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Wishing Upon the New Year
Part 1

"So Heero, what are you going to do now? We are no longer needed as soldiers." Duo shifted nervously from one foot to the other. The gundams were gone, Dekim Barton defeated. Currently they were all at one of Quatreís holdings. Duo knew Heero was planning on leaving soon. //This may be my last chance//. Once he saw the bag lying at Heeroís feet his expression darkened immensely, knowing it was now or never.

//What is that look on this face? Is he sad to see me go? Perhaps, but he has that girl// Heero turned to look at the person, the only person, his heart was capable of loving. "Iím going to earth. Iím going to Japan to learn more about my past. Be well Duo." Without looking back, and his heart screaming for not, Heero left the house


Duo stared outside, he saw the throng of people gathered at Times Square. Even though he tried to bring in the New Year with a smile and joyous feelings, he just couldnít. "Are you happy?" His dejected sigh echoed throughout his small apartment. He could hear the people starting to countdown.


::Knock Knock::


Duo wondered who was at his door while he walked over to open it. Unlocking the locks quickly. Opening the door slightly, he saw a very familiar green tanktop. Duo jerked the door open and stared in shock.


They two young men just stared at each other, it had been too long. The crowd from outside was growing louder by the second.


"Happy New Year Duo." Heero said before grabbing Duoís shoulders and pulling him into a clumsy but hot and passionate kiss.

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