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The Greatest Gift of All
Whispered Confessions
Part 10

(three days later)

Duo looked at himself in the mirror. //Hmm, not bad at all. Let's see if I can make his mouth water// He left his room and slowly made his way down the stairs. His injuries were still healing, the main concern was the bruised ribs and the blow he took to his head. He was almost at the bottom when his head started to spin, all he remembered was going down, expecting to hit the floor. Instead he fell into someone's arms, someone's very familiar arms. //I could die happy here//

"Duo what were you doing coming down the stairs. If I wasn't here you would have been hurt." Heero had finally found his voice after the angel literally fell into his arms. //I could die a happy person//.

"Sorry Heero, but I'm so bored." He left the warmth and looked him in the eye. Then he very slowly and seductively walked over to the sofa swaying his hips, enticing the other pilot. He hoped the outfit he was wearing would do it's job. Tight black slacks fitting every curve of his lower body while a loose fitting sweater covered his well defined chest and upper body. He turned around and looked at Heero. "Heero, I wanna go out. Just for a little while."

Heero tried not to openly drool at those very enticing hips. He heard Duo speak but really didn't pay much attention. Finally he overcame his desired filled haze, and Duo's words sunk in. "Duo it isn't a good idea, you are not fully recovered."

"Please, I just want to go out to a small cafe. Please for me?" He gave Heero his best pout and puppy eyes, hoping it would work on Heero just as well as it did on Quatre.

//Damn him, he must know I can't refuse// "Fine Duo, but I don't want you going alone.."

"Then you can come with me. Get your coat, I want to get out of this house." Duo jumped in and didn't give any room for Heero to argue.


Heero watched Duo glowing with happiness, finally he was back to normal. //This was a good idea. He is full of life again// He noticed that Duo had gone silent with a wistful look on his face, after bout five minutes he spoke

"Heero what do you want for Christmas?"

"I don't know Duo" //Liar, you do know//

"What about you Duo? What do you want?"

"To be loved" he whispered softly, as if he was in a trance


"Oh! I said I already have it. Friends that care for me just as much as I do them." //Dammit Duo, watch what you say. Don't go and scare him off//

Heero had actually heard what he whispered, but decided it best not to let Duo know. //Let me be the one// He noticed the solemn look, "Let's go and get some food Duo. My treat" He was rewarded with that smile that melted his heart.


Duo woke up early the next morning, he looked at the figure next to him. Ever since the first time he asked Heero to stay so he wouldn't be alone, Heero had slept beside him guarding over him. "I love you" he whispered to the sleeping boy before he left the bed and went downstairs to work on the photo albums.

When the door closed, Heero opened one eye and peeked around the room. He was awake and heard the admission, his lips turned upward framing his face with the most brilliant smile. "He loves me..." was all he was able to say, still in shock

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