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Wishing Upon the New Year

Duo was brought out of his dreams from something hard rubbing against his ass. The feel of Heero’s arousal rubbing against him was most definitely better than his passion filled dream. He slowly started to roll his hips to create more friction. He bit his lower lip to keep from moaning. His eyes rolled up in pleasure when one hand was placed on his hip. His breathing slowly became labored, the quiet moans from Heero was driving him further into the lust filled haze. His hand drifted from his side to brush against the hard erection.

"Mmmmm, Duo if you don’t stop..."

Heero had been dreaming of Duo, he woke up and noticed he was painfully hard and rubbing rub against Duo. When the other started to rub up against him, it took all of his control not to cum in his pants. He couldn’t stop the moans, nor did he want to. His hand moved to rest on Duo’s hip savoring the contact. The hand brushing against his erection was almost too much. "Mmmmm, Duo if you don’t stop..." His own hand moved from Duo’s hip to his own erection, giving it a few firm strokes.

Duo arched his back and moaned in passion, his hand joined Heero in stroking his length, he closed his eyes as their joint hands slipped under the boxers and flesh met hot flesh. "Faster Heero..." Their hands pumped his arousal faster and faster, Duo’s vision blurring as his orgasm approached it’s peak. Duo came crying out Heero’s name, his seed covering both their hands and his boxers.

Duo turned and watched as Heero slowly and erotically licked his fingers clean, he kissed Heero’s luscious mouth his tongue asking for entrance while his hand began to squeeze the firm globes of the tight ass. He broke away from the kiss and stared into the lust filled cobalt eyes. "I want you, you’re the only one. Take me"

Heero looked at his soon to be lover, "Are you..." His question was silenced with another deep kiss and a teasing stroke to his arousal. Needing no more encouragement, Heero quickly removed their remaining clothes, he reverently looked at Duo’s nude form.

"So Beautiful, an angel My angel" He moved to sit between Duo’s opened legs, hands running up the inner thighs.

"I don’t want to hurt you, we need some lube"


Heero quickly retrieved the tube and returned to Duo, he flipped off the cap and squeezed the cool gel into his hand. He slowly and gently started to prepare Duo, kissing the other boy to distract him from the initial pain.

"I love you Duo"

Once he thought Duo was ready, he removed his fingers and quickly coated himself with the gel. The act of rubbing the lubrication on himself nearly sent them both over the edge. He positioned himself, the tip of his erection nudging Duo’s entrance.

"Onegai Heero"

Slowly he pushed past the tight ring, the sheer tightness and heat of Duo nearly overwhelmed him. He felt like he was on fire, making love to fire. Inch by inch he entered the beauty under him, agonizing slowness made them both go mad with lust. After an eternity, he was fully seated within Duo, they both gave each other their innocence.

"Gods Duo..love...you..so....much" Heero stated as he slowly pulled back and pushed back into his love. He moved faster and faster, each thrust met by Duo’s own. His hand moved to the stiff erection trapped between them, his hand flying up and down at the same pace as his thrusts. His face contorted in orgasmic bliss, Heero cried out as he came his seed exploding into Duo marking and claiming him as his. The hand on Duo’s erection kept moving, a few more strokes later and Duo climaxed again bathing their lower bodies. By sheer will, Heero gently pulled out of Duo and moved to lay beside him. He pulled his lover into his embrace.

"Ai shiteru"

Duo slightly winced as Heero pulled out, his energy spent his body moved against Heero’s. His heart soared when he heard those words "Forever?"

Heero kissed Duo again, "Forever Duo, forever plus a day." They slowly drifted into sleep, safely nestled in each other’s arms.


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