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//someones thoughts//
~~~*~~~ dream beginning/ending

The Weather Outside is Frightful
Part 9

Duo smiled mischievously before grabbing Heero's hand and tugging him towards the bed..."I want you..."

"I want you too...."


Duo's arms moved to Heero's shoulders, trying to pull him down, but he gasped out in pain. He forgot about his injury, which was aggravated during his escape. Immediately Heero was checking his the wound, tender touches and loving eyes.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, stupid wound..." Duo pouted, knowing Heero would fuss over it.

True to his prediction, Heero was checking over Duo quickly.

"You need to take it easy Duo..." his hand caressed the soft cheek. "do you remember anything about the fire?"

Duo sighed, he looked into Heero's questioning glance. "I was hoping you wouldn't ask....", he looked down while he continued, "I don't know how it started.."

"Duo, how did you get to that shack?"

"I was downstairs, in the den....before you go ballistic on me, let me explain." Heero crossed his arms and scowled at Duo.

"I know you told me to go to my room, but I didn't want to. So I went downstairs..."

Heero's glare became darker as he waited for Duo to continue.

Duo took a moment to recollect his thoughts, trying to remember everything that happened. "It was stupid of me, with my ankle injured like that, but I really didn't want to be alone in my room. Anyways, like I said it was stupid, I was in so much pain after going down the stairs that I decided to take the pain-pills Quatre gave me. Needless to say, they knocked me on my ass." he stopped talking to look at Heero's face, hoping he other wasn't royally pissed.


"Heero, are you mad?"

"A little bit, but if you were out from the meds how'd you end up two blocks away from the house, and the blood on the ground.?"

"When I was coming down the stairs, I almost fell but caught myself." he grimaced as he remembered the shooting pain in his arm after that happened. "I thought I had stopped the bleeding..."

"Duo, how'd you get out?"

"I don't know. I can't remember..." Duo had tears in his eyes, mainly from frustration and the thought of Heero being mad at him. He tried to remember what happened, but it was all so jumbled and blurry. "I remember smoke...pain all over...." he tried to remember more but it just wouldn't come to him. Warm warms pulled him into a warm embrace.

"Sshh, it's all right Duo. Don't force yourself." his hands softly ran through the soft hair.

"I'm sorry, it's my fault." he cried out, the same feelings returning from the tragic fire that changed his life forever. "all my fault..."

"It's not your fault Duo! Don't blame yourself!"

"It's all my fault Heero!"

"NO! It's not your fault!! Don't do this to yourself...please don't do this"

The hurt within Heero's voice broke through his self-loathing, he looked at the pain-filled face of his beloved. "I'm sorry Heero...I don't know why you put up with me."

"Because I love you."

Heero embraced his emotional love, soothingly him the best he could. He kept telling Duo it wasn't his fault, but he didn't even stop to consider that his beloved could have been indirectly responsible...


Quatre and Duo were laying by a large swimming pool, they had only stayed in the large apartment for three days. The sun was high in the sky, it's warmth and light shining down on the green lawn and reflecting off the water. Duo sighed blissfully, breathing in the wonderfully fragrant air.

"Thanks for bringing us here, Quatre." he said while smiling at his friend. Duo had to agree with the blonde's motives for bringing him to the peaceful estate. He really needed the peace and quiet, the only thing that would make the entire picture perfect was Heero.

"Don't worry about him, Duo. I'm sure they're fine." Quatre softly said, sensing the worry and unease within Duo.

"I know Q, but I still can't help it. I miss him. They've been gone for almost three weeks now!" He said wistfully.

"I know, I miss Trowa too..." the blond said sadly.

"You're right Q, I shouldn't worry. He'll come back" Duo said confidently, his beloved's last words echoing in his head.

// I'll come back to you. I finally found my reason for fighting...Ai shiteru//


The sounds of clacking keyboard keys filled the small dorm room. The room was cast in darkness, save the faint glow from the computer screen. The silent teenage boy typed away, nothing showing on his face. He paused his typing and looked out the second story window, he saw the sliver moon and thought of the one he left behind.

// I'll come back to you. I finally found my reason for fighting...Ai shiteru//

His words rang through his head, and he wished he was with Duo instead of undercover at another school. He continued typing the mission report that Dr. J required, the entire time thinking about how he was going to show Duo how much he missed him.


//So he survived the fire. That boy is stronger than I thought.// The man mused to himself. He was pulled from his thoughts when the door to his office opened.

"You asked for me, Sir"

"Ah yes, time for phase two. Carry on."

"As you wish"

The man watched his subordinate bow and leave the room with haste. He smirked to himself.

//Are you strong enough....?//

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