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Wishing Upon the New Year
Part 2

Heero walked down the hall heading toward Duoís apartment. Although he seemed calm and collected, he was a mess. He knew he wasnít the best conversationalist on the planet, but he really needed to talk to Duo. He needed to confess to the braided ex-pilot but he didnít know which was the best way to do it. //This is so complicated// He could hear the crowd outside counting down, his pace quickened to make it on time. He knocked on the door, still unsure of how to proceed.


He saw the door open slightly, then it jerked open revealing a shocked Duo. His mouth slightly hanging open, his eyes filled with uncertainly.


//Just do it baka tell him.// Heero thought to himself.


"Happy New Year Duo" He reached out and brought their lips together, the kiss was clumsy but full of raw passion, unrestrained as the two put their entire beings within that kiss. Duo pulled back, looking deeply into the cobalt blue eyes searching for something. "Heero..why?" He was silenced by a finger on his lips

"Duo..just listen. This is hard for me to say...Iím not sure how..." He looked into the pleading violet eyes. "Ai shiteru Duo, I was such a fool to leave. I thought you were involved with someone else." He took a breathe and was going to continue, except he found himself holding a shaking body. "Iím sorry, I didnít mean to make you cry...I canít do anything right..."

Duoís head snapped up at the desolate tone in Heeroís voice. He placed his hands on either side of the perfect face and brought it down for another soul searing kiss. "Iím not crying because Iím upset, Iím just so happy. I love you, you baka" He pulled Heero into his apartment and shut the door. "Iíve always been waiting for you, no one else matters to my heart." Duo pulled his beloved into a fierce hug. They stayed standing in the middle of the room, neither wanted to break away from the warmth they were both missing

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