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Pairings: Duo x Heero? Heero x Duo?
Rating: NC-17

Part 2

The storm had lightened in intensity, rain no longer pouring from the sky. Heero walked up to the door; nervously rubbing his sweaty palms against his jeans. Each step took him closer to Duo; closer to either pure elation or supreme misery. The Japanese man decided to aim for the braided one’s heart, not accepting anything less than his love and commitment; he was putting his own heart and soul on the line, but Heero didn’t care. Finally he reached the door, his hand reached for the door bell. He noticed how his hand was shaking, but it was already too late to turn back.

‘This is it’

“Hello, Duo.” He said passed the lump in his throat; as the door opened and the braided man was revealed. Cerulean blue eyes softened as Heero looked at his elusive beloved for the first time in a long time. His heart nearly stopped when Duo smiled at him.

“Heero, come in!” Duo stepped aside, allowing his friend to enter. The chestnut haired man couldn’t believe his luck; well at least Heero didn’t show up while he was….occupied. He took a few moments to look over his friend, and had to admit to himself that Heero looked hotter than ever. The braided man wondered why he ran from *that*, his best friend simply took his breath away. He couldn’t help but stare at the other’s backside as he passed him…

The Japanese man looked around the small, yet comfortable living room and sat when Duo motioned him to. He took a deep breath and tried to calm his heart, and dispel the butterflies in his stomach. Nervously, he wiped his palms on the rough fabric of his jeans, looking every where but into the other’s eyes.

“How’ve you been, Heero? Two years, hasn’t it been?” The chestnut haired man said, trying to start a conversation and trying not to let his mind wonder back to that night, oh so long ago. His eyes looked everywhere but at Heero, not really knowing why he was avoiding the only person he wanted, it wasn’t like he didn’t already know that his best friend wanted him, like he did in return. It was frustrating, Duo didn’t know what to do. Should he continue to play dumb and dance around the subject, or do what his body was screaming at him to do; jump Heero’s bones…..

but what if he didn’t want him anymore….

“Why?” Heero finally asked, voice barely above a whisper. His eyes met Duo’s, holding them in their confused gaze. In honestly, he didn’t plan on coming right out and asking deciding it was best to play around the subject. But all his plans were for nothing, as he stood their, uncertain. All he wanted to do was reach over and pull the braided man into his arms; pretend the previous two years of loneliness hadn’t happened. The question wasn’t meant to sound so, desperate. “Why…?” He stepped closer to Duo, standing before him.

“I…I…saw you…..in your backyard…..and…” Duo licked his dry lips, trying to calm his racing heart, “I watched…..I couldn’t look away….Heero…..it terrified me……. afterwards….after I….” His cheeks felt hot, and he lowered his eyes as he finished his confession, “you looked so hot….I couldn’t take it…..I was so aroused…..and…..I stroked myself while watching you….fantasizing that you were underneath me….as we made love….” He turned his back towards the other, feeling completely exposed. “The next morning…I was still so shocked by everything that I tried to avoid you, to figure out what had happened….but you always showed up. With that smile on your face, or throwing your arm around my shoulder…each time it sent shivers down my spine…and I would feel myself getting aroused. I didn’t want to accept it…not from you….I couldn’t.

After we graduated, I finally thought I’d be able to get over the feelings, and the growing need. So I left town, left the state and tried to get as far away from you as I could.”

Heero was completely taken by the other’s revelation, he tried to say something during Duo’s speech but couldn’t form any words. As his beloved continue, he replayed the memories in his head seeing how Duo would shy away from his touch or try to avoid him. He had to admit to himself, it was selfishness that he was also tossing his arm around the other, or brushing against him, just to feel the chestnut haired youth’s warmth. He had decided that fleeting touches and embraces were enough, while he would dream of more in his bed, alone, hand pumping his hardness. It was him that drove Duo away….all those nights he wondered where the other was, what he could do to bring him back…the few times his emotions had finally broken him and tears flowed…..

