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The Greatest Gift of All
First Steps (1)
Part 8

Duo opened the door to Heero's room intent on asking him a question. The conversation he just overheard still playing in his mind.


"Do you think he will actually admit to being cold in this weather, and do you think he will actually go out and buy some warmer clothes" Trowa was asking Quatre. They knew Duo was by the door, in fact they had been planning this for a while. Their friends needed help, but they didn't want to do anything directly, so settled for the subtle approach. What better way to show Heero that Duo cares, than by him receiving an unexpected gift?

"I know that Trowa, I can tell Duo that he needs a much warmer jacket for a Christmas present, but what about until then, he can not go with just his usual outfits"


//I'll go and get him some things to keep him warm. Much rather keep him warm myself// He quickly forgot that thought before it could get any worse. Walking through the door, he stopped. Heero was asleep with chibi-D on his stomach curled up. //So kawaii// Quickly he went to his room and got his camera, he reached Heero's room again and took a few photos of them. // This will go great with the photo album I'm gonna make// Closing the door, he went downstairs and left the safehouse.


Heero woke up from his nap about two hours later, currently he was looking for Duo. //Where is my baka?// After looking everywhere and not finding him, he plop down on the couch and began to think. //Things have changed so much.// He was drawn out of this thoughts by the front door opening, and one Duo Maxwell with numerous shopping bags. Quickly getting up, Heero helped with some of the bags.

"Thanks Heero, those are heavy."

"What is in all these sacks Duo?" Heero was just a tad curious, there were more than seven big bags. Taking two of the sacks and setting them behind the couch, Duo pointed to the remainder.

"Those are sweaters, and a bunch of other warm clothes for you. It is way too cold for your usual clothes, and I don't want you catching your death."

Heero just stood there for a moment in shock. //He did this for me??//

"Duo, I don't know what to say. But thank you." He walked over to Duo and hugged him, not caring at that moment what the other thought of it. //If this is what it takes to get him to hug me, I'd gladly do it again//

Neither one noticed Quatre nor Trowa peeking in from behind the kitchen door.

"Looks like it is working"

Quatre looked up in Trowa's eyes, pulling the taller pilot with him, he lead them to their room for a little `nap'.

First Steps (2)

Later that evening, after their relaxing `nap', Trowa and Quatre found Duo in the living room.

"What are you doing Duo?" Quatre asked. He walked over to the sofa and sat next to the braided pilot, who was placing clothes and other supplies into his duffel bag.

"I got called for a mission. Nothing major, don't even need Deathscythe. I should be back late tonight." He finished checking his supplies, with one last grin he was up and out the door. No one saw the dark blue eyes spying from behind the kitchen door, nor did they see the worry within those eyes. //I've got a bad feeling about this. Be careful Duo// He turned away from the door and sat at the table, petting chibi-D.


Heero and the others sat in the kitchen worried sick. It was after two in the morning and no word from Duo. They had gone through two pots of coffee and numerous cups of tea. Fear gripping at all their hearts, they knew something must have happened.

"Maybe he is just running late, or the mission took longer than expected" Quatre offered, although the worry upon his face grew in intensity. //Where is he? Heero is going insane with worry. Duo be ok// Quatre's thoughts were stopped by the door, it opened and Duo fell in.


"Wake up Duo, please wake up soon. Ai shiteru" Heero sat by the still form on the bed. It had been over twelve hours since Duo appeared. All his injuries were cleaned and bandaged. The worst was a gash on his forehead, but he had yet to awaken. //It should I have been me// Heero thought again, willing his beloved to wake. The tears had long since started to fall, he didn't care though. "I won't leave. I'm here now and forever Duo. He softly began to sing to Duo, a song he heard coming from his room numerous times. Although he didn't quite understand all the words, he knew Duo liked the song.

~ Deja ya de juger, con mi dolor
Trata ya de comprender Que eres tu mi bien~

He paused after the last line, he understood that //You are everything good in my life.// He used the back of his hand to wipe off the tears, he reached out and took Duo's hand into his, clasping it firmly. He picked up on the chorus of the song.

~Regresa a mi. No digas que todo acabo~

He couldn't go on from there, it was too painful. He closed his eyes trying to calm down, a very soft voice startled him. He opened his eyes and looked down, Duo was awake and singing the rest of the verse.

~Regresa a mi. No digas tque esto termino. ~

"Duo!" Heero pounced on the young pilot, afraid to let go. Finally he let up a little, but not much.

"Heero, you look like shit. How long has it been since you've slept?" He said it with his usual grin. "Thank you for watching and waiting for me to wake up" Heero looked deeply into the violet eyes, he was lost and never wanted to be found. Shaking off his trance, he smirked at Duo.

"Well you don't look much better yourself. Your welcome."

"Heero why don't you go take a long hot shower, and would you stay here tonight. I don't want to sleep alone." His voice had grown small, his eyes downcast in shame or embarrassment, he really didn't know. //What is he going to say. Please stay//

//He wants me to stay? Maybe he isn't out of my reach after all// "Hai Duo, I will be back in a little bit" He got up and left the room, leaving one very happy Duo. //He does really care for me//

Author's Notes:

Now does anyone recognize where the Spanish song is from?? *It's from Rising Star* Sorry, I just had to put it in there, t-chan wanted it in. The song is 'Regresa A Mi' by Thalia. *gods I saw her wedding on Tv..The wedding of the year! ::sobs my crush got married::*

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