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Notes: Minna-san, this fic was inspired by the most wonderful fanart godess, Fablespinner~D~. All credit goes to her for drawing such a damn good hentai pic. After looking the idea just kinda hit me, and the muses took over from there.

//someones thoughts//
~~~*~~~ dream beginning/ending
~~~~~ flashback

The Weather Outside is Frightful
Part 18

The room was dark and cold. The figure walked over to the nightstand and turned on a very small reading lamp. The man let out a small sight and began to unbutton his coat. It had been a long and tiring day. His employer was very resilient in his task.

Sanders walked over to the small bathroom, flipping the flight switch, and looked into the mirror. He frowned at his reflection, it was not him. His hair was a darker brown than it should have been, the contacts made his eyes green instead of the violet they should have been. He wished he could prevent Duo from going through all the upcoming trials, but knew all he could do was help silently.

His eyes closed and the thought about the day his son was suppose to die by this employers orders.


Sanders quickly opened the front door, he winced as it creaked. Green eyes looked around, making sure no one was home. He sighed with relief. The tall man walked into the house and headed for the den he didn't have much time. Five minutes was all the time he had to awake the drugged boy on the sofa, after those precious few minutes the house would be engulfed in a raging inferno.

The man saw the teenager laying down on a large sofa, he could already smell the smoke. The others must have already started the fire. //K'so.// He leaned over the boy and shook his shoulders, "Wake up, hurry."

"Dammit! Duo wake up" He yelled, smoke began to fill the house. He shook the boy harder.

"hmm..." the braided boy mumbled.

"Please, wake up. You have to get out." the man pleaded with the boy. He finally slapped Duo, the American's eyes opened.

Duo stared up at the man, familiar feelings racing through him. The braided boy knew this man, but couldn't place him. He finally began to cough from the smoke, Duo rubbed at his eyes. When he looked back up the man was gone.


Sanders walked back into his room and headed over to the smaller dresser. He opened the top drawer and pulled out a small photograph. It was of him, his wife and their baby boy. The boy's violet eyes shined with joy and content, the man sighed again. It broke his heart not being able to help his son anymore than he was.


Wufei reached Duo's door and quickly opened the door. He entered the room and ran towards the bed. All he could see was Duo laying there...

//No! Please, no!// He pulled back the covers and began to shake his friend, frantically.

"Duo? Duo...please no....Duo!"

"Mmnn...Wufei...what's wrong." Duo mumbled, sleepily. He slowly awakened, glad his friend woke him up before the dream got to that part, Duo didn't think he could take seeing her body among the church ruins.

"Are you ok?" The Chinese boy asked, checking over Duo. He breathed a sigh of relief when Duo seemed to be ok.

"I'm okay. I was having a nightmare." which was the truth, but Wufei didn't need to know how sad he still was. They all didn't need to know about his problems, they counted on him to take away the stress and pain.

"Want to talk about it, Duo?"

"It's ok, Fei. Just the usual nightmare. I'm fine really."

"What about Heero?"

"We worked it out, I'm not leaving." Duo hoped he sounded normal, it still hurt so much to know he was condemning his love, and himself, to death. "Help me up?" he asked, needing to get out of his room.

"Shouldn't' you stay in bed?"

"I've been IN bed, Wufei." Duo began, pouting. "wanna watch tv...." The braided boy's attitude shifted to his cheerful, carefree manner. He continued to pout and give the Chinese boy his puppy eyes. "Please..."

"Fine, but you're not walking down the stairs."

"But how..."

"I'm carrying you downstairs..." Wufei stated while pulling the American off the bed. A yelp left Duo's lips, followed by true laughter. He honestly didn't expect Wufei to pick him up and carry him, it made him feel better. "Ne, I'm not to heavy am I?"

"Tell that to my back, Maxwell" The Chinese boy teased back. Duo's rich laughter echoed through the house.


"Where's Duo?" Heero asked as he ran into the kitchen, panting for breathe. He had returned a few minutes earlier and went to check on his koi. Duo wasn't in his room, which had the Japanese boy worried. His eyes looked around the room.

"He's in the den."

"What's he doing in there?"

"Heero, he didn't want to be left in his room. So I carried him to the den, he wanted to watch tv."

With a quick word of thanks, Heero quickly made his way to the den. He peered into the room and spotted his koi laying on the sofa, sleeping. His heart began to slow down, and Heero smiled at Duo's sleeping face. Quickly, he went to retrieve the grocery bag, deciding to put the ice cream into the freezer.

Heero knelt beside the sofa, running his fingers over Duo's soft cheeks. He placed the bear on the coffee-table beside the sofa. "Koi..." he whispered softly before kissing Duo's slightly parted lips. The kiss was light and full of loving compassion. His eyelids closed and he concentrated on the warm lips.

"Heero...welcome home..." the braided boy whispered, breathlessly. Violet eyes looked deep into the deep blue oceans. "Join me?" he asked.

"Hai." his koi replied. Heero climbed onto the sofa behind Duo. He pulled his lover against his chest and his arms surrounded the braided boy's waist.

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