Duo sighed as he felt Heero’s arm wrap around his waist, wondering once again why he ran and feared that feeling. He felt warm lips on the nape of his neck, and shivered from the feeling. It was so right, being in the other’s arms like he was born just for him.

The Japanese man turned the other around, so he could look into the deep amethyst eyes. His hands rose to Duo’s cheeks, holding the beautiful face. “I’m sorry…” The braided man started, but was silenced by his beloved’s warm lips.

The kiss was soft, yet fierce with passion; completely taking the long haired man’s breathe away, leaving him whimpering. The strong arms around his waist kept him from falling as the kiss grew deeper; he shivered as Heero’s tongue slipped between his lips. Duo felt like he was burning, dying, drowning; he clung to his beloved as his entire body seemed to burst from passion. Heero’s tongue explored his entire mouth, teasing his own tongue, gently tickling the roof of his mouth.

“Will you now, Duo?” The short haired man asked, after pulling back from the kiss. His hands moved down to cup the round globes of the braided boy’s ass. “I want you…” He walked backwards, pulling the other with him, till the back of his knees met the arm of the sofa. Heero fell back onto the cushions, Duo landing on top of him.

Here was his second chance, to claim his happiness that he denied two years ago. Proof was in the way Heero lied underneath him, cerulean blue eyes darkened with desire and the growing hardness confined in the jeans. He breathed in the scent of the other, intoxicated by the unique scent.

“I need you…” was the whispered statement, as Duo’s hands slid to the waistband of Heero’s jeans. He fumbled with the button, but it finally came undone. The braided boy held his breath as he lower the zipper, eyes locked with those of his soon to be lover. How long had he dreamt of this moment, parting the open fabric and letting his hands delve inside; teasing Heero’s length through the thin black boxer briefs. He kissed the other, fiercely before sliding off the other and standing above him. He looked down at the vision, trying not to moan from the sight.

“Duo, more…” Heero started to say, but went speechless as the other slowly began to strip off the clothing covering his body. He was pinned by the darkening violet eyes, and held his breath as the beautiful body before him was revealed. He wanted to moan out as Duo slowly lowered his pants, exposing his hardened flesh.

Violet eyes were filled with hunger while they stared upon the form lying on the sofa, overdressed. Duos knelt in front of his beloved; hands reaching for the opened waist band, and slowly began pulling the material down Heero’s legs, then toss them off to the side; Heero raised his arms above his head as his shirt was removed. He gasped out loud as Duo’s tongue began to tease his chest, slowly moving towards the ache between his legs, but only to move back up his exposed flesh towards his mouth; taking it in a deep probing kiss. “so hot, Heero…” Duo whispered, his hand moving over the other’s cotton clothed arousal; feeling just how aroused the Japanese man was from the wetness.

“Touch me, Duo….” He gasped out loud, needing more…Gods he had waited so long….”Please…” Heero raised his hips from the cushions as Duo removed the last article of clothing from his body, a gasp leaving his lips as the cool air hit his burning skin. Blue eyes looked up at the breath taking site hovering above him, memorizing every line and curve. His gaze slowly traveled lower, mouth suddenly going dry as he saw the evidence of Duo’s passion, his eyes closed and visions of him taking the hard length into his mouth, sucking and licking his lover filled his mind, filling Duo, thrusting into the tight heat that awaited him, making the sweet voice whimper with his name. Feeling Duo do everything to him as well, to take him, touch him…

Heero pulled Duo down, so that their bodies were completely touching, claiming the addicting lips in a fiery kiss. His hips moved of their own will, grinding against his lover’s. Somehow he managed to move them so that he was on top of the braided man, slowly trailing kisses down the muscled chest.

Mindless whimpers were the only sounds from the chestnut haired youth, he arched into the touch moaning from the blazing flames left in Heero’s wake. His mind was fast becoming overwhelmed by the fleeting touches, maddening kisses and evil bites. Duo’s voice filled the room, urging…begging Heero for more. Mind far gone, he let his lover move his legs apart, thrown over his shoulders. Violet eyes looked into Cerulean for a heart stopping second, before he felt Heero’s fingers wrap around his hard arousal.


