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The Greatest Gift of All
Final Steps
Part 11

Duo was in the estate's library putting together the photo album. //This has been the best time of my life// He looked down at the pictures of all the pilots. He closely examined each one. From the pictures of their snowball fight that one of the servants had taken, the picture of Wufei sleeping with chibi-D on the sofa, to Heero smiling while he helped Duo feed chibi-D. He started to wipe at his face, his teardrops ran down his cheeks and fell onto the table, they kept coming and coming. He wasn't sure why he was crying, the memories were great. //I pray that this is the beginning and not the end//.

"Duo!" Quickly he wiped away the tears and put away the pictures when he heard his name.

Heero finally got out of bed and quickly changed, he went downstairs in search of Duo. "Duo!" he called out after no luck in finding him. //Where is he?//

"In here" He spun around and quickly walked to the library..//Why is he in there?//

"Morning Duo, why are you in the library?" He had to control the urge to gasp out loud when Duo turned around, his eyes were puffy and red. //Why was he crying? //

"I was working on a project. So what are you up too this afternoon?" //Don't ask why, just pretend my eyes aren't all red and puffy//

//You shouldn't cry, after this holiday I'll make sure the only tears you have are from happiness// "Well actually, I need to go into town and run a few errands. But I'll be back later this evening. I just wanted to check on you."

"I'm fine, you better go and finish whatever needs to be done. We are suppose to get a lot of snow later, be careful." He really didn't hear the response and only vaguely saw the nod, he watched as the figure walked out of the room with a sad and wistful expression.


"Trowa I didn't know we had so many pictures of them." Quatre stated as he went through the numerous photos, all of Duo and Heero.

"Yes I know Little One. There is a lot here" Suddenly Trowa and Quatre had a great idea. They looked at each other with a knowing smile and got to work.


Heero looked at the different displays, he had not found what he was looking for. This was the sixth store he had been too. //I know I'll find the perfect one, he is worth nothing less// He went towards the final display case in the back. A brilliant sparkle caught his eye, he looked closer. //That is IT//

"Excuse me Miss.."


"Guys are you almost done? I don't think I can stall Duo any longer, you know how curious he is" Wufei said while he peaked into Quatre's room, when they told him what they were planning he agreed. It would mean the world to Duo.

"We're done Wufei. I'll go down and help you distract him while Trowa hides it."

Trowa joined the other three boys ten minutes later, they were involved in a Christmas comedy. Quickly walking over to the couch, he plopped down next to Quatre and pulled the smaller boy into his arms. Wufei saw the wistful glance Duo shot at them. Heero returned about thirty minutes later, and they spent the night watching movies, while Heero and Duo stole glances all night. //I want to do this right, please wait Duo//



Heero moaned as Duo's hands slowly slid under his shirt. His fingers leaving a ghost trail of contact, leaving oose bumps in their wake. That wonderful mouth was currently dominating his own, invading his mouth. All the sweet moans were swallowed by Duo. His other hand was trailing down his abs, and with torturous slowness that warm hand slowly breached his shorts, just barely running the tips of his fingers along Heero's aching arousal.


Duo awakened to the feeling of a hand slowly working it's way up his shirt. //What?// He moaned as he felt a very hard and hot clothe clad erection grinding into his rear. He looked over his shoulder and saw that Heero was still asleep. //Who is he dreaming about.. OH God// A sharp gasp escaped his mouth as one hand slipped beneath his boxers, barely running his fingers across his length.


The hot tongue moved from his neck down his chest, encircling and teasing his nipples. Duo licked and sucked every inch of the well toned chest, his eyes never leaving Heero's. The fingers moved further down his pants to the neglected balls. The sweet torture was slowly driving him insane, he was reduced to whimpering and thrashing his head. He wanted more, needed more. Heero yelled when he was finally taken into Duo's hand, with slow and wonderful strokes he brought Heero the edge...


Duo wanted to scream when Heero's hand left his boxers, the wonderful feeling of having his hand near his extreme heat was mind blowing. He looked at Heero once again, he was still dreaming. Duo nearly drooled all over the pillow as he watch him slowly start to rub his hard erection through his spandex. Duo could see the prominent head of the penis bulging against the fabric trying to break loose, his eyes shifted to the long and hardened shaft and then to the hand, he was jealous of Heero's hand. He wished it was his hand or mouth bringing that wonderful pleasure He saw Heero's eyes start to flutter and quickly turned his head and closed his eyes, pretending to be asleep.

Heero had awaken from his wonderful dream, only to find that he was pleasuring himself right next to Duo. //Oh my God, I hope I didn't wake him// "Duo?" he whispered. He sighed when he received nothing but quiet. Throwing the blankets off of his, he got upand went into the bathroom. Duo opened one eye after the door closed and let out a breath, he needed to calm down his body. He wasn't sure just what happened, but Heero was dreaming.. //But about who?//

Heero stood in the center of the bathroom trying to calm his body, the dream still playing in his head. Quickly walking over to the shower, he turned the knobs and started to run the water. He pulled the shirt up over his head, noticing his nipples were rock hard and aching, sliding his fingers in the waistband of his shorts he slid them down. He gasped loudly as the waist band grazed the swollen and extremely sensitive penis head. He kicked them to the side and entered the shower, knowing he wouldn't get rid of his raging hard on by willing it to go away.

He turned the hot water knob, sending the temperature up. The hot water pummeled his body, the sensation of the water spraying his arousal nearly sent him into tears from the sheer pleasure. His hands idly started exploring his chest, working their way to the sensitive knobs, rolling them between his fingers and pinching them. His mind raced to the fantasy from his dream, one hand moved upward towards his mouth. He slowly sucked on two fingers, wishing it was Duo. His other hand slowly teased his taunt stomach, moving in slow circles descending towards his desire. His hand continued its decent, moving lower until it encounter one shapely testicle, while pretending it was Duo's hand, he started to play with them, teasing himself. His moans and pleas were covered by the water running. In his mind, Duo was in front of him on his knees and slowly taking him into his mouth. His hand finally encircled his painfully engorged member, gripping it tightly, he made slow and powerful strokes. His other hand joined the first, both pumping his erection, while the water blasted his already hyper-sensitive skin. He could feel Duo taking all the way in, the head of his cock hitting the back of Duo's throat. He could feel Duo's fingers teasing his hidden entrance. His hands moved faster and faster, his hips thrusting into his hands. Images of him thrusting into that tight body flooded his mind as his thrusts became frantic, he could feel himself on the verge the tinkling sensation ripping through his cock as his seed exploded violently out of the head and into a waiting hand. After the last streams, he removed his hand from his softening member, the still hot water spraying against his penis. He brought his hand to his mouth and slowly licked away he seed, knowing in his mind it was Duo's luscious seed.


Heero walked out of the bathroom to an empty room. //He must be downstairs// Leaving the room he walked towards the kitchen, as he passed the calendar he was pleased to note that it was Christmas Eve.

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