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The Greatest Gift of All
Part 12

Duo looked up as Heero entered the room and quickly looked down. //Must not think of this morning. Must not get another raging hard on.// He looked up again and smiled. “Morning sleepy head.” //Damn that sounded so bad//

Heero smirked again, that morning’s events playing over in his head. “Morning to you too Duo. Sleep well?” //A little teasing won’t kill him// He walked passed Duo putting an intentional sway to his hips. After gathering his breakfast he sashayed his way back, not looking at Duo. //Damn I’ve been around him to long.//

Duo tried with all his might not to openly drool. //Damn Damn Damn// He kept his gaze fixed on those hips, picturing them driving his beloved into him. He watched as Heero moved to his chair and sat, all the while his mind slowly slipping away. “So Duo, what are you going to do today?” Duo just mumbled something, not really making much sense.

Heero watched Duo, he had to bite down on the laughter. Slowly he leaned over to the braided pilot, moving closer and closer until he could feel Duo’s breathe on his cheek and reached for the butter. While applying the butter to his toast, he asked Duo another question, which was lost on the dumbfounded pilot.

//What is he doing?// Was the only thought running in Duo’s mind. He felt Heero so close to his lips, only to be denied for butter. But he did see the gleam in those eyes. //Why that little bastard, he is teasing me. Well I’ll teach him not to get into a teasing game with me.// He looked at Heero and gave him his most seductive smile, while licking his dry lips. He nearly laughed when Heero dropped the fork onto his lap. //Oh this will be perfect.// “I’ll get it” His hand slowly and erotically moved to the other boy’s lap, sliding between the inner thighs to grab the fork, intentionally brushing against the burning arousal. Gently grasping the fork, he brought it up, all the while the prongs stimulating the already weeping member. All too soon the hand reappeared from under the table and placed the fork on the plate, Duo then leaned over and whispered in Heero’s ear. “I’ve got a few things to take care of, see you tonight.” He got up and left the room, with one look over his shoulder, that nearly made Heero cum in his shorts.

//That’ll teach him to tease me// Duo thought as he walked to his room, completely satisfied with the mornings events. //Maybe he was dreaming of me//. He entered the room and pulled out the finished photo album. //I hope they like it//. He looked out the window at the wonderful snowy scene, and sat there for quite a while.

Quatre and Wufei walked into kitchen an hour later, only to find Heero sitting completely still, almost as if in shock. “Heero..” Quatre tried to reach him, finally he got worried and started shaking him. “Heero!” Finally Heero responded. “Huh?” Slowly his mind came back from where ever it went to, he got up and left the kitchen intent on finding one certain person.


Duo just finished putting on the green bow on the gift when his door opened and Heero walked in. //I am in so much trouble now// “Hi Heero, what’s up?” He nearly choked while trying to hold back laughter as he saw what was ‘up’. He watched as the other boy walked up to him and pulled him up from the bed, meeting him eye to eye.

“Duo that wasn’t very nice. Now was it?” He said in a low voice that sent shivers up and down Duo’s spine. He only shook his head no.

“That is what I thought. Now I think we have both been dancing around this issue far too long.” The rest of what he was going to say was cut off by Duo’s passionate kiss, that drove away all thought from the Wing pilot. Heero’s hips thrusting against Duo’s on their own accord, trying to find release from the wonderful torture, his hands roaming Duo’s backside, while he felt hands in his hair. Duo wanted to scream as his mouth was invaded by that hot tongue. He was about to pull Heero onto the bed when Quatre called him from outside his door.

“Duo! Come on Relena is here and she has something to give us.”

They both growled, annoyed at the fact they were interrupted. Duo kissed him once more, and headed for the door giving Heero a firm pat on the ass and a saucy wink.


(Seven hours later)

Duo walked into his room, carrying a rather large box. Inside were various sweaters and knickknacks that Relena gave him for Christmas. “Damn she is gonna spoil me” He put the box onto his bed and went to take a shower. Heero walked into Duo’s room ten minutes later and heard the shower running, he quickly went to the door and turn the handle. //Damn, it’s locked// He sighed and walked out of the room, going to his own room to gather Duo’s gifts. //I really hope he likes It”

Forty minutes later, Duo walked out of the bathroom. The clouds of steam seeping into the room, rising the temperature to match his thoughts. He sat on his bed and slowly started the comb his long hair, thinking of the mornings events.

Heero was busy scowling at his reflection, he had spent the last fifteen minutes trying to get his hair in some order. //Damn, why am I so nervous? Probably because it is the most important night of your life.// He scowled one more time at his reflection before he turned around and took off the towel. Quickly he dressed in the best clothes he had, ironically they were given to him by Duo. With one last look at the mirror, he gathered the two small boxes, hiding one in his pocket, and left the room.


