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Pairings: Heero and Duo
Warnings: Yaoi, PWP? Lemon, AU/OOC?

Note: By the way, this is an actually fantasy I had about a certain police officer back home. Damn Cop getting me all hot and bothered!!!

In the Late of Night
By d_huron

The entire store was quiet, save for a couple of fans, the office door was open and the light was on. The young man sat at the small desk, penciling in numbers and typing at the calculator. He yawned, putting the pencil down, and stretched his arms over his head. Rising to his feet, the man walked out of the office to check around making sure his night crew finished all their cleaning.

Walking towards the front, he looked over the lobby making sure everything was in order, grinning to himself that the menu board light gave enough illumination to see the tables and floor. He bent down, picking up some trash from the floor then walked to the trash receptacle. The light in the prep room was brighter, filling the room and a few beams falling to his light brown hair, captured in a braid that swayed with each step. He smiled to himself, thankful that the night was pretty much over, only a couple more things to finish and he would be able to go home. Relief filled his cobalt blue eyes; it had been a very long night.

A soft knock at the back door startled him out of his thoughts, making him jump. Duo frowned, wondering who it would be. Both his bosses had keys, maybe one of the girls left something? He shrugged to himself and quickly went to open the door, forgetting about safety procedure, asking who it was.

The door opened, just a crack and Duo almost forgot to breathe. He found himself lost in a deep pair of Cerulean eyes, a very familiar pair. “ummm…..yeah?”

“I’m sorry to bother you, but may I use your restroom?” The police officer asked his voice deep and sensual.

“S-sure. Come in.” Duo stammered, still stunned by the man in uniform. Oh he did know him, not in a personal way. He often came by, and he was sure to be the one to wait on him or at the very least sneak a peek at him. Duo had seen him in his uniform and in normal clothing, although he much preferred him in the uniform. The man looked so sexy in it.

Duo pulled his mind from the gutter, and smiled at the police officer. He led him to the front, through the pass through door, and to the glass door. He unlocked it.

“Restroom is to the left.”

“Thank You.”

Duo watched him until he disappeared and quickly went to the office, and nearly collapsed on the chair. His heart was racing. Oh, all the vivid fantasies he had of that police officer, since the first time he saw him. Later Duo found out that his name was Heero Yuy, and as luck would have it there was no wedding band on his finger. He had a small amount of hope, but really didn’t think it possible that he had a chance. A small smile curved his lips, oh but what sweet pleasure it would be. He would gladly strip naked for that man, spread his legs for him.

The sound of the front door closing broke him of his reverie and Duo quickly sprung to his feet and walked back out to the lobby. Just as he walked through the door, he stopped frozen, the door swinging shut. His eyes locked with the officer’s, drawn by something. His mouth felt dry, while his eyes greedily took in the site of the man he wanted so bad. He wanted to reach out and touch him, feel him against his body.

Before Duo knew what had happened, the distance between them had vanished and his lips were seized by the other man. He was shocked only for a few moments before joining in, parting his lips for the officer’s tongue. Their bodies rocked together, hands running over each other while hips thrusting against each other. Both men were driving themselves mad with need

They parted; panting for air and Duo took Heero’s hand and led him back to the kitchen area, where it was a bit darker and more private. He managed to get them close enough to the back table before Heero spun him around and captured his lips. Duo’s moan was lost in Heero’s mouth, as he surrounded to the kiss. His body felt incredibly hot.

Duo’s hand slowly descended from its place on Heero’s chest, moving to fumble with the belt. His hands were trembling, making his movements clumsy. The belt slid off of Heero’s hips and hit the floor with a Thunk. He gasped as one of Heero’s hands slid underneath the sweatpants and briefs he was wearing, wrapping around the base of his growing arousal. Heero’s low growl rumbled through his body, while working his fingers over the button and fly of the pants.

Heero trailed his lips over the young man’s face, nipping along his jaw up to his ear. He groaned as Duo’s hand slipped into his pants, and wrapped around his cock, stroking him. His own hand faltered for a few moments, a low moan melting from his lips. With his other hand, he pushed the sweatpants down Duo’s hips and legs, noticing that his were pooled at his ankles as well.

