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Notes: Minna-san, this fic was inspired by the most wonderful fanart godess, Fablespinner~D~. All credit goes to her for drawing such a damn good hentai pic. After looking the idea just kinda hit me, and the muses took over from there.

//someones thoughts//
~~~*~~~ dream beginning/ending

The Weather Outside is Frightful
Part 14

The jeep raced down the road, Mercury dashing from Olympus. Heero's eyes were pain-filled as he prayed to whomever was listening. "Don't leave me koi, please don't" A lone teardrop fell from his eye, searing down his cheek.

//I need you//

He wiped away the tear, only to have more follow the first's path. All he could think of was how much pain Duo must be in. Is love suppose to hurt this bad? Was it suppose to feel like a red-hot arrow, slowly searing its way through your heart when something happens to your one and only? Is your chest suppose to feel like it was being compressed, feeling like a star collapsing in on itself? Is the fear suppose to so tangible that you could feel it running through your blood?

Was this what Dr. J had tried to prevent?

//Did he try and protect me from this awful pain? Is that why he tried to kill me inside, numb me from this pain?// He continued driving, while fighting the alien and frightening emotions. He knew he couldn't lose Duo.

//Was he right? Should I have pushed him away..? Hurting us both so that he wouldn't be in danger?//



"Wufei, Trowa, and I will attack the base here. Duo is being held here." Quatre began to outline their strategy. The other three were to attack the base on the opposite end from where Duo was being kept. During the chaos, Heero would sneak in and rescue the captured pilot. Each one prayed this wasn't in vain, Duo had to still be alive.

"What if.." Wufei began, trying to stay calm. He had been out of touch for quite a while, and consequently didn't know of the past events.

"No, he's alive. I know it."

"How can you be sure Yuy?"

"I would know if he died, I just would know...." Heero whispered, almost to himself. Before meeting the others, he had dried away the tears and let the mask fall into place. The solider took the reigns as the boy was sobbing with worry in the dark.

"Heero's right. I can still feel him, but we have to hurry." Quatre shakily said.

The four teens nodded in agreement and broke away, each heading to complete the most important mission, rescue their lost family member.


"Oh..holy FUCK!"

Duo grabbed the controls and pushed Shinigami into action, thermal scything blazing to life. He attacked the group coming from the north, being careful about the squad to either side of his gundam. However, Duo failed to notice the three behind him.

"Damn" he cursed as a blast rocked his gundam, and his head hit the control panel. The pain was automatically pushed away, but the blood still oozed down his forehead. Each blast his gundam threw him against the safety harnesses. His scythe would cut two suits down, but another three would open fire.

Duo realized a moment too late that a suit behind him fired. The impact sent Deathscythe tumbling to the ground, throwing Duo against the harnesses. The force snapped the them, and his head collided with the main control panel.

He laid there, bleeding. Before unconsciousness took him away, Duo thought of his koi.


The week, he spent in Oz's prison, was a pain-filled haze. All he could remember was pain, the pain of someone kicking him in the ribs and his stomach. When he wasn't being beaten, he laid broken on the floor, bleeding.

His mind registered someone shaking him, he heard a voice but couldn't make it out. The pain was still great, but not as bad as it had been.

"Duo...please wake up...." His mind screamed that he knew that voice, but recognition was still beyond his grasp.

"Onegai....wake up.." //Heero?//

"Don't leave me, please koi wake up"

Slowly Duo opened his eyes, wincing from the pain. He saw his love's hair, and felt something resting on his chest. Violet eyes were dulled, but coherent enough to figure out Heero was crying. "koi..?" A gasp reached his eyes, and then he was staring into deep blue eyes, filled with relief.


"heero..." Duo tried to lift his hand, so he could brush away the tears. He gasped in pain from the slight movement. Before his love could ask him, he simply said he was fine.

"No you're not fine. Duo..," he hugged the small boy, "I thought...I'd lost you again. I..."

"Koi, you'll never lose me." Duo stopped to regain his breath, "take me home?"

Heero eased his love into his arms, he looked into the violet orbs feeling relief wash over him in waves. "Hai koi. I love you."

Duo watched the emotions behind the dark blue eyes, he felt Heero's love. A shining beacon within the cold darkness.

~He needs you~

//I need him//

"love you too..."


Brown eyes watched, from a dark corner, Heero carry the injured boy out of the cell. He was the guard on duty, but he was also the one to give Duo the medical attention. As the boy disappeared from his sight, the man smiled.

"Maybe true love does conquer all."

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