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Warnings: Langauge, Angst, Lemon?,Yaoi
Pairings:3+4, will lead to 1X2X1, ??

Notes: Minna-san, this fic was inspired by the most wonderful fanart godess, Fablespinner~D~. All credit goes to her for drawing such a damn good hentai pic. After looking the idea just kinda hit me, and the muses took over from there.

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The Weather Outside is Frightful
Part 3

A shrill alarm broke through the hazing darkness surrounding Duo. He opened his eyes, only to see the ground rushing towards him.

'Shit!!!' he cursed as he pulled hard on the controls to prevent his crashing death. The strain on his wound was great, but like so many times before Duo pushed it away. Finally his gundam was leveling out.

Duo let out a sigh of relief. He noticed a flickering light on the control panel. "what the.." //Oh yeah..I turned off communications//




Heero cursed himself to hell and back for not noticing sooner. //He just came back from a mission, and didn't even get out of his gundam// Just when that thought struck he saw Deathscythe pull up and level out.






" yes..?"

Heero let out a small sigh, //Damn you//. Why he was angry at Duo, he didn't know. If he really thought about it, he couldn't use the mission as an excuse since it had been completed already.

"We'll talk when we get back"

//Nani? He said a full sentence?// Duo concentrated on the controls of his gundam, he found it easier to block out the pain that way. Once he saw the safe house in the distance he let out a sigh of relief, his eyes were starting to feel really really heavy.


Trowa stood by as the two gundams landed, he quickly walked over to Deathscythe with a med-kit. If Quatre was right, Duo was going to need it. He managed to make it to the feet of the black gundam, before the hatch opened and Duo fell out.

"Duo!!" Quatre yelled out from the doorway. He ran to his fallen friend, worry marking his face.

Duo was a mess, blood stained his arm from the bullet wound. He had various cuts and scrapes along his other arm and face. His clothing was torn. Trowa did a quick check over his injuries.

"The main concern is the bullet wound on his arm and a severely sprained ankle"

Quatre would have asked the braided pilot why he went out on another mission.

//Duo no baka...just you wait till you wake up//

Heero watched the events, for some unknown reason when Duo fell out of his gundam his breathe caught in his chest and he was worried.

//Masaka...why would I...//

He walked over to the motionless pilot, while looking Trowa in the eye, and picked him up off the floor.

"I'll take him." in a voice that left no room for discussion.

//Duo no baka, if you think that by passing out...// Once again the anger came back, but he still couldn't figure out why.


He hurt all over, but thankfully it wasn't as intense as before. Duo slowly cracked open one violet eye and looked around the darkened room. He nearly gasped at the sight of Heero sitting in a chair beside his bed.

//He's watching over me? Why??//

He knew what he wanted to be the answer, but quickly forgot about it. Instead of trying to fall back asleep, Duo simply watched Heero as he slept, the moonlight shining down on his beautiful face and hair. The sight was angelic to Duo.

//It must be uncomfortable in that chair, not to mention cold//

Duo tried to get up, but it was painful. But he didn't let it stop him, as quietly as he could he pulled the big thick blanket off of the bed and leaned over to cover Heero. His hand brushed against the skin of Heero's arm, and he closed his eyes enjoying the feel.

When Duo opened his eyes, he was met with a pair of slightly confused cobalt blue eyes.


Heero was brought out of his sleep by a feather touch on his arm, strangely it sent odd sensations flowing over his skin. He opened his eyes as saw Duo, covering him with a blanket. The look on the baka's face was open, innocent and pure. It captivated Heero, his eyes meet the soft violet ones and for the first time in his life he felt warm.

"Duo..." he started, but then stopped when the other stiffened. //Why...//

"why didn't you tell me?" he asked in a calmer voice

"Because, it was a mission. I know how the mission is all important..."

For some odd reason that answer made Heero feel worse. He just didn't understand, the mission was the most important thing, right?

Heero was about to say something else, but Duo interrupted him.

"Sorry, but can we finish this in the morning. I want to try and sleep."

"Hn" he replied, but unknown to him it was not as harsh as his usual grunts of acknowledgment. Heero shifted in the chair, fully intent on staying and watching over the injured pilot.

Duo saw this and snorted to himself, "Heero no baka. Go to your room"

"Iie, I'm staying here"

//Figures// "That chair has to be uncomfortable." Duo scooted over on the bed, and lifted the blankets.

Heero saw this and was about to comment, only to be cut off by Duo again.

"If you're staying in here, you're not sleeping in that chair. There's enough room for us both. Now get your skinny ass over here..."

"Fine." Heero agreed. He got to his feet and climbed into the bed with Duo. For some odd reason, the warmth came back to encompass his body.

//What is happening//

"Night Heero" Soon after Duo went back to sleep.

Heero watched him sleep, still confused by all that was happening to him. He didn't understand, but a small part of him was telling him it felt right.

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