Heero spread his lover’s legs further apart, fully exposing Duo. He felt his own arousal throb in need, slowly he continued his worship of the braided man’s body; tongue running over Duo’s thighs while his other hand lifted his lover’s hips off the sofa. He bathed the warm flesh, covering every inch as he moved towards his lover’s need.

Duo’s body trembled with need, if he would have been coherent enough he would have called the other a sadistic tease. Heero lavished each inch with his tongue except for his arousal, the other’s breath caressing him…teasing him even more….until it all stopped and he felt himself being maneuvered to his hands and knees….

Heero just looked at Duo, his fingers wrapping around his length, squeezing it slightly. His lover looked so damn hot….head down, legs spread, arousal hard and wet, totally exposed and wanting _HIM_. The very thought that he finally would be granted what he wanted was nearly enough to make him climax. He wanted to show _his_ Duo how much he wanted him, how much he needed him and to show the braided man pleasure he never knew, he closed the distance between him and his lover while his hand moved over Duo’s hip…

Duo cried out as he felt Heero’s tongue brush past his opening, back arching as new sensations and pleasure washed over his body. His lover was tormenting him, yet didn’t want it to stop.

Heero concentrated on his lover’s pleasure, teasing Duo’s opening before, each pass of his tongue increased in pressure. Each moan and whimper urged him on, telling him to give his lover more. His spread his lover’s cheeks apart, licking around the tight opening adding more pressure as he passed over it, until finally his tongue slipped inside the violet eyed man’s body. His fingers wrapped around Duo’s arousal, stroking his lover while his tongue thrust in and out of the tight heat.

“Heero….ooh…..god….” Duo whimpered, thrusting into his lover’s hand. His entire body trembled, nearing the edge of climax; with a hoarse cry he came, his seed covering his lover’s hand. He shook from the intensity, whimpering Heero’s name, riding the ebbing waves of euphoria.

Before the braided man could regain his breath, he found himself lying on his back, his lover sitting between his spread legs. He looked down at his lover, eyes widening as he watched Heero coat his hardness with his seed. Duo smiled softly when his lover looked up and into his eyes, telling the other that this was what he wanted, to belong solely to Heero.

The Japanese man nearly came as he coated himself, already so close to the edge. He looked up, into the deep violet eyes feeling a shiver. The smile was radiant, making him fall even harder in love with Duo. He positioned himself, wrapping his lover’s legs around his waist while his hands moved to the braided youth’s hips.

“I love you, Duo.” He spoke, as he slowly entered his love’s body.

Biting his lower lip to keep from whimpering, Duo hands grabbed his lover’s arms as he was taken. He stared into the blue eyes, submitting to his lover’s kiss; anything to distract himself from the pain. After what seemed like eternity, Heero was fully shethed inside his body. He remained unmoving while his lover adjusted to him, kissing the soft lips in a silent apology.

..”Heero….take me….” Duo whispered, his hips thrusting. He gasped as the other pulled out and thrust back into him, starting a slow rhythm.


The Japanese youth’s grip tightened as his pace quickened, moans and whimpers of euphoric pleasure escaping from his parted lips.

Cerulean and Amethyst; lips caressing, touching; bodies moving together towards climax; hearts and souls reaching for one another, Heero took his lover’s arousal into his hand and pumped with the same dizzying pace as his thrusts.

“Love you…..love you….so much Duo….oh gods……” The Japanese youth couldn’t hold back any longer, with two final thrusts he cried out his lover’s name and filled Duo with his passion. His hand brought the braided youth to completion.



“Yes, Duo?”

The braided youth took a deep breath, snuggling deeper into his lover’s chest, trying to form what he wanted to ask into words. “Do you really love me?” He asked, voice small.

“Yes, I love you. Only you…”

“Love you too, Heero.” He replied, kissing his lover .


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