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//someones thoughts//
~~~*~~~ dream beginning/ending

The Weather Outside is Frightful
Part 15

"Report" a figure clouded in the darkness said.

"Subject was retrieved from the enemy. He will survive given time to recover." A tall man said, head bowed in respect and also to hide a knowing smile. The subroutine had returned from the base only a couple of hours previous, just enough time to change out of the uniform and to hide and medical kit.

"Very well. We will begin phase three in one month's time. You are dismissed."

"Yes sir." Sanders said with a respectful bow. He turned around and walked out of the room, leaving his boss to his own thoughts.

"Perhaps...just maybe you are." The male voice, old and almost hoarse, said to a single photograph laying upon his desk. Duo's violets eyes looked back at him.

"Will you pass the next phase...?"


//My head...// Duo thought as consciousness came back to him, his head was pounding and body felt like it was run over by a rampaging gundam. Slowly he opened his right eye, he recognized that he was in his and Heero's room at their safehouse. He blinked the other eye open, and looked around the darkened room. Although his head was pounding, he tried to sit up. After about three tries, he gave up and just looked up at the ceiling. Duo's mind went back to his time imprisoned at Oz, specifically the guard that helped him. He wondered who that guardian angel was, and why he helped him at all.

Duo closed his eyes and focused on light weight around his neck. His cross from the Maxwell church. //Thank you// he thought, knowing his family up there were watching over him.


The braided boy's eyes opened, and looked over towards the voice's origin. He saw his koi standing by the door. Duo noticed how ragged and worn the other boy looked. "Heero? How long..?"

"Three days."

Duo sighed. //three days. He must have gone through hell...//. He looked up from the bed, and into his lover's deep blue eyes. "I'm sorry..." His eyes filled with tears, Duo just felt awful for worrying Heero, again.

In three quick strides, Heero was at the bed's site. He took Duo's hand into his, "Duo, don't cry." He brushed away the tears that fell from the sad violet eyes.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you worry." he closed his eyes against his tears, the emotions attacking his mind. It seemed he was always hurting Heero. "I'm always hurting you.." he said in shame.

"Duo, look at me."

The braided boy opened his eyes, he saw the sadness in his koi's eyes. The pang of guilt struck him deeper. He tried to look away, but Heero's eyes pinned him down.

"Duo, I've had a lot of time to think." he began, pausing only to find the correct words. "When I'm with you I'm filled with such elation and I feel loved. When we are apart, I miss you so much, if feels like I'm incomplete. When I thought you were killed, I felt like the world drop from beneath my feet. I fought so hard against my training, it told me to push you to the side and move on. I just couldn't do that to you, Duo." Heero's tears fell down his cheeks, his voice began to waver, like a tree in the wind. "Then I found you again, injured but alive. Duo I can not live without you."


"Please let me finish" the Wing pilot interjected. "I've finally understand one thing. Love hurts." His hand squeezed Duo's once again. "I love you so much it just hurts."

The chestnut-haired boy found himself melting into a puddle of warm goo. The emotion that his love was displaying enveloped him, cradled him like a mother would her newborn. The guilt and other negative emotions were swept away, replaced with warmth and love. Through crystal tears, Duo smiled.

"Heero. I love you." Duo tried to sit up, once again, and kiss his compassionate koi, but his body wouldn't cooperate. A small gasp of pain left his lips before he could stop it. Before Heero could say anything he smiled sheepishly, "I'm ok..just I hurt everywhere."

"Do you want some pain pills?" the brown-haired boy asked, worry evident in both his deep blue eyes and tone. "Does it hurt really bad?" his hand brushed away the unruly bangs.

"I'll be ok, will you just hold me?"

"Hai." he pulled back the covers, with the utmost care, and climbed into the bed with his lover. He curled around Duo's body, arms around his shoulders and head resting on his chest.



"How long has it been since you've slept or ate?"

Heero looked up into Duo's eyes, "Almost three days.."

Duo yawned and his eyes slowly closed, "thought so.." he mumbled out before sleep took him away once again.

"Ai shiteru, Duo"


The door opened slightly, a beam of light from the hallway pierced the darkness. A blond head peeked into the room, his eyes falling onto the two figures laying on the bed. Quatre smiled at the tender scene. He quietly walked over to the bed and stood above the two cuddled lovers. His hand touched Duo's forehead, checking for a fever. He let out a sigh of relief, the fever had receded.

"Sleep well, Duo" Quatre said before placing a soft kiss the braided boy's forehead. He walked back toward the door, with one last look at the sleeping couple, and walked out of the room.

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