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The Greatest Gift of All
Christmas Shopping
Part 3

The next morning Duo had gotten up early. //Well what is a Christmas tree without presents//. Quickly getting changed into some warm clothes, he walked out of his room and went downstairs, stopping by the kitchen for a quick bite to eat. He was about to walk out the front door when Heero stopped him. "Where you going?" Turning around to face Heero, he simply stated he was going out to shop. //Be nice if he came with me//

Heero saw Duo about to leave and wondered where he was off too. After hearing the response he shocked the other teen by asking if he could go along. //Maybe now I'll be able to find out what he wants and get if for him// Grabbing his coat, he left with Duo to the mall.

Duo was extremely happy, he was out shopping for presents and Heero had volunteered to come along. Jumping from one store to another, he looked for the perfect thing for each pilot. He passed by a window containing some jewelry, stopping he looked at the display. In the center of the display, were two matching pendants. //That one on the left would be perfect for Heero.// Looking around to make sure said person wasn't around, he quickly went in and paid for Heero's gift. He walked out of the store, just in time to catch Heero looking for him. "Oi, Heero over here" He came over and asked what he was looking at. He pointed at the display case. Duo told Heero he was going to the cd shop and would meet him there.

Once Duo was gone, Heero turned back around to the display. //That pendant is perfect// Walking in causally, he told the clerk what he wanted and paid for it. After leaving the store he went to find Duo, patting the small box hidden in the pocket of his jeans. Once he found Duo, he suggested they have lunch in the food court.

"So Duo, find everything you needed?"

"Yes I did, how about you?"

Nodding his head yes, they talked liked regular teenagers for once. The war forgotten for now they were enjoying themselves.

"So Duo, what is it you want for Christmas?" Heero asked suddenly.

//YOU// He thought and had to be careful not to blurt it out. "Really just being with friends is enough for me. It is more than I've ever had" he replied honestly. Feeling a little embarrassed, Duo suggested that they go ahead and head back to the house. Heero agree and they left the mall and went home.

//He is so kawaii when he blushes// Heero thought on the way home.//

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