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By d_huron

Trowa walked into the kitchen, in search for something to eat. It was in the middle of the afternoon, Quatre and Wufei were away for the day. Some mission that required them both. Heero and Duo would be busy with themselves for awhile, leaving the silent boy some peace and quiet.

As soon as he saw the braided pilot, he knew piece and quiet went to hell in a hand-basket.

"Hey Tro-man!" Duo quipped energetically, smile lighting up his face. Trowa stopped short, the usual tail of chestnut hair was in a loose pony-tail.

"Duo." He acknowledged, trying to dispel the very interesting thoughts that aroused him. Then Trowa noticed a rather large can, sitting in front of the sexy boy. //Sexy? He's Heero's......can't have him......// He moaned in his mind, he so wanted to claim the perfect body, ravaged Duo till he passed out only to ravage him some more once he woke.

"What's that Duo?"

"Come on over and have a look."

If Trowa would have been coherent, he would of picked up on the teasing tone. But he was too aroused to think. Walking over to the counter, the taller pilot tried not to whimper from the tight jeans caressing his painfully arousal.

Duo smirked to himself. Trowa was flustered and from the look of things, very aroused. The braided boy had lots planned with the large can of marshmallow creme. As his prey came closer, Duo shifted his hips ever so minutely, yet seductively. A soft intake of air reached his ears. //Bingo//

With definite grace and seductive movements Duo's hand began to un-button his shirt. The coolness of the room assaulting his sensitive nipples, making them hardened. He looked over his shoulder, and saw Trowa standing there in a state of aroused shock.

"Trowa...it's very hot...don't you think?" Then the shirt fell to the floor, exposing his upper body.

Trowa's mind threatened to black out from the erotic movements. His mouth went dry as the shirt fell to the floor. Emerald eyes traced the exposed flesh, his erection getting harder. Blinking from his stupor, Trowa quickly walked over to the braided tease and kissed him. Duo's lips were so soft and hot, the taller boy wanted to melt into the lithe body. His tongue pushed past the slightly parted lips, tasting Duo's mouth and teasing every inch. Finally breaking away, he looked into the deep violet eyes. "Duo..."

Duo's smiled at the wonder in Trowa's eyes. Slowly be pulled the turtle neck off and throwing it across the kitchen. He tasted the smooth flesh, toying and nipping the hardening nipples. "Trowa....you taste good"

"Please...don't stop..." he sobbed out, the sensations hit his body and mind like physical blows. His hands found themselves in the smooth hair, pulling Duo closer. "Duo....oh gods...."

"Trowa...you're so sexy. I want you, I want to taste you...I want to suck you.." Duo dropped his hands to the waist-band of the tight denim. Slowly he un-buttoned them and pulled the zipper down. His hand slipped into the open fabric, taking the hardened flesh in his grip. "You feel so good, so hot."


With one hand, the violet-eyed boy pushed the jeans off the slim hips and down the muscled legs. "What do you want?"

"I want....I...." Trowa stumbled over his words, too lost to actually thing.

Duo turned towards the counter, taking the large can from it's perch. One slender finger dipped into the soft goo, then went to his lips. "Mmmmmm. So good, almost like you. I wonder how both would taste."

Duo pushed Trowa back until his back of his legs hit the table, with a feral grin he pushed Trowa onto the table. "Spread you legs Trowa...."

Trowa laid on the dinner table, nude and legs spread wide. Whimpers and moans left his lips as Duo poured the slightly warm marshmallow mixture on his body. He squirmed as the stuff oozed all over his body, between his spread legs. Just when he thought it couldn't get any more wonderful, Trowa felt Duo's hot tongue licking him.

"DUO!" Trowa screamed as his arousal was taken into Duo's mouth. He thrashed on the table, moaning and arching off the cool surface.

"Come for me Trowa..." Duo said before taking the length into his mouth, again. He sucked harder, tongue caressing the arousal.

"Koi!!" Trowa shouted out as he came, hot seed pouring into Duo's mouth and down this throat. Each pulse of his erection evoked more whimpers and mindless words to leave his mouth.

Duo sucked down all of Trowa, feeling the other boy surrender to him. He licked the softening erection before releasing Trowa. "Trowa..." Duo crawled up the still sticky body and kissed him passionately.

"And just what were you two thinking?"

They both turned towards the door, where Heero stood. Trowa paled as his frantic eyes looked at Heero, he knew he was in deep trouble, he was going to suffer a very long and painful death. He looked at Duo, confused, as the braided one began to chuckle. "Duo?"

The braided one chuckled and winked at Heero. "What does it look like Hee-chan?" He leaned over and kissed, the very shocked, Trowa hard on the lips. His hands toying with the awakening erection. Trowa moaned from the wonderful torture, closing his eyes. He heard a low growl.

"heero...please don't...kill...me..I'm...I....." He was silenced with Duo's lips and tongue.

"Mmmm....are you coming over or not Hee-chan?" Duo purred while licking Trowa's marshmallow covered nipple. He looked into Trowa's confused green eyes, with a small smile he kissed Trowa. "Mmm, do you know how long we've waited to get you sexy?"


