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Notes: Minna-san, this fic was inspired by the most wonderful fanart godess, Fablespinner~D~. All credit goes to her for drawing such a damn good hentai pic. After looking the idea just kinda hit me, and the muses took over from there.

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~~~*~~~ dream beginning/ending

The Weather Outside is Frightful
Part 16

Duo slowly opened his eyes, beams of sunlight, sliding through the blinds, lit up the room. He felt his lover's head resting on his chest, and long arms surrounding him. The braided boy fought the urge to giggle, as warm puffs of air ghosted across his chest. The injured boy couldn't stop the small content smile, happiness was finally in his grasp. It might only be for a small amount of time, but Duo intended on savoring every moment.

He tried to move into a more comfortable position, wincing as pain shot through his body and Heero pulled him closer to his slumbering form. Slowly he raised his hand, biting back the groan of pain, to the soft brown hair. His fingers ran through the messy mop, wondering if Heero would enjoy it as much as he did.

Duo began to think over all the events that happened over the past weeks. The fire still nagged at his mind, everyday he tried to figure out what happened. He remembered Heero leaving to the city for supplies. Since the braided boy didn't want to be alone upstairs, he left the room and headed for the den.

//Real stupid, Maxwell. Taking on a flight of stairs with a wounded ankle.//

Duo had managed to hop down the first three or four steps will no problem, but he landed wrong and began to fall. Only quick reflexes saved him from tumbling down, which could have broken his neck. He reached out and grabbed the rail, he caused the wound on his arm to open. Finally he hobbled over to the kitchen, and towards the counter where the pain-pills were. He saw two pink and white tablets, and assumed Heero had left them there.

//Did Heero leave those pills?// Duo thought, //Didn't he say they were in my room?//. He frowned, almost scowling, while thinking over everything that took place that day. After swallowing the pills, he hobbled over to the den and laid on the couch. Within thirty minutes, he fell asleep.

"What was that noise?" Duo spoke aloud, eyes sliding closed, he concentrated on remembering everything he could. Right before he fell asleep, a faint sound came from the foyer. The door was opened...

"Why didn't they just kill me?"

"Duo?" Heero asked, looking into Duo's eyes. A small frown marred his face. He heard the question, and it bothered him. In fact it terrified him, what was his koi thinking about. Before his lover could say anything, Heero brushed the backside of his hand across Duo's cheeks. Deep blue eyes stared into violet, the diamond-like coldness was replaced with worry and love. The Japanese boy tried to make his lover understand his feelings through his eyes and touch. Years of solitude prevented Heero from verbally expressing the strange feelings. The Japanese boy could feel his training starting to take effect, but he forced it down. Now wasn't the time to cower away behind that mask, Heero was stronger than that. "Koi, what are you thinking?"

Duo looked into the deep blue eyes of his lover, he saw the swirling emotions. Heero's touch upon his skin told him about Heero's emotions. The Japanese boy was frightened, and didn't know how to express it. //Great job Duo, just freak out the only person that loves you.// "I'm sorry Heero, I was just thinking." //I can't tell him about that day until I know what happened.// "I didn't mean to worry you." Duo reached out for Heero's hand.

Heero took his love's hand and squeezed it. The feelings didn't completely go away, more like they were dulled just enough to make their presence known. Heero shifted on the bed, and placed a loving kiss on Duo's pale lips. "It's okay, koi. Are you hungry?"

"Hai." The braided teenager said, smiling softly. His lover was so good to him, and spoiled him. //What did I ever do to deserve him. I'm so lucky, and I will protect him with my life. No one will take love from me again, NO ONE!// he shouted in his mind.

"I'll go get you something to eat and some pain pills. Stay here, koi." The Japanese boy kissed Duo once more before leaving the comfortable bed and leaving the room. On his way towards the kitchen, he wondered what Duo meant. Was he talking about that time in the prison?


Duo slowly pulled himself into a sitting position, and looked out the window. The sky was so beautiful and blue. So many colors blending together to create the picturesque scenery. He only saw bits of the wondrous picture, the blinds obscured part of his view. A deep sigh left his lips, "What am I going to do?"


The American boy would have leaped from the bed with a strangled yelp if he could have, but he jumped and turned towards the door. Wufei slowly entered the room, his face out of it's usual calm mask. The Chinese boy actually looked worried.

"Yes 'Fei?"

"What's wrong, and don't tell me nothing. I know something's bothering you." Wufei said while sitting on the edge of the bed, a stern look on his face.

With a sigh, Duo began. "You know what happened with the fire, right?" Seeing his friend nod in agreement, Duo continued. "I was thinking back to that day. Some things don't add up. And I did something stupid, I took some pills on the counter that I thought Heero left for me. But I remember him telling me they were in my room. Wufei, I think someone is after me."

"Why, Duo?" Wufei was confused, if someone were after the gundam pilots he'd understand. But why just Duo?

"I don't know. That day is not very clear, I remember falling asleep on the sofa, in the den, and then hearing a noise. I thought maybe Quatre and Trowa were home. The next thing I remember...." he paused as more of the events became clear, "oh my God, someone was in the house and they woke me up. That's how I got out of the house, the smoke didn't wake me." Duo's body began to shake, the implications of his latest revelation shaking him to the core. "Someone wanted me dead, but someone woke me in time..." He lifted his watery eyes to meet Wufei's, Duo needed some assurance.

"Duo..." Wufei began, but didn't know what to say. He was outraged that someone was going after his friend.

"I have to leave."


"As long as I'm here, you're all in danger. Heero's in danger...I can't let anything happen to him..."


"No! Wufei, I have to leave. I have to protect him, he's all I have. I just couldn't live with myself if anything happened to him..." Twin tears rolled down his face, to protect his love he had to leave him.

"Don't do this Duo. It'll crush him, Heero isn't use to feelings. Leaving, even to protect him, would only hurt him more than help. I don't want you to go, we'll face this as a team." Wufei too Duo's hand, in a friendly almost brotherly fashion. "At least wait, maybe they aren't after you. Please Duo, if it turns out that whoever this fiend is, is indeed after you...I'll help you to escape and hide low."

"but..what about Heero. I can't put him into danger...."

"would you rather kill him inside by leaving?"

"no...I couldn't hurt him. If I stay he's in danger, if I go he'll be hurt worse. What am I going to do?" Duo was confused and upset, he was responsible if anything happened to Heero. //I can't lose him...I couldn't live....//

Both boys jumped from the clatter of dishes and silverware, they looked at the person standing at the door. Tears ran down the tanned cheeks, twin oceans of sorrow looked back at Duo and Wufei.

"Duo..?" Heero asked passed the lump in his throat.

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