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Pairings:3+4, will lead to 1X2X1, ??

Notes: Minna-san, this fic was inspired by the most wonderful fanart godess, Fablespinner~D~. All credit goes to her for drawing such a damn good hentai pic. After looking the idea just kinda hit me, and the muses took over from there.

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The Weather Outside is Frightful
Part 11

Heero sped down the dirt road, pushing the motorcycle to it's limits. Just beyond a single hill he saw the large structure that housed his Duo.



Heero walked down the dim hallway, the candles' light flickered off the walls and black carpeted floor. Each step brought him deeper into the darkness, closer to Duo. His dark blue eyes looked around, noting the few items of decor, and fell upon large twin doors. He pulled the key out of his pocket, inserted it into the lock. It opened with a soft click, allowing the Japanese teenager entrance.

The room made him stare in awe, it was decorated in black and various hues of violet and blue. The large canopy bed rested against the far wall, violet and midnight blue satin draped from the canopy. In the center of the large mattress was Duo, the picture of his pale skin against the intertwined three colors would have rivaled Venus for sheer magnificence. The enchanted beauty had on a deep prussian blue shirt that had the first four buttons undone, and black slacks. The long chestnut locks were out of the braid and held in a loose ponytail, strands of the silky hair spilled over the delectable shoulders. Duo's large eyes reflected love so deep and true, that Heero found himself breathless. "Duo..." he whispered reverently, lovingly.

Walking on air, he joined his heavenly love on the bed. No words were spoken as their lips met, sparking the white blaze within each other's body. The brief kiss shattered the damn, all the built up desire and love came rushing out like a roaring tide. Passions flared, dwindling flames burst into raging wildfires.

Duo moaned into his love's mouth, his hands rested on the broad shoulders. He pulled the other body closer to him, feeling the radiating heat of Heero's body. One hand drifted downward, teasingly slow, until it rested on one firm globe. His hips rose to brush is arousal against Heero's, causing both the whimper.

"duo..." he moaned, everything overwhelming him.

"Hee-chan.." his hips rose once again, their erections slowly, tortuously grinding against one another. Each small movement added fuel to the fire, Heero moaned and whimpered into Duo's mouth.

"Duo....Nnnn...gods!!" his body arched into his lover, his second climax sending his mind into euphoria. Each gasp and throaty moan fell into Duo's mouth, his hips ground into Duo's involuntarily.

Each passion-filled whimper was a note on an seraph's harp, the grip on his waist tightened when his koi reached climax making Duo moan in response. He kissed away each little sound, hands pulling Heero's body harder against his.

"Ai shiteru Duo.." Heero whispered, staring wide-eyed at his salvation. He claimed his lover's mouth in another passionate kiss, his tongue slipping past the slightly parted lips. He started to unbutton the remaining buttons.

Heero's hands ran over the exposed flesh, covering every inch. His eyes were locked with Duos, one hand brought his braided lover's hand to his chest. Briefly their joined hands hovered over Heero's heart. Claiming his lover's mouth, he guided Duo's hand towards the button on his pants.

Duo quickly pulled the zipper down before his hand slipped past the material, he teased Heero through the blue silk boxers. He pushed the pants off the slim hips and down the slender legs.

"Heero, make love to me."


Duo slid the boxers off his koi, hands lightly brushing against the burning flesh. One finger traced the contours of Heero's backside while his other hand was intertwined with one of Heero's hands. His tongued pushed past his love's lips, caressing and teasing Heero's mouth.

"Duo...have you..."


"koi..." Heero whispered as his eyes slid shut, emotions washing over his newly-freed heart. "Ai shiteru.."

Duo's hand touched Heero's cheek, he looked deeply into the other's eyes. "I knew from the moment I saw you that I was destined to be loved by you. I love you with all my heart and everything that I am is yours."

"Mine, forever?"

"Hai, Hee-chan"


"Please Heero, make love to me?"

"Do you have..."

"Right here lover." Duo said, smirking evilly, while his hand went under the pillow and retrieved a tube of lubrication


Heero nearly lost control with the torturous moans coming from Duo's mouth. His fingers brushed against that spot again, making his lover whimper.


Quickly the dark-haired teenager applied the gel onto his hardness, whimpering as each stroke brought him closer to the peak. He crawled between Duo's open legs, knees pushing them further apart. "Koi..." Hesitantly he positioned his erection at Duo's opening. Slowly, lovingly he pushed past the tight ring, moaning aloud from the tight heat of Duo. "DUO..!!" He gasped out loud as he sank deeper, giving Duo his innocence.

Duo's back arched off the bed, into Heero's strong embrace. His body shook from the sensations, fire boiling with burning flames. His breathes came in gasps and pants, pleasure seizing control of his entire being. He cried out with each slow movement of pure bliss. His grip tightened, almost painfully, on Heero's shoulders. "HEERO!!"

Both being inexperienced, they let their bodies move with one another. Heero would thrust while Duo would met each thrust, gentle slowness quickly escalated into rhythm-less thrusting. The walls reverberated their twin screams and cries. Out of instinct, Heero took Duo's arousal into his hand and began to stroke the flesh with his thrusts.

Duo's body quivered, the crashing waves of pleasure slamming into his body. He cried out his lover's name as he reached pleasure's apex. His head thrashed from side to side, back rising off the bed, passion erupting from his body.

Heero thrust once more before succumbing to the intense climax. His cries joined Duo's in a harmonious song resulting from their lovemaking. His grip on the slim hips tightened to the point of bruising, eyes sliding close from the intensity.

Both collapsed into a tangle of arms and legs, panting from the exertion. Heero's hand brushed away the sweat-soaked bangs from Duo's eyes.

"Duo...my Duo..."

"Ai shiteru Hee-chan..."

"I love you Shi-chan"



Heero stared around the familiar darkness, the knot of fear returned to his stomach. He walked aimlessly around, until a very familiar cold voice stopped him.

"This is a mistake."

Heero whipped around and faced his duplicate. "What is?"

"Loving him"

"Why is it a mistake? Soldiers don't need love??"

The perfect solider smirked coldly before walking closer to the teenaged boy. "No. Soldiers need love to. Can he survive?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Can Duo survive being loved by you?"

"He..." Heero was cut off before he could even begin.

"What about that little girl and her dog you cared about? They died, as did everyone else you've cared for. Is it worth the risk?" The solider asked.

Heero's head fell in sadness, the painful memories resurfacing. He looked back up at the solider with tears running down his face. "He'll survive!"

"Are you sure? Can Duo really survive the curse of your love?"

"Why are you doing this to me....why?"

"Because, I don't want to lose him either...."

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