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The Greatest Gift of All
Fumbled Chances
Part 9

Trowa knocked on Duo's door, he started to worry when he didn't get an answer. He tested the door knob, it was unlocked. He opened the door slowly and peeked on eye in, which widened at the sight before him. Quickly he ran from the door to get Quatre and of course a camera.

"Trowa what is so important that you had to drag me out of bed..."

He was silenced by the sight in Duo's room, the blinding flash from the camera brought him out of the temporary stupor. Heero was holding the braided pilot, hell not just holding. The Perfect Solider was down right snuggling while Duo used him as a over sized teddy bear.

"Kawaii" They two left the room, with sufficient proof.

"I know Duo is working on a photo album, these will go great for it"


Heero was in heaven, finally after so long he had Duo in his arms. // If only it was how I want it. But I will be happy with this much.// He internally groaned when he felt Duo start to awaken, he looked into those eyes. He was lost, barely aware he was moving forward, his gaze only on those tempting lips.

Duo woke up in the arms of the last person he ever thought he would wake up in. //Oh this is good. Is he moving forward or is it my imagination?// He could feel Heero's breathe, it was so close and moved in closer...

"Duo, time to get out of bed" Wufei announced as he walked into the room without knocking.

//Shit// Ran through both boys minds, they totally ignored Wufei's red face. With a sigh, Heero got up from the bed. "Stay there Duo, I'll get you some breakfast"

//Dammit Wufei, you just spoiled a wonderful fantasy// "Well Wu-man, wanna help me up?"


Duo sat at the laptop bored out of his mind, the others wouldn't let him out of the until his wounds had healed. He told them he wanted to go look around town and see all the decorations and Christmas lights.

"Maybe later Duo, but you are still injured"

He sighed again. //This is so boring.// He connected to the net and started to surf around, while his mind drifted off to that morning. // It felt too real to be a daydream.// He came across on website that caught his interest. //That's it! This should work, and when it does I'll get the present I want for Christmas//

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