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Parings: 3+4 (1+2 in later parts)

Notes: This is the second of the holiday fics, it takes place the day after Thanksgiving.

The Greatest Gift of All
Duo's Surprise
Part 2

The next morning, the other four pilots were gathered in the kitchen discussing Duo's surprise. They were all shocked but touched with his efforts. After talking about it for awhile, they decided that since Christmas was coming, they would throw him a party and decorate the estate. Duo walked into the kitchen about an hour later, he greeted his friends and got a cup of coffee. About to take a sip, Heero's laptop started to beep. Opening the mail and reading it, he told Duo he had a mission to attend. Of course, he pouted complaining about not being able to finish his coffee.

After about ten minutes of whining, Duo left the kitchen and headed to his room to pack. He left the house thirty minutes later. "Ok guys, he is gone for about two days. Let's get busy" Quatre had no qualms with the little fib, they needed to get Duo out of the house so that they could surprise him, so they made up a mission for him. Leaving the kitchen, everyone went about to complete their assigned task.


"That had to be one of the most useless missions.." Duo was tired and cranky. The mission was boring as hell. Just sitting in a hotel room, listening to a couple in the next room. "Oz spies my ass.." The safehouse came into view, he let a sigh escape his throat. //I wonder what they were up too//. Pulling up into the driveway, he turned off the engine, hopped out of the car and went to open the front door. He opened the door to a darkened house. //Hmm, where is everyone?// Feeling the wall, he found the light switch, then lights came on, Duo's mouth fell open, his back fell to the floor. The house was decorated for Christmas. A bright flash snapped him out of his stupor. Turning to the source he found four smiling pilots, Heero holding a camera. //He is smiling// "Do you like it Duo" Quatre asked, smiling at the sight of a speechless Duo.

He couldn't do anything but nod for a moment, sudden tears filled his eyes breaching the dam and rolling down his face. The others, in alarm, rushed by his side asking why he was crying, worried they did something wrong.

"No you did nothing wrong. I wasn't expecting this, it is overwhelming. I've never had any of this. Thank you" He graced them with a wide smile, then pulling them into a big group hug. After breaking away he told them he needed to go unpack and shower. With one more smile, he went to his room.

The others left the foyer one by one , until one figure was left. Deep blue eyes stared at the stairs in a trance. //For once, I know what I want//

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