"Trowa....you talk too much" Heero said before claiming the sweet mouth, his tongue diving into the warmth while his hand reached out and pulled Duo closer. He left Trowa's lips and claimed Duo's in a bubbling passionate kiss of long time lovers. The taller boy watched as their two tongues sparred with one another, the sexy little noises turning him on even more. He must have whimpered, because he was pinned with two sets of hungry eyes.

"Trowa, I think Heero's wearing too many clothes.....don't you think?"

Trowa nodded as his hands nearly ripped the blasted green tank-top off of Heero's body. As soon as his chest was bared, Trowa was licking, biting and sucking on the flesh. The sounds the Japanese boy was making made his blood boil. Duo was busy pulling off the constrictive spandex shorts off his lover's body.

Heero was engulfed with lust and passion, his eyes blazed with cobalt fire. He pulled Trowa's sticky body against his and kissed the stunned pilot hard. His hand claimed Trowa's hardness. "Mine." He stroked his new lover slowly, milking each and every whimper.

Duo took Heero into his hand, teasing him just as Trowa was being teased. He bit down on the soft flesh of Trowa's neck. "Mine." Looking into Heero's eyes, Duo ran his hand down his chest.. Slowly he began to tease his Japanese lover. "I want you both...NOW!"

Heero turned Trowa around, so that the taller boy was facing Duo. The braided pilot's legs were hanging off of the table, spread wide, absently running his fingers over his arousal. "Take him Trowa...fuck him while I take your body...." he said while spreading the cool lubricant over his arousal.

The braided boy moaned, wiggling on the cool wood surface, from watching the other two. Violet eyes met with deep blue, Duo gestured to the counter top. Heero smiled smugly and nodded, then retrieved the large can.

"Mmm.." the Japanese boy moaned out while nibbling on the exposed neck while dipping his fingers in the creamy goo. Heero trailed his fingers over the taller boy's shoulders, neck, and chest. "Even better..." he murmured before licking away the trails of sweetness.

Trowa's eyes slid close, in pure bliss, he thought Heero's hand pumping his arousal was heaven but that hot tongue licking and teasing him was pure euphoria. Emerald eyes opened, filled with lust, and spotted the long-haired beauty whimpering under him. He lowered his head and claimed the pale lips, thrusting his tongue into the moist cavern. "Duo..." a soft moan, while pulling away.

"Take him Trowa..." Heero whispered in his ear, nudging the tall boy with his hardened flesh. His hand grasped Trowa's slick cock, teasing it. He slid one slick finger into the tight passage, slowly preparing the taller boy.

"Please Trowa..." the braided boy begged. Duo moaned when he was penetrated by one long slick finger. He moaned and bucked his hips, wanting more. Slowly and lovingly, Trowa prepared his new lover.

Heero watched the scene before him and nearly lost his tight reign on his control. The sight of Trowa pleasuring Duo was just too erotic. He looked at the can of marshmallow goo, and smiled. With his free hand, Heero lifted the can and poured it's contents onto Trowa's heated body. He watched as it slowly oozed down the lithe figure, and Heero chuckled when Trowa moaned again. He loved the sounds that Trowa made, just as much as the sounds Duo would make.

"Koi..." he whispered into the room.

Trowa gently pushed himself into Duo's tight body, the tall boy moaned out loud as he was surrounded by burning heat. The tall pilot moaned into Duo's mouth as Heero pushed into his body. Loud pleasurable moans echoed in the room, as three bodies slowly moved together. Heero's hands roamed over Trowa's sticky body, exploring every inch as his hips thrust his arousal into the hot body.

Duo's head thrashed as he was completely ravished by Trowa, unarticulated moans and murmurs left his lips. He saw Heero behind the taller boy, thrusting into the lithe body and driving Trowa deeper into him. His eyes met with emerald, then deep blue. He whimpered again as Trowa and Heero's combined hand took his arousal and slowly started to stroke him.

"Koi..." he whimpered, eyes closed from the tidal waves of passion crashing throughout his body. He arched off the table, pleasure peaking throughout his blood with each pounding thrust. Duo was pulled onto Trowa's lap, crying out in pleasure. His lips and tongue started to lick at the sweet skin of the taller boy's neck. A wordless cry ripped from his throat as he was pushed closer to the edge, breathe coming in gasping pants The hands moved faster, Trowa thrust into him harder, and deeper. He threw his head back and screamed, his orgasm hitting him. He climaxed into Heero and Trowa's hands, hot passion spilling over his stomach.

Heero heard his first love climax, he thrust faster into Trowa's body hands resting on the slim hips. He closed his eyes and he cried out as he came, his passion filling and claiming the other boy. Trowa finally surrendered to ecstasy's embrace, he yelled out as his seed claimed Duo's body. His hips kept their thrusting motions, riding the final waves of pleasure. "I love you..." Trowa finally whispered, talking to both of them.

Duo and Heero shared a smile, and a small wink. "Love you too Trowa." Heero said. He was about to add something else, when Duo started giggling.

"What's so funny, Duo?" The other two asked.

"Look Hee-chan, We made a Trowe~o!!" Duo started laughing once again.

Trowa and Heero chuckled. "Duo, I love you, You baka" Trowa said lovingly before kissing him again.

"Hmmmm.....you know the best way to eat a Trowe~o is don't you, Duo?"

"Licking the creamy center?"


They both fixed Trowa with predatory smiles, the taller boys 'eep' was swallowed by Duo's mouth.

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