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Warnings: hmm....humor..AU...OOC..LIME...LEMON
Rating: NC-17
Parings: 3+4, 1X2X1

The Greatest Gift of All
Epilogue - Side Story

Quatre grabbed Trowa’s hand and dragged the taller pilot to their room. The sexual tension in the house was reaching all new levels, and it was starting to affect Quatre. As soon as the door closed he turned to kiss the breathe out of Trowa.

“Quatre, what has gotten into you?” Trowa asked as he was backed against the bed. His shirt soon across the room and felt hands undoing his pants.

“You” Was the only answer the blond one gave before the pulled off those too tight jeans and boxers. He spared only a moment to look upon his koi, his manhood rock hard and calling him. Quatre quickly took off his own clothes, practically ripping them from his highly aroused body. Walking over to the nightstand, he pulled out a very familiar tube and joined his lover on the bed. He opened the tube and squeezed the colorless gel onto his palm. He quickly covered the erection with the cool gel. His mouth was being plundered by Trowa’s very talented tongue and could not stop the moan from leaving his lips. Crawling up Trowa’s body until he was straddling his hips, Quatre look into those green eyes as he lower himself upon his lovers arousal. He felt Trowa’s hands on his hips, “Stay still Little one” He felt Trowa slowly pushing himself past the tight ring, the sensations cascading and overwhelming his mind. His veins were filled with burning white fire, the passion threatening to burn him from within. His loud moans and whimpers grew in intensity as Trowa started thrusting faster and harder into him, his own grunts joining Quatre’s. When a hot hand grabbed his weeping erection, Quatre nearly screamed. The multiple sensations were coursing through his body, all focusing their intensity in his groin. Both were panting heavily, both were at the edge. Their mouths met in a primal and lust filled kiss, the hand on Quatre’s erection pumping him faster and faster. Quatre came violently, he screamed into Trowa’s mouth as his seed erupted from his member the force of his orgasm rocking his small frame. Trowa felt his koi come and clamp down on him, he surrendered to his own orgasm, erupting into Quatre’s body with a loud moan of ecstasy.

They both collapsed on the bed, lying side by side, panting for a long time. Trowa looked into his koi’s eyes before pulling him into his arms and covering them with the blanket. “Love you” he said tiredly, his eyes slowly closing. Quatre managed to open his eyes, “Love you too”. They both fell asleep, their love making leaving them both beyond exhausted.


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