“Guys, this is for all of you.” Duo said in an unusual timid voice as he gave them the box. He watched as Heero, Wufei and Trowa gathered around Quatre. He pulled out the photo album and opened it, for five minutes the room was saturated with silence.

“Duo this is great!” Quatre was very pleased “Thank You” Trowa and Wufei stated simultaneously “It is wonderful Duo and we can all enjoy it” Heero shocked them all with his statement.

Seeing his chance, he pulled the larger box out from behind him and gave it to Duo. “Here Duo.” He watched the paper ,he literally spent hours trying to cover the box, fly across the room. Duo opened the box and his mouth hit the floor, with a sharp gasp. Blue eyes met Violet. Duo handed him a box to open, after it was open he saw an almost identical pendant. “How?”

“I saw these two that day we went shopping. I wanted to get them both, but couldn’t afford it at the time, so I got you that one. I guess you saw this one after I had bought yours.” Duo was smiling brilliantly as he looked upon the matching pendants that spoke volumes to the two boys. //Fate perhaps?//

The other three saw that it was time for them to leave, they said their thanks and got up. Quatre leaned down and whispered in Duo’s ear. “Duo, there is one more gift for you in your room. It is from Wufei, Trowa and Me.” He then left the two alone for the remainder of the night.


Heero didn’t make any advances until he was sure the others were gone, when he was sure he slowly scooted over to sit next to Duo. He leaned over and rested his head on the other’s shoulder. “Duo?”

Duo watched as Heero came closer, he felt home with him leaning on his shoulder. “Yes Heero?” He looked down into those eyes.

“I have something else for you, and I need to say something. But it is difficult..” //Damn just tell him//. He pulled out the other box and placed it into Duo’s hand, closing it around the box. “Open it”

Duo looked at the box, with shaking hands, he slowly tore the wrapping paper off and opened the velvet box. Tears sprang from his already red tinged eyes. He looked at Heero, eyes asking the question his mouth couldn’t voice.

Heero took the box into his hands and got on one knee. “Duo will you be mine? Ai shiteru.” He allowed the tears to fall at the sight of Duo.

“Yes..of course I will” The only response Heero received before he was glomped by the braided pilot. Their mouths met for only the second time, the passion soared from their bodies to hark from the highest peak. Soon Duo found himself on the floor with Heero on top of him, exploring his chest from under his sweater. Duo found himself complete at the other’s mercy, his mouth completely ravaged by the other’s questing tongue. His nipples being toyed with by a warm hand, his hard erection brushing against it’s counterpart. Finally Duo pulled back, his lips red and chest panting. “Heero, wait.” He wanted this so bad but really wanted it to be special.

“What is wrong Duo?”

Duo fumbled for the words, but they would not come out. “I want this so bad, I want you. I love you. This year is almost over, and I want to start the new one...well..I want to wait until New Years...” He looked down, feeling rather embarrassed. He felt Heero lift his chin, so that their eyes met. “I understand, and agree with you. We will start the new year in each others arms.” He started to get up, only to be pulled back down. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“I thought you wanted to wait?” Heero was really confused now.

Duo laughed out loud, “To go all the way yes, but that doesn’t mean we can not do other things.” He flipped Heero over and quickly pulled off that sweater, then he attacked the strong chest. “Duo what are you doing?” Heero was having a very hard time talking.

“Well I’m only returning the favor from this morning love, only I intend to finish” He then unbuttoned the pants and slowly pulled down the zipper. “You do remember what happened this morning?” His hand slid underneath the fabric of the jeans and fondled the cotton clad erection. “You were dreaming, of me I hope...” The rest went unfinished as he ravaged that mouth once again Hearing the pleading whimper, Duo’s hand slid under the briefs and encircled the heated arousal. “Were you dreaming of me?” Heero heard the question and grunted out something that sounding like a ‘yes’. Duo’s hand started to slowly pump the aching erection in his hand, the tempo increasing with each stroke until Heero was moaning with mind blowing passion. Duo claimed Heero’s mouth once more before he violently came in Duo’s hand, the scream of ecstasy swallowed by Duo. He pulled his hand out from Heero’s pants and brought it up to his mouth, licking each one clean, then the refastened the button and zipper. Curling up beside his love, Duo murmured one last ‘I love you’ before falling asleep in the only place he wanted to be. Heero pulled the sleeping boy closer to him and too feel asleep, his body still shaking from the explosive orgasm. //The Greatest Gift, Duo’s love//.

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