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The Weather Outside is Frightful
Part 17

Both boys jumped from the clatter of dishes and silverware, they looked at the person standing at the door. Tears ran down the tanned cheeks, twin oceans of sorrow looked back at Duo and Wufei.

"Duo..?" Heero asked passed the lump in his throat. Heero stared at his koi, warring emotions running through his body. He had heard everything, and it shocked him. Someone was after his koi, the thought just infuriated him to no degree. The person responsible would die a very slow and painful death. He was ready to walk in and ask his beloved who it was when he heard the rest of Duo's words.

"Heero, I didn't want you to know..." Duo said sadly, feeling horrid for making his lover upset. He knew his lover had heard everything, the blue eyes showed every emotion running through the Japanese boy's body. He knew that he could never leave Heero, no matter how much he wanted to protect his love. It would do more harm to him if Duo left. "Wufei, would you..."

"Aa, Duo. I'll check on you later." Wufei rose from the bed and walked out the door, passing by Heero. He placed his hand on the Japanese boy's shoulder and gave it a light squeeze. "Go to him, Heero. Work it out." The Chinese pilot whispered to his friend before walking out and going down the hall.

Heero watched as Duo tried to get up from the bed, before the Japanese youth could stop him Duo had fallen on the floor. "Duo!" Heero cried out and was beside his koi, pulling the American into his arms.

"I'm sorry, Heero. I wasn't thinking, and trying to keep you safe." the braided boy whispered, voice tinged with pain. He lifted his hand to brush away the large tears, "I just don't want to lose you, I've lost so many..."

"I don't want you to leave me, Duo. I've lost too much to lose you now." Heero lowered his lips to place a soft kiss on his koi's soft lips. His hand rested on his love's chest, while he gazed into the deep violet eyes. "Promise me. Duo, promise you won't leave even if you think you're protecting me."

//I can't....he'll die like father and sister...// Duo didn't know what to do, how could he refuse his Heero anything. Even if it meant his own heart and soul, he wouldn't deny his lover. "I promise, Hee-chan." Duo let the tears fall down his face, he just sealed his fate. The braided boy hoped destiny would be kind.

"Arigato, koi." Heero whispered, thankfully. His eyes closed and he buried his nose in the soft chestnut locks. He didn't see Duo's sad eyes, nor the look of ultimate defeat within the darkening orbs. //For you koi, I'll sacrifice my own heart.// the braided boy thought while falling deeper into Heero's warm embrace.

"I love you, Heero. More than anything in this world." he said while clinging to his Japanese love. Duo knew he was about to break down again, and didn't want his lover to have to deal with more emotional strain. "Koi?" he asked, keeping his voice steady.

"Yes, Duo?"

"Will you..." he paused, trying to bite back the sob, "well, I was wondering if we had any ice cream." He lifted his head and looked at the open blue eyes.

"We don't have any..."


"but I can go get some. What do you want?" Heero asked, brushing a light kiss over Duo's warm forehead.

"it doesn't matter, love."

"Ok, I'll be back soon." Heero lifted the smaller boy into his arms and placed him on the bed. He ruffled the bangs playfully, and placed another sweet kiss on Duo's lips. "You gonna be ok, Duo?"

"Hai. Thank you for going through the trouble." Duo said, trying to keep his grip on the raging emotions.

"anything for you, Duo."

The braided boy watched as the door closed, finally the dam broke and the tears rained down in a torrid storm of despair. He pulled a pillow over his face to muffle his sobs, what he had done was best for Heero. Even though it would kill him, Duo agreed to his love's request.

He fell back onto the bed and cried. He cried harder than he ever had in his life, the braided boy knew fate would take away his only reason for living. Images of Sister Helen smiling and Father Maxwell's rich laughter came to his mind, he saw Solo's bright eyes and goofy smile. They had all left him alone. He could hear their whispers, they told him Heero would be with them soon.

Heero looked at the different brands of ice cream, wondering which would be best for Duo. He remembered the last time he was sent to do ice cream shopping and stopped in his tracks. A feeling of foreboding came over him. Duo wasn't in danger, but he still felt something was wrong with is koi. Heero didn't know what, but he knew something wasn't right. Quickly he grabbed a random tube of ice cream and headed for the check out lane. Duo needed him, even if his braided koi wouldn't admit it.

On his way to the cashier, Heero spotted a brown bear hold a small vase of flowers. He picked it up on his way. //Duo will like it.// He smiled and got into the short line.


"Trowa, I'm telling you something's wrong. If what Wufei said is true..." the blonde boy paused. If Duo was the target, were both incidents connected to one another? If they were, all the pilots were in danger.

"I don't know what to think, little one. But one things for sure, I won't let Duo disappear and face this alone."

"None of us will, Trowa. We just need to be extra protective of Duo until we figure out what's happening." Wufei replied, thinking up of different ways to keep the American safe.

Quatre gasped in pain and doubled over, his hand clutching at his chest. His vision blurred between the kitchen and a dark alley. He began to breathe raggedly as he saw a boy in his arms. The boy was whispering to him, but Quatre couldn't make out the words. The boy's eyes closed, and his chest stopped moving. Another wave of pain hit him, this time the blonde boy fell out of his chair. He could feel someone shaking him, and heard Trowa's scared voice calling to him. But Quatre saw another vision..


Sister Helen smiled down at the little boy. She had grown so fond of Duo over that last year. He was so full of life and energy, the brightness in their world.


"yes, sister?" the little boy asked excitedly. He really loved the woman that soon became his mother, in his heart. He smiled at her bright eyes and soft complexion.

"come here, I want to tell you a story."

The bundle of energy ran and jumped onto her lap, giving her a big hug. He loved when she would tell him stories and read books to him. Her voice was so calming and full of love. In all his short life, Duo never knew what it felt like to be loved. But now with Sister Helen and Father Maxwell.

While she told him the story, his hands played with the cross around his neck. It was his prize possession, a gift of love.


Quatre smiled at the tender scene, but then everything went black. The next thing he knew was he was running through the alleys. He was panting, tears in his eyes. Through someone else's eyes, he saw the church in flames.

"Quatre!" Trowa yelled again, worried sick for his koi. Quatre had yet to respond, and he had been out of it for ten minutes. "Koi, wake up." the tall boy whispered among the tears.

"trowa..?" the blonde pilot whispered while he slowly opened his tear-filled eyes. He looked around the kitchen, and finally realized where those memories came from. Two tears fell from his eyes and traced a path down his cheeks. He could still feel the sorrow radiating from Duo.

"Quatre, what's wrong..?'

"Trowa...it's Duo...Allah...." he whispered into Trowa shoulder, shaking with the growing sobs.

Wufei left the kitchen and hurriedly made his way to Duo's room, he prayed that his best friend was okay.

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