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~~~*~~~ dream beginning/ending

The Weather Outside is Frightful
Part 10

The man watched his subordinate bow and leave the room with haste. He smirked to himself.

//Are you strong enough....?//


The new safehouse came into view, the two silent pilots smiled to themselves. Very soon they would get to see their loves. Wing and Heavyarms darted through the air, speeding towards their peace.

Quatre ran towards the hanger after seeing the two gundams approach the safe house. He was literally bouncing with joy, eager to see his lover and show him exactly how frustrated he had been. As soon as his lover's gundam touch ground and Trowa jumped out of the cockpit, Quatre pounced on his lover. His kisses were deep, lustful, and loving.

Trowa kissed him back, the torturous three weeks away from his angel nearly drove him insane. In one fluid motion he lifted the smaller boy into his arms and quickly left the hanger, tossing a good-bye to Heero.

Heero watched the two lovers as they left the hanger, he decided it was time to check on his braided love.


Heero went up to their shared room, after he looked every where else in the large estate, and looked around. He checked the adjoining bathroom, thinking maybe Duo was laying in a tub full of bubbles, but the bathroom was empty. He walked back into the bedroom and fell onto the bed. "Where are you?"

He looked around once more, his eyes spotting a small sheet of paper on his desk. Rising from the bed, he walked over and picked up the piece of paper.

By now you've probably looked all over the house for me, ne? Well I wanted to surprise you, in your desk is a key and directions to where I am. I'm waiting.

The Japanese teenager grinned, devilishly, before retrieving the hotel key and instructions.

//I'm on my way Shi-chan....//


Trowa kicked the door shut while entering their room, he placed his love on the large bed. The tall pilot stood back and admired the view, that he had been deprived of for way too long. Quickly his hand tugged at his shirt, un-tucking it from his increasingly tightening jeans reveling his chest and stomach.

Quatre watched the torturously slow stripping, he growled low in his throat when the tightly muscled abdomen was revealed. His hands moved from his side to slide over the firm muscles. He looked into Trowa's eye, a soft moan leaving his lips.

"I want you now Trowa, hurry up or I'm going to throw you down and fuck you senseless..."

Trowa looked at his love in shock before smirking wickedly, "You, my angel, have been around Duo too much." The taller boy leaned down and took his lover's mouth in a hot kiss, stealing Quatre's breath away. The hot kiss sent Quatre into oblivion, how long he waited to be reunited with his Trowa. The blonde screamed into the talented mouth when one hand slipped past his shirt and idly toyed with his chest and nipples. Soon the shirt was pushed off his shoulders, and Quatre's heated skin pressed against his lover's. He gasped again when his straining erection was toyed with, through his slacks. He whimpered and moaned, mindlessly thrusting into the sadistic hand of his lover.


Trowa claimed his loves mouth, sucking and nibbling on his tongue. He milked that mouth for those sweet whimpers. His nimble fingers quickly unbuttoned Quatre's slacks, slowly he pulled the zipper down, each inch agonizingly slow. After an eternity, his hand slipped past the fabric, and stroked his cock through the silk boxers.

"Please what Quatre?" He asked while his hand breached the thin silk barrier, his hand slide past the burning flesh to massage the soft inner thighs. His fingers brushed, repeatedly, against the small blonde's desire, each time a lustful whimper escaped the soft lips. His other hand slid down Quatre's back, sliding between the firm globes to tease his love's opening. The loud cry was pure music to Trowa's ears, he kissed the pouty lips savagely before whispering into one ear..."Now, who's gonna fuck who senseless...?"


The tall pilot's hands left Quatre's body, making the smaller boy cry out in displeasure. Trowa stepped back and started to unbutton his jeans. Slowly he wiggled out of the constrictive fabric, the denim falling from his hips and pooled at his feet. He stepped out of them and kicked the jeans across the room. He stood before his lover, his arousal rock hard and glistening. He walked forward and pushed Quatre back, the smaller boy falling onto his back. The tugging on his pants reminded him to lift his hips, quickly he was naked as well. Both just looked at each other, focusing on the twin rock hard erections.

"I love you"

Quatre's only response was a loud moan as his body was covered by his lover. His hips thrust upwards, whimpering from the insufficient friction. He wiggled under his lover, their arousals rubbing again, yet Trowa did nothing but kissed him and ran his hand over his body.

"Trowa...." he whimpered while his hand slowly descended down his body to grab his arousal. He gasped out loud when his hand stole a quick touch, but the bliss was quickly removed as his hand was taken from his need.

"No you don't lover."

"Please Trowa...."

Trowa reached over to the night-stand, where they kept the tube of lubrication. He opened the tube and coated his fingers with the cool gel, as he slipped on finger past the tight ring he kissed Quatre deeply.

Trowa quickly and carefully prepared his love, each passing second became pure torture for him. The loud cry that Quatre let out nearly made him come.

"TROWA!!" he screamed, electric fire blazing through his veins. Trowa kept on with his delicious torture, each time sent the temperature within the blonde's body sky rocketing. His back came off the bed, making his body arch towards his lover's touch.

After his love was well prepared, Trowa's fingers left his lover's body and he fumbled with the tube. His hands were shaking, his entire body was humming. Trowa nearly cried out when his hand covered his painfully hard arousal with the lubrication. His control was pushed past his limits, but he forced his body to calm down.

Quatre was trembling with need, his mind already was shutting down from the sensory overload. He thrashed on the bed, hips bucking, moans leaving his lips. He groaned in displeasure when those delightful fingers left his body. He lifted his head to glare at his lover, but what he saw made him dizzy.

"koi, please take me..." he pleaded

Trowa leaned over and captured his lover's lips once again, the long wet kiss distracted Quatre as Trowa penetrated him. Each second passed slowly, Trowa sank deeper into the velvet heat of his angel. He had to pause, in his decent into Quatre's burning heat, to prevent himself from climaxing. The teasing and torturing of his lover had seriously aroused him, almost to the point of climax.

"gods...I've missed you Quatre.." he moaned while pulling out. He thrust back in, deep and hard. Trowa cried out with each thrust, joining his love on the peak of orgasm.

"Koi!! Oh...TROWA!!!" he cried out, each inch of movement sent thousands of flames in his blood. His nails dug painfully into the soft flesh of Trowa's back, his mouth was forced open with silent cries as his world shook violently. His mind exploded into a flurry of jumbled images and rainbows of colors.

Trowa's orgasm hit him like a landslide, his cock pulsed within the tight heat. He cried out as his seed poured into his lover, his head fell onto Quatre's shoulder. His body was still shaking, while he tried to regain his breath.

Quatre whimpered as his lover withdrew from his body, but snuggled into Trowa's arms. "Trowa...I love you..."

"Love you too, my little one..."


"Hai, forever.."


Heero sped down the dirt road, pushing the motorcycle to it's limits. Just beyond a single hill he saw the large structure that housed his Duo.


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