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The Greatest Gift of All
Christmas Cookies
Part 5

Wufei looked at Heero intently, "Are you sure Yuy?"

"Yes Wufei, how hard can making sugar cookies actually be? We are gundam pilots after all." Finally Wufei agreed to help Heero in his newest mission, make Christmas sugar cookies. The two pilots gather all the required ingredients and place them on the counter. After reading the directions, the two get busy measuring, pouring and mixing.


(30 minutes later)

Duo walked into the safehouse and was assaulted by two things. One, a burning smell from the kitchen. Two, Heero and Wufei arguing with each other. //What the hell// He walked into the kitchen and his jaw promptly hit the floor. The kitchen was in a complete mess, broken eggs on the floor, flour covering the counter and walls, the oven was smoking, and on the table were the blackest cookies he had ever seen in his life. Wufei finally noticed Duo had walked in and tried to explain the what happened.

"Duo, we were trying to make sugar cookies and well..."

"We failed" Heero> was not too happy with himself, he looked down in shame.

Duo's laughter abruptly stopped upon seeing Heero's face, pushing up his sleeves he entered the kitchen and began to clean it up. "Ok guys, it's the thought that counts. After we clean up the kitchen I'll show you two how to make them and we'll ice them together. How's that sound?" He was rewarded with two small smiles and affirmative nods.


Quatre and Trowa came home, about two hours later, and were drawn to the kitchen by laughter. Sitting around the table was Heero, Wufei and Duo each holding an icing bag and decorating Christmas tree sugar cookies.

"Hey you all made cookies?" Quatre was astonished.

"Yeah, Heero and Wufei made cookies and I showed them how to make the icing and to decorate them" Duo said, it wasn't really a lie, he rationalized in his mind.

Heero and Wufei were shocked by Duo's statement, not taking any credit for baking and cleaning their mess. Unable to help themselves, they smiled. "Well, I need a bath. See you all in a little while." Duo said with a wink to Heero and Wufei and left the kitchen.

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