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The Greatest Gift of All
Heero's Surprise
Part 7

Trowa looked at Heero like he had grown a second head. "Heero, you bought a rabbit?" He was still in shock, Heero had come home from an afternoon in town with a cage, in the cage was a small white rabbit.

"Yes Trowa, I bought a rabbit. Isn't it kawaii? It reminded me of Duo." He started blushing all colors of red, he really didn't mean for that last statement to be said aloud.

Trowa smirked at the blushing pilot of Wing. //It's amazing how far he has come, because of Duo// "It's okay Heero, I won't tell. It is cute, what's it's name?" Recovering from his mild embarrassment, only to be embarrassed again by the rabbit's name. "I named him chibi-D" His cheeks just got even more red. Trowa smiled and patted him on the back.

"That is a fine name Heero. Come on let's go show the others"

Duo looked up as Trowa and Heero walked in, he noticed the cage Heero was holding. "What is in there Heero?" He walked over to the coffee table and set the cage down, opened it and pulled out the small white rabbit, turning to Duo he spoke.

"Our new pet rabbit."

Duo's eyes almost fell out of his head, he took the rabbit from Heero and held it close to his chest. "Ahhh, it's soooo kawaii. Heero it is perfect. What's it's name??" He tried not to blush.


"I like that name, what's the `D' for?" If it were possible, Heero would have turned even redder.

"I'll tell you another time. Want to feed him?" He handed Duo a small bowl of rabbit food. They set it as well as the rabbit down on the table and watched as chibi-D ate his food.

From the doorway, Quatre and Trowa stood looking at the scene. "They are so cute together"

"Aa, they are Quatre. It is plain as day they feel the same about each other but to themselves."

Perhaps they need a little nudge?"" Quatre grinned up at Trowa.

"Yes I think they do" He returned his gaze back to the two pilots and the newest addition to the family.

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