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The Greatest Gift of All
Part 13

Trowa walked into the den the next morning and saw the two pilots fast asleep in each others arms. He pulled a blanket from the closet and covered them, then he left in search of his breakfast. Quatre met him in the kitchen, they shared a good morning kiss. “Quatre did you happen to look in the den?”

“Yes I did, they are so cute. But I expect Duo to wake up when he smells the food cooking.” True to his words, Duo stumbled in not ten minutes later, a silly smile plastered on his face. “Morning Duo” They chimed together.

Duo woke to the aroma of bacon and pancakes. He looked at his surroundings, eyes landing on the peacefully sleeping boy next to him. With a soft kiss on the forehead, he followed the alluring smell. “Morning Duo” Trowa and Quatre greeted him cheerfully. “Good Morning guys, is it almost done? I am so starved”

“Go sit down, it’ll be ready in a minute”

“So Duo, did you sleep in the den all night long?” Quatre asked with raised eyebrows, a small smirk playing on his lips. Seeing Duo blush, he giggled. “Sorry, didn’t mean to make you Too red there. Did you not open your other gift?” He was actually nervous about the photobook he and Trowa had made, //Will he like it?//

“No I haven’t Q, I have not been in my room” Duo stated with dreamy eyes as he recalled the previous night. His eyes went distant as he thought about Heero more, he was snapped out of his reverie by Quatre shaking him. “What? Sorry, I didn’t mean to ignore you” He looked in front of him and saw a gift, he presumed it was for him. In a haste, he ripped the paper off and opened the box, inside was book of some kind. Pulling the book out of the box he opened it to the first page and read the inscription. In a very elegant script was:

" To our dearest friends Duo and Heero, may the memories within always light up your life and lead you through the future.

                              Trowa and Quatre “

He started to flip through the pages, smiling at times and crying at others. He finally reached the last page, it had a Polaroid of him and Heero sleeping together in the den. He closed the book very carefully, looked up at the other two pilots and jumped out of his seat to glomp them both, rushed words of immense joy pouring out of his mouth. Trowa and Quatre hugged him back and they stayed that way for a few minutes, giving Duo time to calm down.


Duo stepped into the hot water, the heat warming his chilled body. For ten minutes he just stood under the spray, loving the feel. When the curtain opened, he jumped. Turning he saw Heero slipping into the shower with him. Leaning back against the firm body, he sighed in content.

Heero was looking for Duo, he had woke up alone in the den an hour earlier. After talking with Trowa and Quatre, he found out his koi went to his room for a shower. //I’ll just join him// He thought to himself as he entered the bathroom. After he had stripped off all of his clothes, he pulled back the curtain and slid in. Pulling Duo against his chest and sighed.

“Sleep well love?”

“Mmm, Hai Duo” He said while exploring the firm chest, he started to nibble on Duo’s ear, while he hands moved lower.

“What are you ugh up to koi?” Duo was definitely have a hard time speaking, his body reacting to Heero’s touches. He gasped out loud when his erection was taken into those powerful hands. When he felt Heero tongue in his ear, all thought flew out the window.

Heero didn’t answer the question for quite some time, too busy stimulating Duo’s gorgeous body, he felt Duo let go when he stuck his tongue in his ear. “I’m only ‘returning the favor’ koi” He whispered heatedly into the sensitive ear, his hand was busy stroking Duo while moving his mouth to cover it’s counterpart.

Duo moan in displeasure when the hands, that were driving him to ecstasy. He looked behind him and saw Heero leaving the shower, beckoning him to follow. Leaving the hot spray, he allowed his love to dry him off and followed him into the bedroom. They stopped in front of the large full length mirror, Heero went behind Duo and reclaimed his prize. “No Duo, open your eyes. Look at yourself. I want you see what you look like while I pleasure you.” Duo did as he was asked, watching not only his face, while his orgasm built, but Heero’s as well. The hand pumping him moved faster and faster until Duo came with yell, before his mouth was at the losing end of a tongue battle, and loving every minute of it.

“What about you, Heero?” Duo turned in the embrace and intently looked into those sparkling eyes. “I want to watch you and see your face as you pleasure yourself” Duo stated, just picturing the erotic scene, his erection quickly hardening once again. He fell into the chair across from the bed and watched enthralled as Heero’s hand squeezed the hard shaft.


Wufei looked up from the book he was reading to greet Duo and Heero. “What did you two do all day?” After seeing the two blush, he decided he really didn’t need to know. He went back to reading his book, perfectly content knowing those two finally got together.

