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The Greatest Gift of All

The morning sun filled the room, shining down on the two figures laying together on the bed. Sounds of birds chirping outside overcame the darkness, their soft song slowly brought Duo out of his peaceful slumber. Slowly he opened his eyes, then looked up at the slumbering form next to him. He smiled and snuggled closer to his koi. //I know! I’ll surprise him// Duo quietly left Heero’s arms and threw some clothes on. He turned back to the vision before heading downstairs to the kitchen.

Heero’s hand was searching for Duo, when it found nothing he woke from his sleep. His dazed eyes looked around the room, looking for his absent lover. “Where’d he go?”

“Right here lover” Duo announced as he walked back into the room, carrying a tray of food. “I thought I would feed you breakfast in bed.” He stopped at the small box in the corner of the room and placed a small plate inside. “We can not let chibi-duo starve now can we?” He placed the tray of food on Heero’s lap and sat beside him.

After the initial shock wore off, Heero leaned over and kissed his koi. “Thank you Duo, I’ve never had breakfast in bed.” He was really touched by the act of tenderness.

“You are most welcome, now do you need help with the fork?” Duo asked with a smirk in his voice. The look from Heero nearly made him roll off the bed from suppressed laughter. “Eat up Hee-chan, then we can face this new day together”


Quatre was having a cup of tea in the kitchen when a very happy looking Duo bounced in. “Morning Q-man!” He watched as the braided pilot danced in front of the refrigerator while humming some tune.

“Have a good night Duo?” Quatre laughed at Duo’s blush.

“Actually I did.” After pulling out some food he joined Quatre at the table. “I want to thank you again for what you and Trowa did. It means so much to me, but how did you two know?” Duo was playing with his braid, hoping he wasn’t making a fool of himself.

“Duo, look at me. Trowa and I saw how you and Heero were dancing around each other. It pained me to see you yearning for something that you thought you could never have. I am only glad you two finally got together, as for the album, well we knew you were putting one together and we decided you needed one of the rare moments between you and Heero.” He found himself in a bearhug with Duo.

“Thank you!”

Heero smiled at the sight, he had heard everything said. //I must remember to thank those two//. He walked in and sat next to Duo, he was pleased when Duo scooted over as far as the chair would go.


“Duo?” Heero looked intently at the boy laying next to him on the sofa.

“Yes koi?”

Heero paused for a moment, not sure how to go about asking Duo. //Well might as well just come out and say it//.

Duo turned and looked at Heero when he didn’t get an answer, “Heero, what’s wrong?”

Heero looked into those deep violet eyes, his fingers running over the smooth ring on Duo’s finger. “I want to marry you, I do not want to wait. I want the world to know you are mine and I am yours”

“I don’t want to wait either. We will get married as soon as possible, even if we elope.” Duo hugged Heero, thrilled beyond words at his love.

“You two will do no such thing.” The turned and saw Trowa and Quatre standing in the doorway, who had his hands on his hips. “You two will have a wedding, and I will not take no for an answer” They agreed, who were they to argue with Quatre Winner when he had his mind set on something?

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