Duo pulled off his shirt, tossing it to the side and leaned in for another kiss. Each one seemed to be hotter and more passionate than the previous, tongue battling with one another, mouths opening, accepting. He started with the buttons on the police shirt, wanting to feel more of Heero’s skin. Slowly more flesh was revealed to him, the shorter man was busy nibbling on his neck teasing him with his teeth and mouth.

The chestnut haired man sunk to his knees, looking up into the intense eyes. It took his breath away, seeing the man of his fantasies standing over him, pants pooled at his feet, fully hard for him, uniform shirt open, showing off the muscled chest. The ache in his groin continued to grow. Duo licked at his lips, then leaned closer to the officer’s hardness. He looked up, from his spot on his knees locking violet with burning blue right before tasting the drop of essence at the very tip of the officer’s cock.

The silence broke, a low moan melting from the other man’s mouth. His hands fell to the kneeling man’s hair, running his fingers through the soft locks. So many days and nights had passed since he first laid eyes on the man, and the growing need to have him. His eyes closed, and he abandoned himself to pleasure of the other’s mouth. Since the first moan slipped past his tight control, every whimper, moan and gasp echoed in the kitchen. Slow, awkward thrusts of his hips slowly fell into a natural flowing movement, his hands fisted in the chestnut hair and he felt himself nearing the edge. ‘S..stop….’ he whispered, not wanting it all to end so soon.

Duo pulled back, reluctantly, and looked up. He nearly lost balanced while gazing into the deep cobalt blue eyes clouded with passion and lust. He licked his lips, and managed a grin.

Heero bit his lower lip, and looked around for something to use. His eyes scanned over the surfaces and under the tables, until they spotted a large bottle of butter. He made a face, but decided it was better than nothing at all. Bending down, he moved his hands under Duo’s arms and lifted him up, then picked him up and sat him on the table.

Moments passed slowly for the chestnut haired man; his hand slowly stroked his length as he waited for the other to return. If he wasn’t so turned on and hard, he would have been grinning like an idiot, but all he wanted was for his dream man to hurry up and return and take him, pound him into next week if that is what the other wanted.

“Mine…” Heero growled, removing Duo’s hand and replacing it with his own. Locking eyes with the man in front of him, he began pumping the length. He grinned as the other gasped from his touch, his hand being coated with the butter. Heero leaned in, and took the other’s lips in a kiss while moving his hand down Duo’s shaft, then balls towards the man’s opening.

“More…..” Duo moaned out, as his new lover prepared him. Slowly he was losing his mind, and sent further into passion’s grasp. His vision blurred when Heero hit something deep inside him with his fingers, and he nearly slid off the table. His eyes nearly rolled up into the back of his head as Heero’s fingers left him, and he was pulled closer to the officer, legs around the slim waist and the other’s cock nudging his entrance.

Ever so slowly, Heero slid in; filling Duo with his length. He nearly came just by sliding into the tight heat, his legs were straining, and burning but he didn’t care. After eternity, Heero was buried to the hilt; he paused to give his lover time to adjust.

Duo moved his hands to the other’s shoulders, and held on as he thrust back indicating he was ready. Nothing could have prepared him for when Heero pulled out and thrust back in. He felt like he was dying, each thrust was faster and deeper than the previous. Moaning, whimpering, hollering, begging, yelling, dying; his voice carried over filling the entire store. Just as he thought it couldn’t get any better, a hand wrapped around his cock and stroked. Higher and higher they rose, bodies moving with each other while flooding their minds with euphoria.

All too soon it ended Heero thrust once more before climaxing and filling Duo with his passion. Duo’s loud cry filled his ears, and ran down his spine as he came, covering his chest. Both men were panting, trying to recover from their orgasm; Heero pulled Duo up and against his chest, kissing him deeply while his hands rested on the other’s hips.

They parted, yet not speaking verbally. There would be a next time that much they knew for sure, and both could hardly wait.


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