.

Duo thrust back against his lover's fingers, wanting to be filled by Heero. He whimpered as the fingers disappeared.

"Duo, Look at me," Heero whispered, wanting to look into the soft violet eyes. When Violet and Blue met, the Japanese boy slowly began to push his lubricated arousal into Duo's body.

"Koi...." Duo cried out, finally being joined in the most intimate way with Heero. Their bodies moved together, with Duo fully submitting to his life, his heart. Violet eyes shined with tears as Heero thrust within his willing body. After so long, being separated, they finally were able to make love.

Heero kept his thrust deep and slow, he wanted them both to remember this night of their love making. The Japanese boy brought them to climax, slowly kissing every reachable inch of Duo's skin. His hips moved in small circles, while he stroked his lover's own hardness.

"Heero!" Duo cried out, finally being pushed off the edge, free-falling into euphoria. He climaxed with a loud cry of unending love, hot passion covering Heero's hand, and his lower body.

"Koi," Heero whispered in a strained voice as Duo took him over the edge with him. His body began to shake with the power of his orgasm, Heero's hot passion filling and claiming Duo.

Duo felt Heero collapsed on his chest, his hands ran through the sweaty brown hair. Both were panting, each boy had a small content smile. Their night had been perfect in every way, for they were together and that's all that really mattered.


He continued to stare at nothing and everything, waiting for his lover to return to him. Duo just couldn't help but feel that something was wrong, almost as if Heero were begging for his help. Was he just scared of losing his only love, or was the Japanese boy in danger....

"Duo...quick we have a mission" Quatre blurted out while storming into the room. The blonde was panting and his face was white, like he had just seen a ghost.

"It's Heero, isn't it...?"

"Yes, Duo....."

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