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Pairing: 1X2X1
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Yaoi, lemon, angst, OOC/AU

~~~*~~~ beginning/ending of dream
“…” spoken word
‘…’ thoughts
+ Scene change

Reluctant Heart
Part 2
by d_huron

It was the long-haired boy’s fingers teasing his length, leaving trails of fire on his stomach and chest. Unable to stand the restriction of his briefs, Heero pushed them down, low on his hips. He wrapped his hand around his need once again, biting his lower lip. Heero pictured the violet-eyes boy on his knees, mouth parted to take in his arousal. His hand moved in slow strokes, visions of the braided boy’s lips around his length drove Heero higher and higher.

Heero’s hips began thrusting upward. He remembered the intimate touch that set his nerves, and blood on fire; his other hand left his chest, ghosting its way down past his erection. Trailing down one thigh, Heero’s fingers teased his virgin entrance, mimicking Duo’s touch exactly. “Gods, Duo!” Heero cried out, feeling the earth move. His hand stroked faster, ecstasy building. He could feel the universe on the verge of oblivion, so close…

“Heero, Are you okay?” Quatre’s voice boomed from the hallway


The Japanese pilot didn’t here the voice or anything outside of his fantasy, lost and drowning under the peaking pleasure. His back arched off the bed and his entire body tightened up, the ecstasy rapidly building so fast Heero nearly wept until everything exploded and he hollered as he came.

Pulse after pulse of passion coated his abdomen while he gasped and tried to regain control, just then the door to his room slammed open and he heard Quatre’s concerned voiced…then a gasp of horror.

“Oh my… I’m sorry Heero…” he squeaked, getting a very good view of Heero, his cock and the mess on his stomach.

“Quatre!” He managed to growl, while covering himself up. Heero fought the blush the threatened to cover his face. “Out!” He yelled, embarrassed.

When the door finally closed, after another apology from Quatre, Heero pulled the blanket from him and made a face at the mess he had made. Out of curiosity, he ran his fingers thru the warm liquid pooled on his stomach and brought it up to his mouth. He hesitated for a few moments, before his tongue darted out for a taste. Slowly Heero licked his fingers and after a while he sucked them into his mouth.

The taste was different, he decided before leaving the comfort of his bed. He pulled off the tank top and cleaned himself with it. It really was a damn sexy picture, Heero Yuy standing with his tank top at his side while his briefs were low on his hips, his cock free and the look on his face.

He pushed the briefs all the way down and kicked them away and walked towards the closet. His hands were on auto pilot while his mind raced back to what just happened. It wasn’t the first time he masturbated, but it was the first time he had such an intense dream. While he went over the details, he pulled on a pair of well worn jeans, forgoing underwear.

After he was dressed, Heero went to sit on his bed and think some more. It was obvious he had a thing for the long haired pilot. Being totally honest, he knew he was attracted to him from the get go. Well maybe not from their first meeting, he thought and absently rubbed at his arm.

“Hn.” He grunted to nobody, still trying to figure out what to do. He knew he needed to work thru his feelings…

And then talk with his Duo.


Across the hall in another room, Duo tossed in his sleep. The occasional whimper leaving his lips. The sheets were wrapped around his lower body and sweat covered his bare chest. More words fell from his lips; pleading, begging, sorrowful, and horror. Bangs were plastered to his forehead, and his whimpering slowly began to get louder.

“No…… please….. Gods no….” He pleaded to the phantoms. But they would not relent, and they continued their unholy deed.

“NO!” He screamed and was ripped from his nightmare. Heart pounding in his chest, the sound of his own panting filling his ears. Wide, scared violet eyes frantically looked around the room, searching.

With painfully slowness, Duo began to calm down. He continued to take deep breaths, until his heart didn’t quite feel like a jack hammer in his chest.

It was the same nightmare, the one that had plagued him for the last week. It was more intense than the previous night, and he shivered from the vivid details he could remember. The death of the fellow pilots, but what shook him to the core was the manner in which _he_ had died. Another shiver ran up and down his spine and his heart started racing again.

Duo Maxwell rose from his bed and quickly changed, needing to go out and make sure the others were… still there. He picked up an old pair of shorts and slipped on a pull over shirt then left his room, barely remembering to put on his smile. Wouldn’t do any good to give anyone cause for concern.

The first person he ran into, literally, was Quatre; the first thing the braided man noticed was just how red his friend was.

“Oof…” he grunted out as they both toppled over and ended up on the floor in a tangle of limbs. Duo was the first one to recover and stand back up, offering a hand to the other.

“I’m sorry…” He squeaked, face still red from earlier.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah... why wouldn’t I be?” He asked, hoping Duo wouldn’t ask. He still couldn’t get the image out of his mind, as hard as he tried.

“Quatre…” Duo started, knowing something was up.

“I’m fine… really Duo. I was just did something really embarrassing and don’t want to talk about it…” He stammered. When the other pilot seemed to buy his excuse, he sighed with relief.

Duo smiled at him and headed towards the stairs, chuckling to himself, he turned his head just slightly, so that Quatre would hear him. “Gods Quatre, you’d think you walked in on someone having sex with how red you are…” He was gone after that and missed the wide eyed, gaping look that the blonde had on his face.

to be continued

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