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Notes: Minna-san, this fic was inspired by the most wonderful fanart godess, Fablespinner~D~. All credit goes to her for drawing such a damn good hentai pic. After looking the idea just kinda hit me, and the muses took over from there.

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The Weather Outside is Frightful
Part 5

Right at that time, a loud explosion ruptured the silence showering the people below with glass.

Heero watched in complete horror as the house caved in on itself....


He sank to his knees as the cry ripped from his throat. His partner, no his friend was in that house and it...

//Death can't die...he isn't dead...he can't be//

The last few months flashed in his mind, each memory a stab of pain. He saw Duo's cheerful face, his manic grin and laughter, those deep eyes that masked his real feelings. Looking back, Heero finally noticed the emotion building up within those eyes that the cheerful pilot couldn't completely mask.

He saw the lancing pain when he hit Duo for annoying him, the hurt when he would call him a stupid baka.

It took losing the braided baka for Heero to finally realize how much Duo meant to him...


"Heero, please!!!"


"Why not?"

Heero turned to glare harshly, "Duo, leave me alone!"

"Gomen Heero, I'll go now"


Now Heero could see the defeat and sadness in those eyes, he had been to busy being an ass-hole before to notice.

He lowered his head, wave upon wave of sorrow washed over him. "Duo..."

"Heero..?" a vaguely familiar voice spoke, but it sounded far away.

"Heero, snap out it!" Quatre stammered out while shaking the boy's shoulders.

"He's dead...Duo's gone..." he whispered still in shock.

"No he isn't." Quatre stated, his hand over his heart

Heero looked up in shock, "Nani? How do you know?"

"I can feel him, Heero. He's in a great amount of pain..."

Heero shot up to his feet, "Where can he be?"

"Quatre, Heero look at this." Trowa calmly stated, knowing someone needed to stay rational.

"It's blood..." Quatre began..."it's Duo! I know it."

Heero looked at the spots of blood on the ground, he found a trail.

"He went this way." was all he said before heading off, following the drops of red staining the ground.


Duo groaned in pain as he shifted position. He laid on the floor of an old shack, his wounds had reopened in his escape from the burning house. Pain-filled violet eyes looked around the small run-down building. He noticed there was nothing besides an old run-down desk in the corner.

His mind was filled with pain from his still injured and throbbing ankle. His arm was red-streaked from the bleeding wound, and Duo felt dizzy.

"heero...help me"


The trail ended in the middle of the street, all three boys cursed under their breath. They knew they needed to hurry, Duo could need serious medical attention.

//Where are you, Duo. Please be okay...// Heero thought, for once not pushing away his feelings. He needed to find the braided pilot and make sure he would be safe.

"Let's split up, he has to be around he somewhere." Quatre said before walking off to the left of the street. Trowa and Heero headed off in different directions.

The blonde boy walked towards a group of run-down shacks. The pain in his chest growing stronger with each step. //He is near//

"Duo!!! Duo, answer me!!!"

A faint whimper reached his ears, Quatre ran towards the sound. Quatre entered the small dwelling, sighing in relief when he found Duo.

Walking over to his friend, he knelt beside him. "Duo, please answer me...."


Finally the fear left his body, he put his hand on Duo's forehead. "How'd you get over here in your condition?"

"don't 'member..there was smoke..." Duo frowned as he tried to remembered what had happened.

"Don't push yourself, I'm going to get you out of here. Wait right here"


Heero frantically searched every-where. Duo needed him.

"Heero! I found him"


"Follow me, I couldn't carry him.." Quatre said while trying to catch his breath.

The two quickly returned to the place where Duo had collapsed, the Asian boy took one look at the American pilot. He needed to make sure it was Duo.


He was by Duo's side in a flash, pulling the injured boy into a fierce hug. Relief washed over him, as Heero just held the other boy.

"heero...can't breathe...." Duo whimpered

"Gomen Duo" he said, only loosening the embrace slightly. "You're all right...I thought..."

"Heero we need to get Duo out of here." Trowa stated, while walking towards them.

"Aa" Heero stood up, picking Duo up carefully and holding him close to his body.

" 'm sleepy..."

"Duo...you can't.."

"It's okay Heero. From what I can tell he didn't suffer from any head wounds." The tall pilot stated while looking over the frail figure once again.

"Go to sleep Duo...you're safe now"

"arigato Hee-chan..."

Heero watched as Duo's eyes closed and his breathing evened out. Unconsciously, the smaller boy snuggled closer to Heero's warmth. //Sleep well shi-chan...//

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