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The Greatest Gift of All
Snow Day
Part 6

Duo woke up extremely cold, jumping from his bed he looked out the window. "SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He ran out of his room, the sound of him running down the stairs and chanting "snow" brought the other pilots out of their rooms. Going downstairs, they were curious as to why Duo was so excited.

"Why are you bouncing all over the place Duo?" Trowa was mildly annoyed by being dragged out of his koi's warm embrace in their room. Seeing Duo's eyes sparkling with joy quickly pushed those feelings away.

"Because it SNOWED!!! I've never been able to just go outside and play in the snow." He spun around and looked through the kitchen window. Pure joy radiating from his entire being. The others couldn't help but smile at Duo's excitement. //He looks so kawaii when he is this excited// Quatre thought.

"I'm gonna go out and play in the snow. Hey you guys wanna come with me? We could make a snow man, OH I KNOW, Build snow forts and have a snowball fight" He was bouncing with even more enthusiasm.

"Maxwell, just let us get dressed" Wufei called over his shoulder as he went back upstairs. Quatre was getting just as excited as Duo as he dragged his koi up the stairs to change.

"Heero you wanna go out and play in the snow?" Duo asked, he hoped Heero would agree.

"Hai, I'll go" He felt really good about himself when he saw the real smile Duo graced him with.


Heero walked through the door, his rump covered in snow as was his entire body. They snowball fight had started in his and Duo's favor, that is until Wufei decided to sneak up on them. //I never thought I could have so much fun// He laughed out loud remembering that all four of them had cornered him and pummeled him with snowballs. //This is the most fun I've ever had//. Quickly pouring some milk into a pot, he put it on the stove to warm up. //I'll just make us all some hot chocolate//

Trowa, Quatre, Wufei and Duo walked into the house about fifteen minutes later, all shivering from the cold, but still their laughter filled the kitchen. "That was fun, thanks for coming out with me guys" Duo was extremely happy, so far his Christmas season had been the most memorable time in his life. //And we still have a while before it gets here.// They went into the living room, where Heero sat waiting for them.

"Sit down and have some hot chocolate. It'll warm you up" The rest of the afternoon was spent talking about their snow adventure, as Duo so called it. //He is just to damn cute for his own good// Heero thought while he took a sip of his cocoa.

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