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Wishing Upon the New Year
Part 3

"Iím sorry.." Heero began but was silenced by Duo placing a finger on his lips.

"Itís okay Heero.." It was Duoís turn to be silenced.

"No Duo it isnít, I need to tell you." He swallowed the lump and pushed forward " I found out that you were not with Hilde, but I was afraid to face you. I didnít want to see hatred in your eyes, so I stayed away and kept telling myself Iíd forget." His eyes shifted from the floor to meet violet eyes brimming with tears. "But everyday I felt more empty.

I went away to find myself." He looked downcast once again, throat dry from the uncharacteristic long speech.

"Did you find what you were looking for?"

"Not in Japan, but I always knew what I needed." Heero looked into the deep violet pools, his emotions clearly expressed through his eyes. "I need you. Duo, you make me complete. I want to be with you"

Duo threw himself in the otherís arms, his arms going around the thin waist. "Thatís all I want Heero, to be with you." Lips met again, bodies pressed against each other, and hand explored. Duo pulled back, his eyes showed his nervousness. "Stay? Hold me so I know this isnít a dream?"

Heero bent down and picked up his beloved. "For you anything" He turned and walked towards the bedroom, Duoís head resting on his chest. Gently he placed Duo on the bed and climbed in beside him, Duo snuggled as close as he could and sighed contentedly. "I love you" was the whispered confession before sleep claimed him.

Looking at the person he held so tightly in his arms, Heero smiled for the first time in a long time. "Promise you, forever koi. Ai shiteru" He placed a kiss on the warm forehead and slowly fell into a peaceful sleep.

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