Trowa and Quatre walked in the den, holding each other’s hand, about ten minutes later and wanted to melt at the scene of Heero and Duo laying together on the couch looking at the photo book. They quietly made their way to the other sofa and curled up into each other.


Over the next few days Heero and Duo were never seen without the other, it was amazing to see them both so open in their mutual affection. More than once Trowa, Quatre or Wufei would walk in a room and walk in on them in a hot make out session. Or one would be moaning the other’s name. Quatre still remembered the one time he forgot to knock before entering the bathroom, he still had to fight the noise bleed.


Quatre had just woke up from a long nap, the activities before his nap sapped his strength and he fell asleep in his lover’s arms. He stumbled into the large bathroom, forgetting the lock was broken. What he saw made froze him in place Duo was busy trying to swallow Heero’s tongue with they each were stroking each other’s hard members, he felt the blood squirt from his nose and ran to find some tissue.


Duo looked at the calendar for the tenth time that day. It was New Year’s Eve, he didn’t know how much longer he could wait. //Damn I want him so bad//. The last few days had been torture for them both, although they would bring each other to climax by their hands, it was not the same and Duo wanted more. //Tonight he’ll make me his//

Heero looked over at Duo. //He is staring at the calendar again. He is just as excited as I am, but is he as nervous?// Banishing that thought away, he continued to type on the laptop, hoping to finish soon so he could just hold his love. The hours passed by way too slowly for Heero and Duo. The small party at the house was nice, but time seemed to be mocking them. Finally it was five minutes till midnight, Duo was bouncing from one foot to the other, watching the second hand slowly tic towards his goal. Finally the clock chimed midnight, Duo screamed swept ‘Happy New Year’ right before he was off his feet by Heero and was carried upstairs.


Heero carried Duo over to the bed and placed him down gently. The then started to take off his clothes, watching as Duo’s went flying across the room. He walked over to the nightstand and pulled out a large tube of lube with a note on it:

    “We thought you could use this.”

Smirking, Heero pulled out another jar and made his way over to the naked beauty on the bed. In long strides he was one the bed, attacking the bare chest. He opened the jar and slowly start to rub it’s contents all over Duo’s body. Pausing to admire his work for a moment, “You look good enough to eat” Was the only warning Duo got before his nipples and abs were attacked. He thrusted up against the warm body above him, wanting more and wanting it right then. Heero seemed to understand to an extent, he lowered his attentions, slowly licking his way down. When he reached the soft flesh near Duo’s hip he bit down, marking Duo. Kissing and licking the wound, he moved down to the beckoning arousal. While staring deep into those violet eyes, he swallowed the enlarged organ. His tongue teasing the underside and tip, sending Duo in the downward spiral. Heero saw Duo’s legs spread of their own accord, quickly coating his fingers he slipped one in slowly probing the tight channel while he licked and sucked on the arousal in his mouth. Soon a second finger was added, Duo was thrashing on the bed. Blinding white pleasure shot through his body as those fingers hit something within him, his erection exploded sending stream after hot stream of his seed into Heero’s waiting mouth. He whimper as the wondrous fingers left him, his eyes met Heero’s pleading him to finish. Quickly coating his member, Heero positioned himself. He pulled Duo up off the bed to sit on his lap as he slowly entered his love. The tightness and heat was almost too much for his control, but he slowly pushed in, not wanting to hurt Duo, until he was fully seated in the fey beauty. His thrust were slowly and deep, hitting Duo’s special spot each time. He wanted his love to enjoy every moment of their union. Duo’s hand clasped around one of Heero’s, their kissing was deep and full of passion. The bed started to protest the speeding thrusts, the room filled with sensuous moans and cries of passion. Feeling he was close, Heero’s free hand encircled Duo’s reawakened length and pumped furiously. Duo came for the second time that night, screaming Heero’s name at the top of his lunges. Heero pumped faster and faster feeling himself at the breaking point. The felt his seed explode from his throbbing penis, his cry matched Duo’s in volume. His essence fill Duo as the aftershocks of the orgasm rocked his body, he collapsed on Duo panting heavily.

Finally gathering enough strength, he slowly and carefully pulled out and pulled Duo into his arms, eyes meeting eyes. “I love you so much Duo” He unclasped the chain around Duo’s next and pulled off the ring, then the slipped it onto the long slender finger.

Duo stared at the ring on his finger, tears of immense joy falling. He kissed Heero deeply and passionately. Snuggling deeper into the warmth he called home. “Thank you Heero, thank you for loving me.”

“No, thank you Duo. You have given me the greatest gift of all, your love.” He kissed Duo one more time before pulling the covers over their naked bodies. The two soul mates fell asleep, knowing their future was bright with each other.

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